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September 2017
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Meet up for the Parade in Our Adults Only Chat Room

Howdy from rainy Texas! Not Houston rainy, and not the kind of rain that can stop a cyber parade either. Mistresses and EE Members have been posting their pet pictures, and they are adorable! I have found it very touching that just because pets pass away, our love for them doesn’t diminish, and we still want to share our pictures of them.

Still no snakes or rodents!

Are you a member of our Free Adults Only Social Network? Come join the 5000+ like-minded kinsters – the Enchantrix Empire & check out the Pets on Parade discussion group – you’ll find a link to current EE events, over on the right.

This 1st of its kind LDW LIVE event begins @ 8 PM Eastern, this Friday the 29th. Tune into Cock Radio & hang out in the Community Kink adults only chat room and meet our talented Mistresses and their phone sex fans.

There will be a drawing for prizes @ 8:45 PM & every pet with a posted picture will receive a memento of the occasion.

2 comments to Meet up for the Parade in Our Adults Only Chat Room

  • Unfortunately, I do not have any pets aside from my stroker-pets currently, but they are still a LOT of fun. Plus, I’m teaching them new tricks all the time. In any case, the Enchantrix Empire site is a really cool place for Mistresses and their stroker-pets to gather. I’m sure this group will have a ton of followers before you know it!

    • Vivian

      Oh I’d LOVE to watch you work those pets Miss A. We are gathering up again tomorrow 10/6 I really enjoyed chatching up with the EE folks & Mistress Friends.

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