November 2015
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Black Friday Phone Sex Wrapping Up Our Anniversary Month

Black Friday Phne Sex

Hidy `ho Friends! The bad weather continues in my part of Texas, and us smart ones are staying indoors. There’s plenty of leftovers and half a bottle of Jim Beam, so I can’t think of a reason to brave the icy winds – or Black Friday shoppers. So it is pretty cool that our Head Mistress is offering special pricing on your next session.

Black Friday Phone Sex 2015 and Wrapping Up November

To close out our super fun 13th Anniversary Month, we will be hosting a Three Day Rewind Weekend on Friday the 27th, Saturday the 28th and Sunday the 29th. When you call, use the code word Happy Anniversary and your call will be billed at the “Rewind” rate of 2.50 per minute for a regular call, or $125 an hour for a 1 hour block call. Rewind rates are available on 2 Mistress Calls as well!

This promotion starts at 12:01AM on Friday the 27th, and ends at 11:59PM on Sunday the 29th.  For Full Re-wind details

Call backs and appointments available.

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MILF Mistress Vivian’s 8th Anniversary Gift To You

MILF Mistress Vivian's 8th Anniversary Gift To You

MILF Mistress Vivian’s Gift To You

WoW! What a month November has been so far! Our Head Mistress, Ally – has been so very generous to our naughty callers and her Empresses, that I wanted to join in on the giving.

The Mistress giving?  Isn’t That Backwards?

The Servant’s Heart

Backwards? A Mistress already gives – every time you call. She gives you attention. She gives you the pain you crave and She gives you a part of herself, whenever she puts you at her feet. And yes, She takes in return. Pretty crazy, huh? But, that’s why they call it a Power Exchange.

Paying it Forward

Not only do I believe in random acts of kindness, I look for opportunities to drop some thoughtfulness, as I go about my day. So for me – it is quite natural to give something back to the guys and gals who make every day – unique and unexpected.

A Small Token of MILF Mistress Vivian’s Affection

On Saturday November 21st –  the 1st 5 Minutes are on Mistress V!

 All you got to do is:

Call the dispatch desk

you best not be rubbing your junk 


The 1st 5 Minutes are on Mistress V!

Your Audio Invite


And Still There is MORE

The whole month has been a real time of giving and this Saturday is going to be one to remember, for all of the Enchantrix Empire, and not because of my small token of thanks. ~wiggle~

The Best Gift of All? One’s Time

The Empresses of Enchantrix and Cock Radio Jocks are pulling out all the stops for one of my favorite events … a Mistress Marathon. 12 hours of non-stop adult internet radio, naughty chat and all around kinky fun. Broadcast live – starting @ 10 AM Eastern. Check out the CR Blog for full details and the updated Cock Jock Roster or join in on the event conversation on our Adult Social Network.

Oh yes, and I have a slot of my own too ..

Hey! I know how your mind works…

A Radio Time slot, you naughty sluts!


Throw Back Thursday – In the Begining There was MILF Mistress Vivian

Featured Mistress in NovemberCelebrating 8 years of Erotic Phone Entertainment
A Blast From The Past on Fem Domain 2013


Good afternoon dear readers! The days have been so lovely here in my part of The Lone Star State, that I’m running the paths near the waterfall early in the morning. Then it’s coffee with the 20-somethings and sit in the sunshine, and listen to their excited chatter about the younger twin’s upcoming nuptials. I know my sissy gurls would be green with envy, hearing about the 7 bride’s maids, 2 junior maids and twin flower girls who will be walking down the long aisle – just as the sun begins to set. Insert romantic sigh. Don’t you love a big wedding? I do!

MILF Mistress Vivian Trivia Question #1

As I said earlier in the month, since my Feature Day is slated for November 21st, I’ll be writing about my wonderful 6 years here at the LDW Group. Last week I posted on the Enchantrix Empire about the paths taken to find this most interesting and kinky line of work. I also asked the Empire if anyone could answer this MILF Mistress Vivian Trivia Question…

The Enchantrix Empire Kinky Adult Network

What was the name of the 1st weekly chat I hosted? There was even a bounty offered for a Free Phone Sex Call – but no winner! Let’s hope they get the next one.

T-girls, sissy bois and crossdressers, oh my!

It must have been destined from the start that I would grow a large and loyal gaggle of girlie men to guide and support them on their life’s journey. Never dull, my gender-bending friends are a joy to tease as they prance around in frilly finery and practice the gentle art of womanly existence.

Yes it was destiny to be paired up with the sexy Ms Carmen and bring some early morning gurl-talk to Community Kink with the launch of …

Good Morning Sissyville


Sexy MILF Mistress Vivian, along with the Empresses of the Enchantrix Empire wish you, a Happy 2 For Tuesday!

Sexy MILF Mistress Vivian Rides Again

Stroll Down The LDW Memory Lane w/              Your Sexy MILF Mistress

Come For The Conversation Stay 4 The Kink

When was the last time you were part of a ménage à trois? Never? Whobuddy – you don’t know what you’ve been missing. I don’t like to brag .. but last week for me 😉 ~happy sigh~ One of the perks of being a Sexy Mistress, both on the phone and in my real life.

A Happy Accident 4 the Sexy MILF Mistress and The Cowgirl
I can’t count how many times I’ll have my head into writing a post on a kinky subject – and my phone rings. It happened just this morning, what I was writing about – was exactly what my phone sex caller was looking for.  A tall and hunky fellow with a passion for cowgirls who have a way with ropes.

Whether you call it a fluke, a coincidence by chance or a stroke of luck, after 8 years plying my trade – right here – I won’t have to wait for the cows to come home, for it to happen again. It is an eventuality. How fortuitous that today is a 2 For Tuesday Special!

She’s Got Spurs That Jingle Jangle Jingle

My bondage skills are nothing in comparison to my friend Crissy, a proficient barrel racer and the Heeler of a prize winning team. You should see this lady wrap a hooey – so don’t blink.

Positioned on all fours, with his eyes cast down on the floor, Mr. R’s breath started getting raspy with excitement when I informed him my GF was on the way over for some coffee and gabbing. Oh yes – I do believe the poor man was going to splash his jizz all over the floor when my doorbell rang and all he could hear, was the sounds of excited girlish gibbering.

I can only imagine what was looping around in his `po lil head when Crissy began to circle him, the shiny spurs on her snake-skinned boots, jingling out a counterpoint to the hard heels thumping on the hard wood floor.

When she dropped bundles of coiled lengths of ropes under his nose, and he trembled moaned, I pushed him flat to the floor and commanded – hands behind your back. Then with a nod, I stepped back to watch Crissy turn our bucking rough stock into a wide-eyed lamb, with a single piggin’ string.

Can I get a Yee Haw?


Double Your Phone Sex Pleasure with Special Pricing

Have Double The Phone Sex Pleasure but not double the price

Double Your Pleasure But Not Double The Cost!

How would you like to double your phone sex pleasure, for Free? You would? Then mark your calendars for November 17th so you won’t miss LDW’s Anniversary Special —  Two For Tuesday!

Two Heads Are Better Than One

Think about it …  two lovely heads fashioning a unique experience, à la minute. It is a Pas de deux on Pointe, fluidly spun to a crashing crescendo – all to fulfill your most private proclivities.This Tuesday, you are invited to double your phone sex pleasure, and enjoy a duet of Superior Women, manipulating you in tandem. Will you surrender tiny Danseur, and bend to our will?

Your Phone Sex Pleasures

That dear Friends – is the beauty of a 1st Class phone sex experience – it is all about Your pleasure. Why not make it double the fun? This Tuesday you can try it for free.

Stuck @ the office? Can’t find any privacy? Arrange a Sexy Texting Two 4 Tuesday session. Questions? Drop me a note: Vivian -at- EnchantrixEmpire. com

Add Me - Vivian Watson

Add Me – Vivian Watson


A World Gone Mad

There wasn’t a topic I could think of to write about on such a sad day like today. There will be months of media and replaying of those awful attacks .. and we will have to move along and live our day to day lives, in a world gone mad. But today …

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