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April 2018
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Listen To Miss Viv

Hello dear gents, sluts and everyone else in between, this is Lifestyle Mistress Vivian –known to many as The Empress Of Happy Endings, to set you tease and denial strokers – straight.

YES! I love to say no- no- no- and hear you beg – but to me, that is just part of the fun.

Imagine this …

Standing on the precipice of passion, after slowly manipulating your hands and mind for our mutual pleasure without spilling over- is a like bad punch line to a well-timed joke – unfulfilling for everyone.

Why spend the time reeling out all that erotic tease- with all the mournful pleading, and the whimpering and the JERKING – and not pump out, The BiG Finish?

Keep reading mister man; there are some guidelines to consider, before you pick up the phone.

Don’t think for a second that I won’t know if you are diddling your dick while we are conversing. It one behavior I find VERY rude that will not be tolerated. Mangle your meat- before the pleasantries are over, and you will likely find yourself sitting on your hands- while Mistress explains – The 6 Rules Of Wanking.

·Cover that willie up!
Slip on some boxers, or borrow your Wife’s panties Mistress likes to unwrap her gifts herself.

·No Touching!
Remember your manners, and ask permission before you grab up that unruly trouser snake.

·Announce It! Say it loud and proud when your prick has met optimum hardness by saying; my meat is hard for YOU, Miss Viv.

·Keep Edging.
That NUT is Mine. Mistress will tell you when and where, to Blow your load.

·Call My Name.
It is music to a Fem Dom’s ear, the growing crescendo that promises a robust and shattering climax of lust and devotion.

Catch your breath before you gush out your praise and devotion. Float on that wonderful buzz for a few moments, before you have to bid your Mistress farewell, and let the real world in.

Are you are ready to put the control of your cock into the hands of a connoisseur of cum? Call the Empress of Happy Endings, Vivian at 800-356-6169 and give over to your desires.