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April 2018
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When there are no words – tears will do.


Have you ever been brought to tears by your Mistress?
I remember the first time tears were gifted to me by a submissive. The day is so clear in my memory I can close my eyes an bring back each sweet moment, the fragrance in the air, the heaving of his chest pressed to my belly and holding his head tight to my body- while he wept and told me about his journey.
He had driven straight through, making fast pit stops and knocking out the miles, steadily getting closer to his heart’s desire. His thoughts raced while replayed our first meeting over and over in his mind. Near a point of giddiness when he cleared another state, he was still shocked, how we had fit so perfectly in an instant.
Oklahoma, Arkansas and Alabama were far behind him when the sun set behind him in the home stretch and only hours till he would kneel at the feet of the Woman he longed to Serve.
At the last stop before reaching my city, he excitedly tore open the letter I sent a week before his road trip to destiny. The last instructions written down on the light blue stationary excited him far beyond any other moment on his trip.
Take your Collar out of your bag and lay it across your leg. Touch it, caress it and remember your Mistress is waiting.
He pulled to a dark corner of the parking lot, and retrieved the thick black collar from his bag. Kissing it and whispering my name, he could hardly wait to get back on the road. Keeping his speed in the legal limits, he knew any traffic infraction would be cause for Punishment strokes delivered with a rattan cane. Still sobbing at my feet – he confessed the thought of it made his cock hard in his jeans, and made the rest of the miles, torturous.
Pulling in the driveway, he took only his collar to the door and knocked. Hardly breathing he waited with his collar stretched across his trembling hands as the door opened and the Women of his dreams invited him in.
And there he was at my feet at last – weeping like a lost child whose fears were turned to joy, now that he was safe where he belonged.