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May 2018
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Our Sexy Head Mistress Ain’t Done Yet

2 sexy Mistresses @ No Additional Cost!

From The Desk of Our Sexy Head Mistress

We’ve got 2 more anniversary celebrations for you before our Anniversary month is over!

No up-charges on  2 Mistress Calls

On Tuesday, November 28th, all two Mistress calls will be available for the price of a 1 mistress . . . → Read More: Our Sexy Head Mistress Ain’t Done Yet

What Makes Us Laugh?

While drafting this series about laughter, I spent some time thinking about what makes me laugh. For me, a funny story, well-delivered punch line and extra good lovin’, would have to be the Top 3 things that tickle my funny bone.

When I looked back at my recent foray into the world of phone . . . → Read More: What Makes Us Laugh?

Are You Ready To Party?

Pre-boarding ends at MIDNIGHT eastern tonight! Want a last chance to Win MORE POINTS?

Here’s Miss Viv’s task for the day.

Earn 5 extra points – Drop a comment on ANY Temptation Team Blog today, before MIDNIGHT eastern.

E-mail the link w/ your comment to:

What are YOU doing at 4PM eastern today? . . . → Read More: Are You Ready To Party?

A New Temptation Around Every Bend

The Casino Royal Chat Party was So MUCH fun! Now it’s time for Team Temptation to step up and show you ANOTHER Real Good Time!

More Fun Than You Can Shake A Stick At

Hello dear readers! What a wild morning your MILF Mistress had today! Round about 2 this morning, just as I was going to tuck it in for the day – one of my favorite losers gave me a call. Like Mel Tillis would say – it’s all about the T-t-t-t-timing.

Aww I know ya’ll . . . → Read More: More Fun Than You Can Shake A Stick At