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November 2010
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The Trouble w Houseboys

Good morning cuppy cakes! It is cool enough to open all the windows and here I am daydreaming and waiting to be called to breakfast. My favorite too!

Pancakes served by the houseboy, wearing pretty panties and an apron.

Todd is here for a few days helping me get the house ready for Thanksgiving. He really doesn’t like this particular service slot, since Mistress gets a lil bit NUTs, when she’s in a full force Fall Cleaning! I heard him sigh when he saw Re-paper the kitchen cabinets, on his Chore List.

When I reminded him what that chore turned into last year, a high pitched giggle escaped and I knew he remembered the step-stool.

REAL Sluts- so easy to prime and a delight to keep on their toes!

Perched on a small but sturdy stool, clad in the aforementioned outfit he had orders to stay sharp. It was my Command for him to rise up on his tip-toes when he notices Mistress or alpha sub roy entering the kitchen, but to continue working.

Yes indeed, he remembers Mistresses’ diddling his junk with one hand while testing out a new package of wooden spoons with the other. I saw him shiver and noticed a wet spot growing in his blue panties. It was then I knew it was going to be smooth sailing today!

Yes dear ones, it’s going to be a Hard and Humping few days over here at the Casa de Kinky – I only wish YOU could be here too.

Have you figured out what the trouble is, when it comes to  Houseboys?

There’s never enough of the good ones, to go around!

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