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August 2016
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The Art of Serving Mistress

Ready To Serve Mistress

Serving Mistress

Serving Mistress is not always all about what makes the ol’ pecker hard, my dear. When I mention the word service, most of my callers go right for pussy. They assume because I am a sexy and kinky Mistress, that all I need a man for is sex. Trust me darlings … I can get a good fucking any old day of the week, but a submissive with skills other than oral – is a great find.

The Art of Serving Mistress and ALL Her Needs

When I was on the hunt for a new D/s partner I knew what qualities I wanted for a long term relationship. Hard working, funny, respectful, kind, kinky and skilled. I got that – and more – when 18 years ago, I collared my royboy.

If you were to visit our happy home, what you might notice is how my husband dotes on not just me, but our guests too. You should see the looks of surprise that turn into delight, when without even asking – roy fetches them a cocktail or refreshes their coffee.

Good Service = Proud Mistress

When we have bid our company goodbye and everything tidied up, there might be reward in store. But the true reward for a service submissive comes with the knowledge that they served their Mistress well.

If you’re interested in discussing service submission (or most anything else) with me, a domination phone sex session – is just what the Mistress orders. You can also take a look at my call schedule to check up on my availability, or drop me a note to arrange an appointment. I look forward to our conversation

Mistress Speaks

8 comments to The Art of Serving Mistress

  • I love being your submissive Mistress! You’ve really molded me into a obedient sub!

  • Petey cream puff

    As a cream puff I’m their sissy who they have dressed/turned and kept as a girl. It really is true that women have control and power over guys and if we want to keep all of you happy and it get dumped then we must listen and do what you ask. Now that the mistresses have made me buy d cup breast forms that’s the final nail in my feminization as I really have breasts and they are so real/firm/perky and bounce like real breasts. I know there’s no going back as they have dug their nails into me and have I intention of ever letting me go. Also I’ve met 3 women and yes they have taken control of me and I’ve made all3 upset but won’t do that again as whatever they want I’ll do. They don’t know of my dressing as Ms Violet told me to not mention this to them and keep it amongst the ldw mistresses.

    • Vivian

      aww petey – doesn’t it make you feel better, knowing that all of us at LDW know what a delightful fag you are?

      • Petey cream puff

        It does make me feel better that all of you have feminized/dressed/turned and kept me as a girl. I cant resist/say no to all of you. Now that the mistresses have me in d cup breast forms, this is final nail in keeping me as a feminized cream puff girl.

    • Vivian

      WOA! D Cups? Dang! With cans that Huge – I bet you strut. Do you really think that bodacious boobies is the last of it for you? Oh no precious lil cream puff – I do believe the Mistresses are just warming up.

      Lucky lil poof!

      • Petey cream puff

        No I don’t think this is the last of it at all. They are just warming up and getting started. They have been pushing me to wear a bra all the time. I’ll do it I just don’t want it to be noticeable. I don’t think guys will care or notice as they are occupied with work/sports but women will. I’m just really scared that both girls I’ve become friends with will notice 😧😢 I’m afraid what their reaction will be and don’t want to lose them as friends. What I really want is to have them control me and be their cream puff. I’m just afraid to tell them😟😢

  • Vivian

    Hey Miss O! Thank you for braggin’ on my guy – I know he really enjoyed the dog & pony show.

    I agree about how when everything aligns right, it is magic. I remember a scene where roy was the demo bottom – being strung up for use by a very respected local Top.

    She slapped his cheeks and asked if he was ready …

    He said … Let’s dance.

    It is a dance, isn’t it?

  • As someone who has met your royboy in person I can personally attest to this blog and the truth that royboy is AMAZING! You bring up a great point. The D/s and BD/sm stuff has to also “work” in tandem. By this I mean the kinks of the Mistress have to be a fit for any submissive or slave. Beyond the naughty play though, if the relationship is to work it has to be a real relationship with all the connections of any relationship … this is the same as relationships on phone sex as well. It’s all about connection and communication and yes, sometimes, compromise. Ahhhh, when all those things come together it is HOT fucking magic!

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