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April 2013
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The Unexpected Confession – Chapter 1


Lordy, he was so tall! Even sitting way over at the end of the bar, it was clear he was well over 6 feet. How sweet! The handsome young man sent a cocktail to me, “The lovely lady” and shot me a bright smile. When I raised my glass to salute him, he took it as an invitation and rambled over towards me.

Oh Vivian you old gal I thought to myself, even in  this crap lighting you can tell he’s so young that he must get carded at every club in town. Common sense would dictate that the best course of action would be to finish my Cosmo, tip the bartender and get back to work.  You’d think so.

Common Sense Is Not So Common

Smiling, he introduced himself as James, Jimmy to his friends, and I knew I wasn’t going to be doing any OT that night. I motioned for him to take the empty seat beside me, and swung around to face him. When I saw his deep blue eyes, smooth unblemished skin and felt his eager energy, an old saying popped into my mind. Common sense is not so common.  That old philosopher Voltaire, sure  knew from whence he spoke- because what was left of mine, was quickly flying out the window.

When he touched my arm, there was no hiding the shiver that ran up my body. Then- as if on cue, we burst out laughing, and before I could say another word, he took my hand in his and pressed it to his lips. I remember thinking it was odd, odd that I didn’t snatch it right back and chide him for being so forward.

Instead  I left it to linger, and with a small sigh he  lifted it to his cheek in a display of adoration, you don’t see very often these days. Placing my hand back in my lap he leaned closer and said in a voice only I could hear. I have a confession to make, he said, and only you can give me absolution.

The Unexpected Confession

I sat back in the big club chair, looking him over once again and wondering where I might have seen him before.  Surly I would have remembered a long drink of tastiness, who loved the MILFs. When nothing came to mind,  I decided to play along. He sure was easy on the eyes! 

Confession might be good for the soul, but my absolution,  I assured  him, could be harsh and painful, and not at all what he might  expect.  He nodded, and when he looked down, I knew he was sincere, and had a need to right some kind of wrong.  I motioned for him to pull his chair closer he lifted it with ease, positioning  it so  our knees were just inches apart.

 He moaned quietly when I put my hand on his arm and squeezed those beautiful guns.  “Go on,” I encouraged,  “It must be a small sin – since we’ve only just met.”  Hanging his head, he said only two words, “I’m shy.”  Now who wouldn’t laugh, after all that build up?  I was disappointed and told him so. I had expected something naughty and juicy.

Don’t Be a Shy Guy

“That isn’t all,” he stammered out. “I. I…” “Well spit it out,” I told him, “Don’t be shy.”  A look of determination washed over his face and looking right at me said, “I’ve been following you for weeks, watching you from back tables in dark corners, whenever you are out with your girlfriends. I’m shy,” he said again and looked down at his feet and whispered, “Please forgive me, I can’t get you out of my mind.”

I sat quietly sipping at my watered-down cocktail and considered Jimmy’s confession. Poor fellow, if he only knew what was going through my mind, he might run for the hills.

Are You Ready To Serve?

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