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January 2010
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Confess To Mistress Vivian - Ass Jockey

Greetings dear readers! What a WONDERFUL Birthday it was. Flowers, cake and family, friends and callers, singing their wishes to me, is a perfectly perfect day to me. Big LOVE goes out to Stevie, slut richie, cream pie and bobbyboy for the lovely gifts. Y’all keep the cute UPS guy running up the drive all week long. Stockings, candy, books, Kona coffee and a new playground for Miss Kitty, not only touched my heart, but proves how well you know me.

Mistress was Farklempt! Thank you ALL so very much!

Now … onto a topic that suits my mood to a T – today. What MOOD? I feel like bending some anal slut over my desk. Wiggle. For you my pets, a nasty post w/ an audio for all you strap on lovers.

Confess To Mistress Vivian – Ass Jockey

Listen To – Confess To Mistres Vivian –  Ass Jockey

You’ve always wanted to do it – you can’t hide it from me. Night after night, you lay in bed digging around in your perverted noggin for some fresh images that will set your cock to throbbing. What is it lately? Visions of beautiful Mistresses stroking their thick rubber cocks –advancing towards your tender hole- flash across mind’s eye, producing only the tiniest of twitches. Must be getting pretty dull for you, huh?

I’m not surprised; you’ve been jacking off to that one since our last sweet and nasty phone sex call. Now here you are, your dick at half-staff and listening to your adored Mistress’ recordings, hoping this time you’ll blow a load, it will last you through the long day.

Go on close your eyes –breath slowly remember my voice from our last conversation, controlling your hands on your cock, as I guide my thick appendage deep in your tight, dark recesses.

I know isn’t the same without your Mistress whispering in your ear, urging you on to pound while I hang onto your hips and watch you grind like a slut. Rocking your hips – begging to shoot your mess into your hand shows what you are – a hungry whore.

Poor little ASS JOCKEY. Worried You Might Be Gay?

You’ve rubbed a raw spot in that fantasy, you must be running out of brainpower by now. Have you noticed that you are pulling it more, and enjoying it less -tossing one off –fast- even sometimes in the middle of the day- just to get your mind back on work?

A horny slut, that’s what you are – but there is more hidden – too humiliating to admit. But it will be your undoing, fighting who you are and what you want to be. What happens if you lose the war?

When your lack of direction and uncontrolled pole pulling turns out to be your personal Waterloo?

It won’t be long before your co-workers notice you slipping off to the to the john, with a newspaper and your cell phone. One day, because you keep putting off that phone call to confess your secret desire- someone is going to catch you pumping your prick in the last stall of the men’s room. Some night, the urge will be so great, you’ll fuck up and park on a side street, beating your meat so hard, you don’t notice the Police car, parking behind you.

No, Mistress will not be pleased at your stoic refusal to give into your desires and submit to  Her will, to spill your secret kinks.

Admit it. Confess.

Right now, listening to me, you are fighting with yourself – trying not to think about what your Mistress already knows. She knows your reoccurring wet dreams, knows which buttons to push, and when. That’s been proven time and time again.

Still you suffer and stuff it back into your subconscious. How many more days or poor decisions will it take before you face what you are – big boy? Once you pick up the phone and punch in 800-601-6975 – you will free yourself to confess, that longing to be, Miss Viv’s favorite ass jockey.

Admit it. Call. Confess.

One-On-One Erotic Phone Sessions – 800-601-6975
2.50 per minute, minimum of 10 minutes, billed to your CC – 18 + Only

Live Help Desk

Phone Sex For The Fantasy Connoisseur

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