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January 2011
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Dream a Little Dream of Sex Toys

Good Morning Cuppy cakes!  Your favorite MILF Mistress woke up – as the old song goes .. happy and peppy and bursting with joy. There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep to adjust your attitude! Maybe it was my dreams that has me in this particular mood.

DildosGaffs – and Cock Cages – Oh My!

All night long I watched a parade of  floats festooned with flowers and sex-toys. The finale was outrageous, there was a  marching band in full drag, and a Santa tossing colored condoms to the crowd from his vibrating sled. Too weird!

All I can figure is the Rose Bowl Parade and yesterday’s phone sex calls got all mixed up. Maybe the midnight taco  had something to do with it. Either way, I woke up in quite a Festive Mood! 

Shopping with a wanabe cocksucker can be So Much Fun!

He was horny and in need of something to practice on. The tiny dollar store vibrator wasn’t doing the job, what he needed was a Big and realistic cock to suck. It had to be a fat dick for his on-going Training and MY amusement. Easy enough to do, when Mistress has her own Adult Toy Store!

Knowing how much of a slut he is made choosing the right dick really easy. We settled on my favorites, the VERY realistic Marco Blaze Dildo. It’s a veiny and perfect copy of the porn star, with a sturdy suction cup on the base, that’s perfect for Glory Hole Games! Drooling and jerking, he did a rush delivery, so we can play this weekend!

Tonight maybe I’ll dream a lil dream of him.

  He’ll be on his knees-gobbling man-meat, just like the good whore his Pimptress Mistress expects! 

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