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May 2018
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Stroke It

Stroke For Vivian

Oh I know who YOU are. I know how many endless hours you spend, searching the Internet, because you are a slut. You’ve been a slut for so long, that the thrills are harder to come by, and your need is great.

Porn sites bore you, too static and without warmth. Interacting on the phone has quenched some of your sexual fever, but you need more. No, you think you have something special, something worth showing off – to the right Woman.

You are a cam slut. Fortunate too, don’t you think? To have finally landed here, where your Miss Viv is waiting for you. Waiting for you to fire up your cam, and show her, just how sexy, and smutty you can be.

We shall see if you have what it takes, to amuse your Mistresses and make her pink parts tingle.

Do you think you can impress a Fem Dom, of my maturity, and exacting nature? You best know your equipment, your lighting, and gather ALL your toys. Of course I know you have toys, you are a cam slut- your dick twitches adding cucumbers – to your grocery cart. Yeah, you got toys.

Oh, precious, are you just a beginner, and wanna-be cam slut? Never fear, I’m sure I can think of something close by for you to fetch that will tantalize us both. Your stuttering and nervousness will only make that first show, all the better, for me and in turn, for you too.

Virgin or veteran, it is my pleasure, watching you let go, forgetting the world around you, focused only on my directions, and one single desire, to please. Please me how? Beg. Suffer. Hold back, and wait for my command. Yes, it will come, and so will you. When I say, the words you are aching to hear, you best do it at that instant, and cry out your Mistresses name.

Yes, that how a true cam slut pleases this experience MILF Mistress, with his willingness and need to hear those magic words – Bravo, well done.

Programs available are:
Yahoo & Skype

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