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April 2018
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A Little Puff Of Pink

What better way to start off my day, then a surprise phone sex call from our darling – miss pink.  So cute – that she paid for the Privilege of hearing Roy wake up, grumble a hello, and roll back over.

Funny, isn’t it sweetie? Funny, but not surprising, that I know – those . . . → Read More: A Little Puff Of Pink

The Fun Never Stops!

Parties, chat room, Internet radio –  The Mistress of LDW  just keep on giving and giving!  Now there’s another chance for our community members to WIN a Free Call over at the Cock Control Forum.

Yes it’s true! Our Miss Cecilia has a fun contest starting this week called – Guess The Mistress. Just . . . → Read More: The Fun Never Stops!

The Weekly Stroker Newsletter

Hello my lil stroker boys!  Your Miss Viv poppin’ in to make sure you ALL know about our FREE newsletter, The Weekly Stroker.  Sign up is quick, and you can rest assured, your e-mail address will never be shared. 

So take just a moment, and have The Weekly Stroker, slipped in your mail slot, today!

. . . → Read More: The Weekly Stroker Newsletter

A little Madness in the Spring

 …..  Is wholesome even for the King. Emily Dickinson, No. 1333 (1830 – 1886)

Or Queen!

It is a most beautiful Spring day and your Miss Viv, is off to her favorite garden center, before the cute tree trimmer rolls in. I’m almost giddy, picturing him climbing up the 2 story Red Cedars . . . → Read More: A little Madness in the Spring

Vote! Your Mistress Demands!

Please? 😉

 Just hit the button and tell the world that the Mistress of LDW ROCK your world!

Hot! Hot! Hot!

OMG! There are So Many HOT HOT HOT male models, your Miss Viv’s pink parts are just a tingling!! I’m late late late for a seminar .. so I’ll just have to post some pics later …

You lil dicked boys, might not want to peek .. cause ther’es not a tiny toll in . . . → Read More: Hot! Hot! Hot!