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April 2018
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So? Did Ya Twitch? #TBT

It’s #TBT! Talk about a Way Back throw back.  Miss Kelly and I spent a whole day taking nothing but feet and shoe pictures  in 2006. It was a special request from a client and we had so much fun.! Can you tell who’s tootsies belong to which feet? 


#TBT Did You . . . → Read More: So? Did Ya Twitch? #TBT

The Mistresses are Tickled Pink



Good Afternoon kinky folk! As promised two of my Mistress Friends, Sloane and Andi have sent in their own personal antidotes about my subject of the week, tickling

First Up MILF Mistress Sloane

Look at you, aren’t you hot and bothered and naked? Come to me subbie and I’ll . . . → Read More: The Mistresses are Tickled Pink

Leg Lovers Love Mistresses’ Gams

Good Sabbath my cuppy cakes! Yes yes, when I started writing this at an insanely early hour, but I’m still all perky from last night’s play, and I can’t seem to sleep! When I can’t sleep, I write – not always my best writing, with my brain still fuzzy, but it does pass the . . . → Read More: Leg Lovers Love Mistresses’ Gams

Perfectly Groomed Toes

Good Afternoon Dear Readers! It’s Thursday and my weekly Ladies’ porker tourney was bumped because of the holiday, so I’ve heading to the salon for a luxurious pedicure. Thank you wilma! Such a nice Treat!

Before I go, I pulled another treat from the Way Back Files circa 2008 – that fits my . . . → Read More: Perfectly Groomed Toes

Your Favorite Fem Dom Catches Up

Hello dear readers! It has been a long time since I’ve posted here so I’m going to catch you up on what’s happening around The Casa de Kinky! I have to admit, I’ve been feeling a little bit lazy lately – and spending lots of time in my garden and visiting with friends and . . . → Read More: Your Favorite Fem Dom Catches Up

Right Where You Belong At Mistress' Feet

Good day kinky people! It is another BEAUTIFUL TEXAS Day – but really windy! A perfect day to stay indoors and  catch up with some writing, before my computer is put on the bench for some long needed clean up. It was a wonderful weekend w/ our miss pink, and an added guest – one who . . . → Read More: Right Where You Belong At Mistress’ Feet