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April 2018
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TGIF! Let's Play w/ Pain Today

Hello darling readers, it is a BEAUTIFUL day in Texas today. I had a lovely breakfast with my slut hubby,  did a little shopping and bought some new shorts so I can tease the next door neighbor when I garden. I have to admit they are too short to wear outside of the back . . . → Read More: TGIF! Let’s Play w/ Erotic Pain Today

Hello Febuary `09

Hello dear readers! If you know me at all, you know I love the start of a new month! It’s like a good Spring Cleaning and another chance to bring my personal methods of submissive Training to a new crop of sluts.

A new month also means New events, contests and offers for my . . . → Read More: Hello Febuary `09

Do You Have Stroke?


No you slut, I wasn’t talking about your dick.

Stroke. Often a command – but for my purposes today – it means reputation and character. I like stroke. I like stroke better than money. Stroke gets me excited and makes my juices flow.

Stroke is Power.

Why am I telling you this?

Oh . . . → Read More: Do You Have Stroke?

Oh Baby It Is Cold Outside

Oh yes – freezing cold on the outside, but what about inside? Every play with ICE? How about FIRE? Both?

Oh there’s so many kinds of temperature play,that can be very sensual. From the mild practice of warming a metal spatula in water – to the more intense use of candle wax – heat . . . → Read More: Oh Baby It Is Cold Outside

More Fun Than You Can Shake A Stick At

Hello dear readers! What a wild morning your MILF Mistress had today! Round about 2 this morning, just as I was going to tuck it in for the day – one of my favorite losers gave me a call. Like Mel Tillis would say – it’s all about the T-t-t-t-timing.

Aww I know ya’ll . . . → Read More: More Fun Than You Can Shake A Stick At

Weekend Wrap Up 6-29

It was a busy and FUn weekend over here at the Casa De Kink. Special house guests and 2 days of playtime, has everyone draggin’ ass today. Well, everyone but your Miss Viv! Not having to lift a finger, except to point,  I am well rested and in a very sunny mood.

I want . . . → Read More: Weekend Wrap Up 6-29