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April 2018
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Over the River to Sissy’s House We Go


Sissy C 1st Assignment

Good afternoon all! Hope y’all are having as grand a weekend as we. I thought I’d take this lazy Saturday and share how Sissy C is doing with her Training.

The Sissy Across The River

Just to bring you up to speed .. A few weeks back I . . . → Read More: Over the River to Sissy’s House We Go

Lovely Louise the Wanna-be Cocksucker

Good Morning dear ones! It has been stormy in my part of Texas, which is always welcome, anytime of the year. The pecan trees were decimated by the summer temperatures, so now everything the wind blows – I’m spending the next day picking up deadwood. I really don’t mind much, it’s good exercise and I . . . → Read More: Lovely Louise the Wanna-be Cocksucker

Preparing the Perfect Pet for Mistress

Hello dear Readers! Whobuddy with the holidays just around the corner, it has been getting busy around the Casa de Kinky. So busy with the expected festivities, we are pulling in some extra help, this coming week. Not wanting to take anything away from the service and assistance the paid help gives, but . . . → Read More: Preparing the Perfect Pet for Mistress

Consistency Punishment and Rewards

Good afternoon dear readers! It was a crazy/wonderful weekend for your favorite MILF Mistress, filled with fun phone sex calls and a surprise visitor to our humble Home. Nothing makes me happier when one of my former servants rings me up to say they passing through our town and would like to take me to . . . → Read More: Consistency Punishment and Rewards

Beat The Cock - Er - Clock

Good Morning dear readers! What the hell you doing up at 4 AM? Me? Well I can’t sleep, so I’m messing with my basement dweller, who also can’t seem to find his way to dreamland.

If you remember, the poor thing has been aching to cum for a week now and this AM he’s . . . → Read More: Beat The Cock – Er – Clock

Mistress Viv Awards A Blue Ribbon

Good Morning dear Readers! I don’t know about y’all, but this summer has been Crazy busy at the Casa de Kinky. It’s been non-stop guests since the heat hit, and that has kept me from my favorite busy work, writing here on Fem Domain.

Mistress hasn’t been totally bunkered in; I’ve been enjoying getting . . . → Read More: Mistress Viv Awards A Blue Ribbon