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April 2018
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A New Cocksucker In Town

Hello dear readers! It is another Hotter Than Hell day in my part of Texas – guaranteed to climb over 104 F before the sun sets. This summer has set records, burned up my garden, and keeps me hunkered in the house. That’s life in The Lone Star State!

Yesterday I received an e-mail from one . . . → Read More: A New Cocksucker In Town

Searching For The One Master Part 2

A bright good morning gents, sluts, sissy gurls and strokers! Its a chilly day here in TEXAS, but I won’t complain, since so many of you are digging out from all that snow! Some of our East Coast Mistresses experienced a Level Red French Toast Alert yesterday, so I hope all you snow bunnies Stay . . . → Read More: Searching For The One Master Part 2

Morning Wood Tells The Truth

Good Morning Cuppy Cakes!  With all the  goings on around here the past few weeks, this mature Mistress is POOPED! Tucking into bed before dark last night I slept like a rock & woke up feeling frisky. Wisps of Hot & steamy dreams still lingered and I thought …

If I had a DICK . . . → Read More: Morning Wood Tells The Truth

The Starter Cock

Good evening dear readers! Can you believe it’s October, already? I know it’s just flown by! This month started just right when a new caller piqued my interest with the story of his sexual life that brought back sweet memories of my own D/s beginnings.

For those of you who don’t know my history, . . . → Read More: The Starter Cock

Erotic Story The Strip Tease

Greetings my tease and denial pets and a happy Thursday! Your Miss Viv knows what wild fantasies run through your lil brains, making you randy and so ready to pick up the phone for some sensual phone sex. Now fess up, I know you dream of being controlled by sexy and confident Woman!

With that . . . → Read More: Erotic Story The Strip Tease

Anti Up Cock Whore

Did someone’s peter perk? Lots of sombodies, according to my figures. However, there is ONE particular caller of mine, who surpasses all other in his quest for throbbing man meat – my bitch stevie. It is this slut’s primary purpose in life, is to Serve his Mistress and feed his hunger for cum.

Many . . . → Read More: Anti Up Cock Whore