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July 2015
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Cross-Dresser – Sissy Gurl – Gender Bender – or Transsexual a Rose By Any Other Name


An Event for the Cross Dresser or Sissy Gurl

Flowers For Our Sissy Friends


Good Evening Sissy Gurls, Cross-dressers and Gender Benders! Looks like 2015 may be The Year of The Transgender. Miss Jenner blossomed before our eyes, and a young transgendered person named Jazz, has her own reality show. Oh the times they are a changing.

A Mistress’ Caring Touch

The times may be changing for the rest of the world, but here at the LDW Group, we have been caring for and about the 1000’s of cross-dressers and gender-benders members of Get Girlie and Sissy School for more than a decade. I know for this Mature Mistress, it has been a joy and a privilege to guide many of you towards a goal true happiness.

When You Are a Cross-dresser  Its More Than The Clothing

Society outside of our pan-sexual and accepting community, can’t t seem to see beyond the make-up and clothing. Gender-benders have been so isolated, dressing in the privacy of their homes, without being able to share their authentic lives with their friends and family. It is for that reason, our sissy friends deserve our care, and a special event, for them and their fans.

The 2015 Sissy School Pageant

For as long as I’ve been with the LDW Group, each year the Mistresses mount an annual event for our transsexual phone sex callers and forum members. At its inception, it was our dearly departed Miss Tara who headed the affair. This year The Velvet Voice, Ms Catherine is organizing the event  happening this Saturday, the 25th, so we all know it is going to be a Femme Fabulous time!

I’m happy to report I’ll be rocking Cock Radio for the Awards Ceremony in our Adult Only Chat Room, Community Kink. I’ll be kicking it off at 6 PM Eastern, followed by Catherine with another hour cock rocking.

 Your Audio Invite

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2 comments to Cross-Dresser – Sissy Gurl – Gender Bender – or Transsexual a Rose By Any Other Name

  • Ms Vivian- it’s a good thing the times are changing! Somehow I missed out that Jazz has her own show, though, I’ll have to look into that for sure. It’s wonderful that someone so young can step up and help others see what Ms Jenner had to hide for so much of her life!
    I look forward to joining in and listening to y’all during the awards ceremony and show!

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