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October 2016
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So? Did Ya Twitch? #TBT

It’s #TBT!
Talk about a Way Back throw back.  Miss Kelly and I spent a whole day taking nothing but feet and shoe pictures  in 2006. It was a special request from a client and we had so much fun.! Can you tell who’s tootsies belong to which feet? 


#TBT The sexiest feet on the planet

#TBT Did You Twitch?

Really, tell Miss Viv when you call.

#TBT  Did the picture make your meat twitch?

I’ve always known that guys lust after my feet, because it’s so obvious. Not to everyone, mind you – but to Women like me who  have slut bottom radar. That is why today’s #TBT highlights you darlings who crave  foot and leg  worship.

It is amazing how a simple kink like foot and leg worship can have so many sub-categories.  Just off the top of my head .. bare feet, polished toes, clad in stockings, sexy in thigh highs, unpolished tootsies, pumping hard on my  stationary bike, or even heading out on a road trip.

Do you have a favorite style?
Mistress Asks Would This Make YOUR cock twitch?


8 comments to So? Did Ya Twitch? #TBT

  • You don’t realize Madame how much power your feet have! So sexy! 🙂

  • Empress Rayne

    Oooh ladies! All this foot talk is fun! I love all the foot fun that can be had. Though I am rarely caught without polish, I do love the open toe, stocking covered, bare feet, or even the sploshing…always fun to have a foot boy lick your foot clean of some sweet treat.

  • Miss Viv, did you see the gif I posted from Tumblr in My blog post about Shrimping? We’ve all got feet on the brain lately, but I didn’t know You devoted a whole week to it ten years ago! That’s hot, and so is the photo!

    You know what kind of foot play I find fun, and wonder if you’ve ever engaged in for Your kinky foot pets? Foot sploshing! Seeing your pretty tootsies smashing a cake or squishing mud between your toes, stuff like that. I find that hot! And of course, I enjoy doing all kinds of darker thinks with a pair of spiked heels or a pointy toe! *giggle*

  • Yes Madame it did make me twitch. You’re feet make me weak Madame. You know how to hypnotize me with those sexy feet. I can’t look at your feet and not get a boner. So HOT!

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