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May 2018
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So? Did Ya Twitch? #TBT

It’s #TBT! Talk about a Way Back throw back.  Miss Kelly and I spent a whole day taking nothing but feet and shoe pictures  in 2006. It was a special request from a client and we had so much fun.! Can you tell who’s tootsies belong to which feet? 


#TBT Did You . . . → Read More: So? Did Ya Twitch? #TBT

The Mature Cross-dresser

I’ve been enjoying the company of some pretty fascinating people this past week. Two in particular seem to fit very nicely into both my working day, and my interests. Both are mature cross-dressers who have unique styles and dreams for the future that may not be the same, but at their cores they have . . . → Read More: The Mature Cross-dresser

Mature Miss Viv Says – Life Is Like A Piano

It’s GRAND. 

Yeah yeah, kinda corny I know – but it is true. And it isn’t the BIG things that make it so, for this kinky old gal. A garden in bloom, a new hawk high in the Red Cedars, visiting in the mornings for me to spy at with my field . . . → Read More: Mature Miss Viv Says – Life Is Like A Piano

Mentor Mistress Vivian The Transformer

Who knew? Who knew that skills I learned 30 years ago would come in so handy in my new career? For the past 3 weeks, I’ve had the privilege to work with a really funny and eager person,  who is oh so  ready to be led down a path to a more beautiful Lady.

I think, . . . → Read More: Mentor Mistress Vivian The Transformer

Hep Me! Hep Me!

For this month’s Multi Mistress Blog Post, the topic is Favorite Role Play Calls. Being a reality based Fem Dom, role play isn’t my strongest suit. However an email I received last month from a gent piqued my imagination.  Explaining that for years he had been unsuccessful finding a phone sex partner to play the . . . → Read More: Hep Me! Hep Me!

Kinky Boots

While wiling away the early morning hours, long before the Sun even thinks about peeping over the horizon, my channel surfing landed me on a great movie from the UK,  Kinky Boots.

It’s Drag Queen meets shoe executive, and is the warmest and funniest movie I’ve seen this year.  I’m sure my cross dressers, femme fatale, sissy . . . → Read More: Kinky Boots