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May 2018
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Sadistic Dacryphilia For Losers

Sadistic Dacryphilia For Losers

I’ve written about dacryphilia before on Fem Domain, way back in 2011. Cry Me a River is the shortened version of the story about the first time I was gifted by a submissive, with his tears. It was when royboy drove from Oklahoma to Georgia to visit me at . . . → Read More: Sadistic Dacryphilia For Losers

Punishment Tears

Good Afternoon dear readers! Just yesterday I posted a blog on our Social Network the EnchantrixEmpire on the subject of tears. For the purpose of this discussion, you should know that in medical terms, it is known as Dacryphilia.

No Need To Be MEAN About It

Some folk might think that it takes out-right . . . → Read More: Punishment Tears

MILF Mistress Vivian Wraps It UP

Oh My! What a great time I had last weekend! I know dear ones that it’s already Thursday and the weekend is long past, but I’ve been a very busy Fem Dom this whole week, and enjoying every minute of it. 

Where Were You On 9-9-09?

Sure hope it was hanging out with the . . . → Read More: MILF Mistress Vivian Wraps It UP

The Mistress Looked Down

It was really a moment to be treasured, yesterday.

Whilst breakfasting in the garden at dawn’s early light, I was startled by my cell phone blaring out the first 4 notes of  the coda of – NY, NY. It had been so long since that tune jingled – it could very well have been just a node hick-up in . . . → Read More: The Mistress Looked Down

Sissy Gurl In The Corner

Every once in awhile something/someone comes along that is just a little bit different, from the usual phone sex call. She’s my Corner Gurl. Dressed in what ever humiliating costume makes me giggle, with a thumb in her mouth and the hem of her short schoolgirl’s skirt tucked into her rumba panties.

Facing . . . → Read More: Sissy Gurl In The Corner

Humping Hiatus

Hello dear readers and Cock Radio fans! After more than 50 consecutive shows – The Hump Day Radio Show will be taking a hiatus. Projects – that have been simmering on the back burner and some that are brand spankin’ new- have set my work in a new direction.


However, one cannot . . . → Read More: Humping Hiatus