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November 2011
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Preparing the Perfect Pet for Mistress

Hello dear Readers! Whobuddy with the holidays just around the corner, it has been getting busy around the Casa de Kinky. So busy with the expected festivities, we are pulling in some extra help, this coming week. Not wanting to take anything away from the service and assistance the paid help gives, but what I’m longing for, is a Perfect pet at my side.

What is a Perfect Pet for a Mature Mistress?

For this ole Fem Dom, he would be something like the new boy I collared this morning, my little farmer pet. Many of you might be surprised to hear that I have taken such a serious and rare step, into Ownership. Not to be taken lightly, my cherished pet had to prove himself before kissing his first collar and declaring himself, mine.

Proving a Pet’s Worthiness

In the 4 years I’ve spent with the LDW Group, there have been many darling submissives longing to sit at the beautiful feet of a significant and superior Woman – and yet only a 2 have shown the kind of devotion I require, to wear the symbol of my possession.

Drive by adoration won’t do, oh no! Only those eager and thoughtful boys who are prepared to shower attention on their Mistress have a chance to be called pet. Daily contact, keeping a journal, completing assignments in a timely manner and always being available for my amusement, are the first steps to gaining the Honor of the title of Vivian’s pet.

Crawling the Extra Mile

All these years gone by, with scores of fellows who make a phonesex call and talk about their genuine desire to be cared for and cherished and Controlled – but real life only allows the fantasy, in the moment. Then there are those like my freshly minted Precious Pet, eager, generous and focused on me, his Owner, Protector and Friend.


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