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February 2010
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Mature Mistress Vivian Has A Good Laugh

A bright good morning my darling readers! The TEXAS sky is clear blue and there’s a cold snap in the air – a perfect day to catch up on my posting, till the sun warms us up, and I can spend some time in the garden, where I love taking your sweet & nasty phonesex calls. Too bad I haven’t figured out how to do the Hump Day Show from the gazebo.  Cock Radio al fresco would be FUN!

I’ve been asked many times where I get ideas to write about for my blog. Truth of the matter is – they come from you, my callers. Flipping through my notes from last weekend, I remember a fun one that the man slut on the line heard girl chatter in the back ground and asked if they could listen in. Of course I was happy to oblige, and put him on the speaker. The following will give you a peek into the world of the pin dick losers.

Humiliation whores are so much fun to gang up on!

OMG! Is That a dick?

No really.. you can tell Mistress Vivian..

Do you have the nerve to call that wee lil winkie – your manhood?

For real?

Oh my oh my!

You poor pathetic pin dick …  you know .. I just thought of something.

My girlfriends are coming over for cocktails this weekend …  and they really dont’ believe that there are males like you … without a real man’s appendage, that grows beyond the nubbin state.

I kid you not, pindick. We’ve never seen one as tiny as yours.

We are Superior Women – no male would dare present us with anything that couldn’t be stroked, long and slow.  Mmmm .. long and slow .. humping his hand, with his balls swaying …now that’s what we call Entertainment. A real man, showing off a real man’s balls.

Not yours huh?  No movement there at all, maybe they are too scared to drop down out of your belly.

Maybe they aren’t balls at all – not something the size of two walnuts.  Go on.. smack them .. lets see if they can be tortured like a real set of stones.

Ha! Just whimpering .. and simpering .. what fun. We could do this all day! If it wasn’t so feeble, all that fumbing. Hear them, baby dick? A hen party of sexy females all chattering that they’ve never seen a prick, so insignifigant, it has to be rubbed like a clit.

Oh look  squeezing it to make it spurt a teaspoon of jizz – is making ALL the Ladies cackle.

No no .. please .. I dont think we could stand it very long.  Put that weenie away, before you wear it thin – if that’s possible.

Now don’t touch it again, till Mistress Vivian hears you say  on the phone, what a pindicked little looser you are. Wake up mister tiny tool and memorize my phone number. Maybe we can get one of your heads working right.

Your Hump Day Treat – A Pin Dick Ring Tone

For an erotic session with Empress Vivian, call 800-601-6975
Must be 18+
Calls are $2.50 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card

1 comment to Mature Mistress Vivian Has A Good Laugh

  • OMG I am laughing so hard at that last line Ms Viv..Wake up Mr tiny tool and memorize my phone number, maybe we can get one of your heads working right!!! Small penis humiliation at its finest with you Ms Viv!!!!!

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