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April 2018
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Suck It

There’s no need to be ashamed about those nasty thoughts you’ve been having, tossing off your bedtime nut – night after night after night. You keep jerking it, hoping this one will put you right to sleep and you wont have to think about it – or them.

Do You Dream About Big Fat Cocks?

Maybe this time – your dreams won’t be filled with hard throbbing cocks that make you drool all over your pillow and keep you twitching all night That can’t be very restful, and you must be draggin’ ass all day long – just because you can’t admit what is causing your daily – Morning Wood.

Sure you tell yourself you must be dreaming of Miss Viv – with the business end of strap on – ready to show you who’s the Boss. You haven’t told me, but I already know where you go – when you take the fantasy- a step further.

Scared You Might Be Gay?

It isn’t IF you really wana, huh? All that hunger to gobble cock can’t be from your own needs. No. Of course not, that would be so GAY and you aren’t a faggot, are you mister man?


I wonder if you tell yourself when you lick your lips and get that low quiver of lust in your belly, that you’d NEVER suck another man – unless you were forced.

Cock Gobblers Just Need Encouragement

Forced? I don’t think so. Coerced? If by coerced you mean, primed to pleased a Superior Woman, then perhaps. It won’t take but a gentle thrust of my hips and some whispered encouragement before you plead to be Miss Viv’s cock sucking whore boy.


Just to please me?

Mistress Loves To Watch You Suck!

Oh I think there is much more, buried in your deep hidden places. A mouth that eager and begging to be used like a hole, really WANTS that hard meat. Craves to take it to the root and get lost in the smell and tastes of being a man-whore.

Curious too, I’d bet. Curious to turn the tables on yourself and be used like a Prom date- coerced onto shaking knees and deep throating and choking on that first dripping dick.

Go on say it. You will feel like a new man – the man you were meant to be.

Say it.

Free the faggot your subconscious keeps at bay, and speak the truth that your Mistress has known from the very start.

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