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April 2018
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Winner Takes The Cake – Fruit That Is

This Saturday, my Mistress Friends and I are throwing a FREE chat party in the Special Events room at Community Kink. Your MILF Mistress Viv will be broadcasting LIVE on Cock Radio, and joined by the Velvet Voiced Miss Catherine, our Party Princess Cassidy, and Always Adored Mistress Natalie – for contests, games and prizes.

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Thanksgiving Tradition

Happy T Day to all! The sun has yet to peek over the horizon and there are wonderful smells waifing around the ole Homestead! Scurrying started early and your Miss Viv is accepting early Morning Wood calls, until PARADE TIME!

Do you know dear ones? How much I LOVE a PARADE? Big or small . . . → Read More: Thanksgiving Tradition


On The Hump Day Show, we’ll be playing Nasty Mad Libs and you can find the word list for Fortune Cookie Here – fill it out and send in – your might get read on air. Mail To:

Live FREE Adult Chat

Tune In To Cock Radio

Miss Vivian MILF Mistress . . . → Read More: HUMP!

Here Comes Hump Day!

Oh my lil pets, it’s going to be a good one! With so much going on this month at LDW your Miss Viv will have news enough to fill the slot. Ooo slot. Oh I digress.

10 AM Eastern Sharp! Grab that cuppa joe and fire up your Cock- Radio -that is.

Coming Soon The Multi Mistress Blog Post

Oh my lil poppets I just LOVE when The Mistress Of LDW write en mass for The Multi Mistress Blog Post. This will be our 3rd team challenge and the subject will be announced on The Hump Day Radio Show this Wendsday the 17th.

Details posted on The Hump Day Wrap Up 9-17  here on . . . → Read More: Coming Soon The Multi Mistress Blog Post

Tune In Tomorrow


I just love when Hump Day rolls around, and your Miss Viv fires up CockRadio! Last week was a blast and I invite you to tune in, and stop by for 2 full hours of great music and lively conversation.

Listen To The Hump Day Radio Show Promo


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