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September 2016
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Mistress Vivian Sprinkles Her Sissy Magic

The ultimate fantasy sissy magic

Try A Little Sissy Magic

What is Sissy Magic? Oh dear girls, it is a special session where we let our imaginations run wild. Nothing on this earth can limit us, when Miss Vivian puts on her white coat and Nurse Naughty helps you up on the exam table.

Expand Your Dreams w/ Sissy Magic

I adore role-playing with my sissy friends; dress-up, wedding day, street walking, prom shopping and visits to Miss Viv’s Beauty Box are some scenarios we’ve played in the past. Then last month a new to me sissy purposed a session that is 100% pure fantasy and one I’ve never tried – transformation through magic.

 Your Perfect Sissy Image

What fun we had building her fantasy, in a style to fit her personality. With Nurse Naughty assisting we spread the fist layer of magic, soothing our patient and sending her floating to La La Land. Circling the table we gently toss the secret magic sprinkles from her nose to her toes, and the air is filled with static electricity. Time seems to stand still as layer after layer of sissy magic builds, until there is a dervish of colors spinning faster and faster.

Ta Da!

Covering our sissy patient with a satin sheet, we retire to the office and wait for the magic to take effect. Listening on the monitor, we hear her begin to stir, and making small mewing sounds. The signs all say it wouldn’t be long now, and hurry back to remove the sheet.

With a flourish Nurse whips off the cover and cries – TA DA. There before us, still groggy from a double dose of sissy magic was the prettiest girl you’ve ever imagined. Perfectly pale skin, beautiful blue eyes, and the most bodacious rack, that begged to be fondled.

It’s another magnificent and magical result from the mind of a Sissy Mistress.


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9 comments to Mistress Vivian Sprinkles Her Sissy Magic

  • Petey cream puff

    Also my massuse made me take her purse to buy 6 pack for the 2 of us. Other sissies said she knows I’m a cream puff and by doing that she has control and powet over me.

  • Petey cream puff

    😢😧its amazing how much power and control the mistresses have over me. All of you are so hot & sexy to say no to. all of you have made/turned & kept me as a weak/submissive/feminine cream puff. D cup breasts seem to get in way of doing things. Ms Alyssa said welcome to womenhood as this is part of my feminization training and I must get used to this all the time.

    • Vivian

      Oh but petey – it is the submissive who gives us the power of control. 🙂 Our guys are fortunate, that they found us 1st.
      Hugs you lil puff

      • Petey cream puff

        Your right..have you made guys hold on to your purse as well? Now that I did this once it will happen again and I’m fine with that. I hope it does happen again. And yes I will be my massuses submissive. shes calling me Hun & sweetie which puts me in my place. I’m going to wear women’s pants/boots if she notices I’ll come out and tell her. And yes I’m getting used to my d cup breast forms. I can’t believe that female domination is happening to me with my massuse having me hold on to her purse. No real guy would do that but I did.

        • Vivian

          Hum .. my royboy does what ever I ask of him. Holding my purse is a small nothing, in comparison to the many services and niceties, he always performs. No one would ever question his manliness, including himself.
          He is a big ole block of an Okie. He ain’t no cream puff 😉

  • Ms. Viv , sissy magic sounds wonderful. What a great way to transform a once pathetic excuse for a man into a beautiful sissy girl. There isn’t one sissy alive that wouldn’t like to have a healthy rack!!Do you think a fairy godmother should arrange an amazing gift of wardrobe too, complete with accessories?

  • Petey cream puff

    Oh my! Just looking at what you done to me I look like a total girl😢😧my faces all made up with feminine arched eyebrows, perky d cup breasts which are really painful, my body is so soft,hairless,smooth & petite. It smells girlish. My nails are so long to. None of my clothes fit either. With you putting d cup bra on me my breasts don’t hurt anymore and the size 6 sheath body con dress fits perfect as it shows off my curves! With all the mistresses coming over they are going to see what you’ve done to me😢😧😳they will know I’m a cream puff girl that you plan on keeping this way all the time.

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