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April 2018
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How To Please Mistress

Anyone may have diamonds: an heirloom is an ornament of quite a different kind.

Elizabeth Aston

What can I do to please you Mistress?

That question has been popping up lately, but even after 5 years – I never quite know what to say.

If you are eagerly following my directions, you are pleasing me. When you moan in passion and lust, you are pleasing me. Finishing assignments before they are due, I’m downright delighted. What more could a Fem Dom need or want other than your adoration?

Gifts From the Heart

Have I become such an heirloom, that I’d forgotten how exciting it is when a Tribute is laid at my feet? As a reminder I stood in front of the oak bookcase in my front parlor. I took each item from the top two shelves and held them in my hand. A red rose under-glass, the sailor’s Dixie cup hat, a black lacquered box inlaid with mother of pearl – that is filled with handwritten notes, the folds ragged from reading them over and over.

Seemingly unrelated pieces to anyone else but me, but all of them carry a sweet memory of Services rendered by eager and willing submissives. They are Tributes that commemorate a special moment in time.

Ringing the dainty crystal glass bell, I remembered something more.

The Joy of Giving

I remembered how each of them looked, remembered their excited blushing faces when they so lovingly presented their Mistress with– a true Tribute from the heart. Yes, there have been diamonds and gifts I’ll always love – but those two shelves reminded me, that when you accept graciously- that it is a gift in itself.  

It is with that spirit, I have decided to answer the question ….

Mistress how can I please you?

Feedback and Reviews

Have we had an extra special and amazing session?

You can share your experience by commenting on Fem Domain, filling out a rate my call form, or adding your review on The Daily Cock.

I adore hearing from you and your e-mails often give me new insights into your personal proclivities, which can add a new dimension to our next erotic call or texting session.

When Words Are Just Not Enough

Virtual Bouquets

Virtual bouquets are another way to show appreciation for your Mistress, either before or after our special time together. The dispatcher on duty will be happy to arrange your gift, and let me know that it is from YOU.


Everyone can relate to the excitement of an unexpected delivery landing on the stoop, and I’m no exception. What is in the box isn’t nearly as important to me, as finding out who the gift is from. If you really MUST show your admiration with gifts, the following are a few suggestions – that will guarantee a perfect present every time.

Gift Cards via e-mail –

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Pier 1 Imports

Treat Mistress  & Friends to a night out on the town. Since you can’t be there with us, the 1st toast will be to you and your kind generosity.


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