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April 2018
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Lifestyle Fem Dom

Did you spend those last moments while drifting off to sleep, wondering what it would be like to serve in the Home of a Lifestyle Fem Dom? You may be tossing and turning with too many questions- all trying to reconcile your manliness against your submissive nature. Questions, that you hold in secret places, which are forever pulling at your imagination and send you grabbing for your dick.

There is a place for you, precious, if you can see yourself outside Miss Vivian’s office window, longing for the warmth and security, that service can bring.
It feels so nice to have Friday roll around without a single note on the calendar that takes me away from Home. If you were peeping in from outside my window, you’d see me snuggled in all comfy against the chilly TEXAS night and waiting for the dawn.  Hey! What are you doing spying at me from the dark? The winds are fixin’ to come sweeping down us, and you look so pitiful out there.

Come to the side door my lil pet – scratch and perhaps you will be given shelter from the coming storm.

Shh, the household is sleeping so you best stay on your tippy- toes and use your quietest voice at this hour. Hang up your coat, grab an apron and get aquatinted with the kitchen. I do hope you know how to make a proper pot of tea. I’m very busy will callers and will need a fresh cup soon.

Yes pet?  I see you standing by the door, quiet as a mouse. Come forward so I can inspect you. Stand straight, you aren’t a doormat, but keep those eyes down. Hands clasped behind your back and legs spread even with your shoulders. There! That’s just perfect! I can see by your choice of aprons, exactly which type of servant you inspire to be and it pleases me.

A crisp white kitchen apron, with the strings wrapped and tied at the front, tells me you are a no nonsense boy, who’s goal is to find a home to serve elegantly, with an eye towards style, and a mind for details. Why do you shiver, precious? Is it my one slim finger tracing the bulge, pushing against your starched cotton apron? Your excitement is clearly on display – and that hot blush creeping up your neck, tells me more than that dick ever could.

No, you didn’t choose some frilly lil number from the pantry, with a bow at the back that would have tagged you as a sissy maid, all a flutter and gregariously chatty. No, as much as I enjoy the services of a uniformed sissy, you brought your “A” Game and houseboy’s attitude to my door today. Such a lovely treat on a lazy morning at Home, a new boy at the ready – in more ways than one.
No need to lose sleep my pets, when your Miss Vivian is just a phone call away.

Miss Vivian Lifestyle Fem Dom 800-356-6169