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November 2014
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Mature Mistress Wraps Up November 2014

Mature Mistress Vivian

Y’all Rock!
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Good Afternoon dear Readers!  Here I am, risen from my turkey coma, sipping an icy cold eggnog and thinking back over this auspicious November. My 7th Anniversary Celebration has been so well received, additional free calls were added to the original 50 and I’ve decided to do it again next year!

But I’m getting ahead of myself – the month isn’t over yet.

Our lingering guests are gone, the house all tidy and neat and there’s a delicious breeze through the open window here in my workspace. The neighborhood seems to be in a mellow mood too, no building noises, garage band jams, not even a single yip from the dogs across the ally. ~happy sigh~ The old Mistress can chill for awhile.

A perfect day for sexy daydreams.

I don’t remember putting my book aside to stare out the window, but time just drifted away, along with my mind.  Was it my imagination, or did I really hear the sound of a big block Chevy rumbling down my street? The sound of a muscle car power shifting, could be heard a half mile away, and sent a flood of memories washing over me.

Aerodynamics are for people who can’t build engines.

Closing my eyes, I tried to dig up the reason a quote from Enzo Ferrari would pop into my brain – just as the roar of the familiar engine squealed around the corner. I didn’t have to look to know what vehicle was pulling up my long driveway. Hell I could smell it – running too rich and scattering loose gravel in its wake.

There’s been one person in my life who drove a monster machine with so much disregard for peddle and paintjob – than Mister Mason.  Madman, mason, tin-knocker, he was big and blonde and 20 years my senior. I must be dreaming, the man who showed me what great sex is, left the living – decades ago.

Hang Tight sweet cheeks!

How I adored his pet names for me! And just like that, I was back in the 70’s sitting next to him in the tuxedo black`69 Chevelle – laughing and screaming as the g-forces pushed me back into the bucket seat.  The sun was setting behind us, I didn’t know and didn’t care where he was taking me, I would have followed him to the ends of the earth. He, like his car – was a force to be reckoned with.

One Man So Many Firsts

We are here, he whispered in my ear, and kissed down my neck. Giggling I sat up and looked out the window. Off the beaten path and surrounded by old oak trees, I could see the glow of a fire a distant clearing. He scooped me up, carrying me through the underbrush without effort, placing me on a palette of quilts, before kissing me deeply and stripping me bare.

The moonless night sky was a riot of stars – the woods quiet, except for the sounds of a crackling fire and wanton lovemaking, echoing across years.  I didn’t want it to end, this  memory wrapped in a daydream, but I had to snap out of my revelry – and get busy with the present – teasing you horny guys and sissy gurls.


Celebration Ends 11/30

Celebration Ends 11/30


6 comments to Mature Mistress Wraps Up November 2014

  • Ms. Viv!

    Wow! What a daydream that was. I too have daydreamed about sexy past naughty encounters! It is funny how sounds and smells can pull us into those dream states of memories so very quickly! And how hot it is to remember and revel in the dirty details! Very sexy!!

    Now you have me thinking of past naughty times. I think I will go find my Hitachi and daydream away!

    Stay naughty!

    Ms Delia

  • We love you so much, Viv! I hope your anniversary month has been stuffed to the brim with lots of adoration from your subby darlings both old and new! Also glad to hear you’ve emerged from your turkey coma. I’m still in mine lol.

  • Thanks Mistress for allowing me to serve you! Can’t wait until our next call! You are addicting lol

    • You are too cute me boy-o – a splash of sunshine on a grey day – with an eager attitude that is hard to resist. You’ve not only learned how to spoil your Mistress, but you delighted me by confessing that your cock is hard the whole time. Now That’s a giving submissive.
      I await my tree house.

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