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December 2015
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Hey There Sissy Girls What Colors Should You Wear?

Never wear orage to a job interview

Sissy Girl What Colors Look Best On You?

Hello my sissy girls! If you are anything like me, you have so many outfits hung in the back of the closet, that failed to make you feel pretty and put together. Would you be surprised to know that the reason for failure, could be your color choices?

Really Dear Sissy Girls There Are Colors Other Than Pink

It would be impossible to count the number of times I’ve asked one of my sissy phone sex callers, what color are your panties – and the reply is – pink, Mistress. It seems to be the favorite color of not just in panties, but  blouses, bras, nightgowns and dresses – in a sissy’s closet.

I must confess if you peeked in my attic, you’d discover a covered rack of my failures, bought before I understood that wearing the wrong colors next to my face, makes the whole outfit look off-putting. Without counting – there must be at least a dozen pink shirts and sweaters.  Don’t get me started on satins –  they look horrible on me, no matter what color.

What’s A Sissy Girl To Do?

  • Keep an open mind.
  • Take a color test!
  • Think Pink for your foundation wear, accessories, slacks or skirts.
  • Come play in my closet!
  • Call your Auntie V @ 800-601-6975

9 comments to Hey There Sissy Girls What Colors Should You Wear?

  • Wilma

    Mistress Vivian, colors are very important that’s why I always ask you what color panties do you want me to wear. Color sets the mood!

    Slut Wilma

  • joeygirl faggot

    Well, You could make a fortune auctioning off those unwanted outfits to Your sissies!

    • Joey girl, my lil gay slut! I hope all is well by you and you are being a good girl. I haven’t done an auction – but if there is something in my closet that would make you a happy `ho. I’m sure we can come to an agreement. You’d look lovely in my sapphire bra and panty set.

  • Ms. Viv, I too wish that my sissies would focus on other beautiful colors besides pink. It is a girly color, but so are canary yellow and lavender. What about peach? SO pretty. It is best to have plenty of color in the lingerie drawer and closet. Dressing pretty is one of the best parts about being a sissy girl 🙂

  • Petey cream puff

    Along with pink I feel purple/violet/magenta are girlish colors especially the bra/panties they really are girlish and wearing them reminds me how much of a cream puff I am. For lipsticks it’s different shades of red along with burgundy. Being at salons I’ve learned the shades of lipstick along with Ms Cindy picking out bras/panties for me to wear

  • Ms. Viv, color me happy to read this blog. So nice of you to write this and help our sissies! Heck, it could help anyone! I have to say, you look great in blue, and red, and well…everything I have seen. I agree with you about satin…no knights in white satin do me any justice either! Excellent post!

  • trissa

    I know there are other colors than pink but then whats the point.

  • Empress Rayne

    This is a great post Ms Viv! I often wonder if the sissy girls have only heard of pink myself. It is a fun color, but there are so many others to explore that can make you feel just as sexy and girly. Studying makeup we learned about the color wheel and complementing and contrasting colors and the effects they can have. Something important to explore in cosmetics and clothing.

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