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April 2018
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Overseas Callers

There’s an advantage to being an early riser and a phone sex entertainer – I get to talk to some of the sexiest gents from overseas. Strokers and sissy boys from the UK, Scotland, Australia and even the Galapagos Islands find their way to me, in their waking hours.

Lover Boys From Far Away

Do you ever lay in your bed in the wee hours of the morning; unable shut your brain down so you can get some sleep? Do you pull and pull on your prick and obsess over what might happen if all the nasty kinks you’ve fantasizing about for years came alive and became real?

Even now, you are longing to tell someone about all the lusty thoughts playing in your mind. Jerking your cock and imagining a sexy and superior Woman, like myself – manipulating hands and mind.

How PERFECT that you can call a Mature Lifestyle Mistress and spill those nasty fantasies – secret, safe way across the Big Pond, in Mistress Vivian’s World.

I’m quite fond of sexy UK lads that accent makes me melt, just like butta.  And what I hear from my callers from the other end of the world, is that my voice, straight from New York- makes you creamy.

Erotic Conversations with a Mature Sheila

Two kinky humans, one on one, voice-to-voice and tripping down the back ally’s of our perverted minds. It might be then, at that moment you give yourself over to a Femdom who understands your need for control and desire to belong.

Could it be your prick just needs some loving attention, or morning wood is keeping you lazy in the bed? It only takes a moment for me to know what you’re up to, being a nasty boy pawing your meat. Not to worry dear thing, The Empress Of Happy Endings understands your needs.

Fulfilling Your Fantasies is Just a Phone Call Away

With today’s telephone technology. VoIP, Skype and LDW’s multiple billing options, there’s always an easy method of connecting up for an erotic and interactive session.

Erotic Conversations w/ Mistress Vivian Call  800-601-6975
Must be 18+
Calls are $3.50 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum on International Calls
Discreetly billed to your credit card

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Texting Sessions