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May 2018
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The Servant’s Heart

Dear Pet,

We trip across thresholds in life, certain we will remember, the next time we cross it, we’ll step clear of the momentary imbalance. But being human, we forget eventually, and go flying, ass over teacups, and say to ourselves – Don’t do that again!

I remembered this essay I wrote a long time ago, from the last time I forgot my true nature, and tripped myself up. It was a happy ending, of course – there should be no other kinds.

The Servant’s Heart

It is a special human, who has a servant’s heart. Male or female, sissy, gay or straight, Top or bottom, Mistress or slave – no matter the nature, a true servant’s heart will shine through.

Raised in 50’s middle class privilege, girls of my time were groomed to be a good hostess, home chef, wife and Mother. Fine dining, good music, fun parties and dancing filled my early life, and graciousness was far more esteemed, than what famous name purse you carried.

Strong maternal forces guided us, teaching us everything from table manners, to how to properly address, hired help and servants. It is that long ago training that made me who I am today, a well balanced human, with confidence to lead others, using respect, knowing will be returned in kind.

Have you have that moment yet, when you know I’m real?  Can you feel my servant’s heart? Does the dichotomy confuse you?

Do not mistake it as weakness. Learn from it, emulate it, and become the adoring submissive a Serious Fem Dom would be interested in.