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September 2017
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Flashback Friday 2015 – A Caring Fem Dom

Vivian a Caring Fem Dom 1-800-356-6169

Auntie Viv – A Caring Fem Dom.

Dear Readers,
It has been a difficult 8 weeks for your sexy older Fem Dom, but with some wonderful TLC & one rocking Doctor who knows her medications, I’m feeling stronger & more energetic. New glasses are making reading & typing so much easier, but I’ve been cautioned to take breaks from the computer screen. Yes, Doc – I set the alarm. 🙂

I want to thank all of you who have sent healing thoughts, funny notes, and all around well wishes. I’ve missed my man sluts & sissy girls & hope this post finds you all safe & happy.

Following Doctor’s orders, instead of hours to write something brand new, I pulled up a post from 2015 for your reading pleasure. Do drop a hello in the comments & tell me how y’all are doing.


Auntie V.

Your Search For a Caring Fem Dom to Serve

5 comments to Flashback Friday 2015 – A Caring Fem Dom

  • Darrell

    Hello mistress Vivian. I’m happy to hear that you are doing well. I hope that you continue to feel good. I’m happy to be one of your pets and I look forward to doing that next fantasy with you. Take care mistress.

    • Vivian

      oh thank you naughty boy – you just keep those good thoughts coming my way. Did your lil willie twitch – when you saw the picture I sent?

    • Vivian

      Oh sweetie … I didn’t see you all the way here at the bottom. ~snicker~ bottom. I am doing MUCH better, thank you. I’ve had to slow my roll some – Talkin’ dirty ain’t like riding a bike. I wonder which fantasy is looping around in your brain.

  • I have to say when life tries to get the better of us Femdoms, we ALWAYS fight back. I dare say there might even be a bit of CBT in there somewhere. So glad to hear that you’re on the mend. All those words aren’t just blowing smoke up your patoot. We really do miss you when you’re scarce.

    Big hugs,


    • Vivian

      Miss – knowing that it’s noticed when I’m not around and that YOU miss me – well that makes for a most excellent start to the day! Thank you 🙂

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