August 2015
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MILF Mistress Vivian Says Erotic Telephone Entertainers The More The Merrier

Live Erotic Telephone Entertainers

Erotic Telephone Entertainers Love To Share!

Erotic Telephone Entertainers The More The Merrier

Being an erotic telephone entertainer has been my stock and trade for nearly 8 years, and one of the best perks is – no two days are ever alike. When my princess phone jingles, there is no telling where I’ll be transported to. A tour of the local glory with a hungry cock sucker, a BDSM Lifestyle conversation, or high tea with a favorite sissy friend, each session is live, unscripted and unique.

How To Excite  Erotic Telephone Entertainers

There are all types of phone sex calls that I’m always looking forward to, but the one kind that really gets my Mo Jo going, is when the message from the desk says – This is a multi-agent call. Nothing makes me quite so happy is the chance to tag team a horny dude!

Double Your Pleasure or Your Pain

Our clients will have the opportunity this Wednesday the 26th to double the Mistresses, for the cost of just one! Pick your favorite phone entertainer, or let our lovely dispatchers choose for you, either way your call is guaranteed. Still not sure? Check with our help desk or fill out a pre-session questioner.

Oh You Got To Have Friends

Unlike so many other phone sex services, we are not only permitted, but encouraged to interact with our guys and gurls though e-mail, Yahoo Messenger, or Skype. Our forums and adult social network, Enchantrix Empire – have grown into vibrant communities, for both the members, and workforce.

Events and special promotions, and working in teams has forged great friendships between many of us, and that makes for an extra special 2 for 1 call. You’ll see that reflected in many of our blog posts over the next few days, sharing some of our favorite past calls.

Let Us Entertain You

Have you had an awesome Multi Mistress session? Taking a few minutes to share your experience by leaving a blog comment, or reviewing a recent session, will be greatly appreciated by your favorite erotic telephone entertainer.

Listen To Miss Viv’s Multi Mistress Wishes


Sissy Gurls Tie a Pretty Ribbon Around Your Bitty Clitty

Sissy Gurls Are Invited to the SPH Mini Maraton
Sissy Gurl Tie a Ribbon Around Your Bitty Clitty

Hurrah! Its finally here, the 1st Mini Marathon just for our fans who are sporting a shortie in their slacks! Or in the case of our sissy friends a nubbin’ that’s just right for rubbin’.

Now you didn’t think your sissy lovin’ Mistress Vivian would forget about y’all, did you? Of course not. What’s a party without charming femmes to serve and entertain? That’s nothing but a sausage-fest.

A Vienna Sausage Fest, eh?

Do clear your calendar for this afternoon. Community Kink, our 18+ Adult chat room will be opened from 3-8 PM Eastern along with 5 hours of LIVE Cock Radio.

Won’t you tie a pretty ribbon around your sissy clitty? Its sure to make the Mistresses and EE Members and Cock Radio listeners, smile.

Maybe even a giggle or 2

Let’s Get The Party Started!




Tiny Penis? Miss Vivian Knows How Much it Embarrasses You


The Many Forms of Humiliation of a Tiny Penis

Are You Embarrassed By Your Tiny Penis?


When it comes to a tiny penis – any man would be mortified to be cursed with an appendage that is too small to please anyone, except himself. So I ask you dear readers, why do the owners of puny pricks need to share their humiliation in a phone sex session?

Small Penis Confession – A Quick Fix

They shudder and sputter, dancing around a subject they don’t have the balls <g> to bring up with anyone else, not even their Doctors. They are excited and eager to confess their short-comings, secure in the knowledge his secrets are safe with his Mistress Viv.

Then all at once it spills out, the years of shame showering in front of real men, trying to your best to hide that glaring inadequacy. All the decades of indignity he has suffered, because of a lil itty bitty penis. Funny thing, telling any human about your curse, especially a Superior Woman is so exciting, you squirt your load in record time. Its clear, you just don’t measure up, to a Real Man.

The Trouble With a Tiny Penis

Y’all must know that no matter the size, the penis is in charge. It pops up at the most embarrassing moments, and causes all kinds of trouble. Wet spots, compulsive masturbation, and sleepless nights – can become daily distractions.

Yet there is one type of humiliation caller that used to baffle me the most – the guy who whines about the dimension of his dick, and he’s swinging a full 7 inches. That my dear friends is a fellow who has the right equipment, but is clueless how to get the motor running.

Penis Pride

It is fortunate for these unfortunates, that they have the Mistresses of LDW to rely on to prove that you can’t ever measure up, like a real man. You crave our laughter and humiliating attention, and we love heaping it on and playing games with your nubbin’.

We are having a blast playing Pass The Penis – the discounted sessions this month are wildly popular, and a game that would be Perfect for the owners of a tiny tool. Sexy Mistresses, one after the other, taking their turn, breaking you down.

Listen! Mistress Vivian Has a Question

And There’s MORE!

From The Desk of Princess Andi

The Mistresses at LDW are giving you an opportunity to flaunt your *ahem* “shortcomings”. I know that some of you take a certain pride in having a teeny weeny itty bitty excuse for a penis so we’re giving you an opportunity to flaunt what you haven’t got – if you see what I mean. 

Is Yours Really The Smallest?

I don’t think you’re really in a position to judge, do you? Of course women have laughed at that pindick ever since you started showing it to them, but usually they’re too busy falling around laughing to give you any meaningful feedback, isn’t that right? Never mind, we’re here to rectify that! The Mistresses of LDW are by far the best judges of such things and we’re more than happy to scrutinise the proof of your under-endowment and tell you what we think! 

Mini Marathon

On Saturday, 22 August beginning at 3pm we’ll be holding a Mini Marathon to coincide with the Mini Penis contest! Five Cock Jocks, all wondering if your cock will measure up to five inches! Of course I’m not saying exactly who’ll be on the radio, or who’ll be in the chat room; you’re going to have to be there yourself to find out.

Mini Penis Contest

How to enter? Check out various Mistress blogs here and on Tumblr, look out for Tweets and for posts at the Enchantrix Empire social network site giving details about how to enter and what to win! 

There’s never a dull moment with The Mistress of LDW


Let’s Play a Cock Control Game and Pass Us That Penis

cock control games

Pass That Penis

Just popping in to make sure you know about the fun cock control game happening all of August. Here’s the details how you can join in the fun, when The Mistress of LDW, share your junk and play Pass The Penis. Discounted for the month of August

From The Cock Control Blog

Pass the Penis! It’s a fun and sexy way to enjoy the amazing erotic talents of lots of different Mistresses of LDW. We do like to share our cocks and we want to play with yours! Can you handle being teased by multiple Mistresses; ten minutes at a time?

For the month of August, we will be offering Special Discounted Packages on the Pass the Penis experience:

3 Mistresses (30 minutes total): $70 ($12.50 discount)

4 Mistresses (40 minutes total): $90 ($20 discount)

5 Mistresses (50 minutes total): $100 ($37.50 discount)

Here’s how it works: You call in to 800-356-6169, and either tell the dispatcher which Mistresses you want to talk with, or you can ask her to choose 3, 4 or 5 sexy ladies for you. You’ll speak with each Mistress you’ve selected one at a time; each conversation will be 10 minutes long.

You’ll be connected with your first Pass the Penis Mistress; who will tease and play with you for ten minutes. Then, you’ll be sent back automatically to the dispatcher who will send you on to a completely new Mistress who will continue the teasing for 10 more minutes! We will repeat this masturbation routine for as many ‘rounds’ as you’ve selected. You’ll be our playtoy; passed from one Mistress to the next for as long as you can last! (Note: If you reach the end of your package and you still need more, don’t worry – just ask the dispatcher and she’ll arrange that for you!)

(Your specially priced Pass the Penis package must be used during one session and can’t be saved for later.)



BDSM Relationships Who Really Holds The Power?

BDSM Relationships

Who Holds The Power in a BDSM Relationship?

Who Holds The Power in a BDSM Relationship?

On the surface it would seem the Top or Mistress holds all the power over her submissives. My Word is Law, may work in a phone sex session, but a in real life power exchange – D/s negotiations are paramount for a successful alternate style partnership. BDSM by its very nature, carries more risk than `nilla loving.

We use impact tools to inflict pain and play mind games, even something as simple as bondage, holds the possibility of harm. Conversations about a submissive’s general heath, past childhood experiences, sexual desires – and even their religious beliefs is information a Top can use – to avoid landmines. or do any harm.

SSC = Safe – Sane & Consensual a Hallmark of BDSM

When a submissive declares that they would do “anything” to please me, it is my responsibility to follow my own personal beliefs and the tenets of BDSM – play safely, sanely and always with the bottom’s consent. Let me break down what SSC means to this fun-loving kinky old gal.


Safe means the Mistress is not only competent with her tools, but knows all the “No Strike or Bind Zones”. Keeping your special charge in top shape, routine equipment inspection, assures they will be ready serve their Owner, and not nursing an unfortunate injury.


Sane should be self-explanatory, but after 20 years in the lifestyle and almost 8 hearing men’s wildest masturbatory fantasies, my radar is sharply tuned for red flags. In my world, behaviors that could maim, cause permanent l damage, illness, or are illegal under the law of the land, are never allowed.


If there has been due diligence during the negotiation phase, a Mistress should have already obtained the submissive’s consent, and Hard Limits have been agreed upon, by both Top and bottom.

The Safe Word

As an added layer of protection, a Safe Word should be established for those moment that no amount of talking could foresee. Calling your Safe Word – will instantly stop a play session, so to determine the problem and adjust accordingly. A twisted scrotum or leg cramp isn’t something to be endured while Mistress uses your sweet ass. What fun is that? Call your Safe Word! Like long forgotten landmines in a war zone, bad memories can be tripped by the most mundane of actions. When the sound of a leather belt being ripped from its loops, is a deeply buried and hurtful memory about to explode. You owe it to your adored MILF Mistress to … Call your safe word.

Power Play

This post began with a question

Who really holds the Power? Most would answer, the Mistress.

I would answer, the illusion.

The illusion of submissives, enslaved without choices or voices.

Oh Really?

Just Who has a Safe Word?

Listen to Wise Mistress Vivian



Cross-Dresser – Sissy Gurl – Gender Bender – or Transsexual a Rose By Any Other Name


Flowers For Our Sissy Friends


Good Evening Sissy Gurls, Cross-dressers and Gender Benders! Looks like 2015 may be The Year of The Transgender. Miss Jenner blossomed before our eyes, and a young transgendered person named Jazz, has her own reality show. Oh the times they are a changing.

A Mistress’ Caring Touch . . . → Read More: Cross-Dresser – Sissy Gurl – Gender Bender – or Transsexual a Rose By Any Other Name