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June 2018
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Sex Toys

Good Evening dear ones!

It’s been a FAB day over here on my piece of Texas.  After the wild wind of last night, we had a full night of steady, sweet rain. Now everything is green and my garden is blooming again! I’m still seeing scattered sightings of monarchs and have watched as gaggles of geese head to . . . → Read More: Sex Toys

Sensual Wax Play

Wax on Wax Off

One of my favorite messy kinds of Erotic play is hot wax. There’s much to consider when allowing someone to drip wax across your parts, both tough & tender. I prefer taking the safer roads when introducing wax to a new and curious bottom. Although experienced at all the forms . . . → Read More: Sensual Wax Play

MILF Mistress Viv Asks What's Up With All the Cocksuckers


A bright good morning pets! It’s another lovely day in the Lone Star State. Hard to believe it is Wednesday  already – this week is just flying by so quickly – but that’s always the way, when you are a busy Erotic Phone Sex Mistress. You boys have been keeping me hopping and . . . → Read More: MILF Mistress Viv Asks What’s Up With All the Cocksuckers

Right Where You Belong At Mistress' Feet

Good day kinky people! It is another BEAUTIFUL TEXAS Day – but really windy! A perfect day to stay indoors and  catch up with some writing, before my computer is put on the bench for some long needed clean up. It was a wonderful weekend w/ our miss pink, and an added guest – one who . . . → Read More: Right Where You Belong At Mistress’ Feet

Fem Dom Conversations

Hello dear readers! I hope you all are enjoying as beautiful day as we are over here in Texas! It was a little too windy to work out doors, but it let up for a few hours so I could veg out and read in the sunshine.

Speaking of Sunshine .. you all know my . . . → Read More: Fem Dom Conversations

Lifestyle Mistress' Birthday Gift

Good Morning dear readers! Another Monday another day closer to Spring!  Y’all must be able to tell that I’ve got The Spring Fever – since I havent’ posted in over a week! The air is fresh, the weeds have taken over the garden and your Mistress is outside puttering & teasing the next door neighbor.  He’s . . . → Read More: Lifestyle Mistress’ Birthday Gift