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May 2018
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BDSM Trainer Vivian Gets Her Sissy Boy In Gear

Good Afternoon! It is about that time of day for me to rest, but I could not sleep until I shared with you that the new sissy boy has had his 2nd session with me today. It was perfectly dreamy, watching his cute little bottom in my short shorts,  bending over the flower beds, . . . → Read More: BDSM Trainer Vivian Gets Her Sissy Boy In Gear

New Page Handwritten Notes

A New Page Has Been Added Hand Written Notes

The Switch Part 2

As the erotic story continues our horny cocksman, has zeroed in on his desires, a hot red head MILF.

The Switch Part 2

I walked over to her booth and asked if I could sit down and her name. She looked up at me, a little glassy-eyed, and said sure, that her name was . . . → Read More: The Switch Part 2

The Switch Part 1

Miss Viv knows what you single men are always looking for, pussy.  All day long you dream of deep long blow-jobs, while you stroke your cock, planning your weekend hunt, for some hot wet mouth. Isn’t it fortunate, that when you come home, empty handed, but with your balls aching for release, there’s a . . . → Read More: The Switch Part 1

Pink Light Special

Calling all sissy boys, cross-dressers and panty sluts! This morning, during our hosted adult chat, Good Morning Sissyville, you are invited take advantage of The Pink Light Special.  Treat yourself with a two Mistress call with your favorite MILF , Miss Viv and my co-hostess, Ms Carmen, the Mind Mistress, at a VERY special rate.

So . . . → Read More: Pink Light Special

The Real Thing Part 2

Yesterday, my cock stroking phone sex callers kept asking when I was going to post part 2 of the sexy MILF story on my blog.  Some of you begged for me to read it out loud, that was very amusing.  Amusing enough for your Miss Viv, to stop her garden puttering, and give my . . . → Read More: The Real Thing Part 2