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February 2016
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This Sexy MILF is Ready to Roll Down The Highway

So? Tell your sexy MILF, wouldn’t you LOVE to be heading down the TEXAS highways with one? In the back seat?  Oh what fun we would have, burning up the miles and playing all kinds of naughty games!


Road Tripping with sexy MILF Mistress

You can’t STOP a sexy MILF when She is Rockin’ down the road!

This Sexy MILF Was Born to be WILD

Can you tell that I’m a bit excited? I’ve been cooped up for more than a month, and I’m ready for windshield time with my beloved slut husband, and a few days to play down at the round house dungeon. There is No Doubt that our friend miss pink is excited too. She got to see dicks of every shape and size, the last time we visited, and we’ll be accepting bookings, if time permits.  After all Auntie V plans to soak in the Hot Tub and listen to the birdies.

One Can Never Have Too Many Sexy MILFs

Its true! There’s just something so special when it’s 2 or more. I get my kicks just watch my BFF parading around in next to nothing, while she teases some horny jerk off boy, laughing when he gets all frazzled. Yes indeed, add some single malt- neat, and its a fine way to wile away an evening.

Pre arrange your session via e-mail Vivian at enchantrixempire dot com

Do You Have A Spicy Sex Life?

Doing the same old same old in the bed room. You can have a spicy sex life

Make A Do Me Jar and Get Spicy

Do you have a dull or  spicy sex life? Don’t be shy, you can tell ole Miss Viv, your secrets are always safe with me. Not to worry, it happens to all couples; straight, gay, conservative or flat out kinky – things can get stale in the bedroom.

Control Your Cock

Guys, if you don’t already know this, do listen, and believe – your woman does not have a porn loop running in her brain 24/7. When your mind is doing a playback of Sexy Sluts In Mega Strap-Ons, she is focused on keeping your world smoothly on track. Your job, if you want that pussy – is to spark her imagination, and to be pro-active about it. After all, you are the gender with that extra horny gene. 😉

Going From Zero To Zing

Even with my years of experience, sexual experimentation, and an 18 year marriage to my very kinky submissive – we had to work at keeping it spicy. The first step is being able to recognize when it feels like the same old, same old and talk about it.

Brain storm – get nakid,  toss around some ideas and write them on slips of paper. Be silly! Have fun! It’s how we turned a pickle jar, into the Do Me Jar,  was stuffed with wishes. Suggestions as simple as drawing a bubble bath, or a game of strip poker, or as wild as you dare, the anticipation of the unknown is more than just spicy, it’s a bona fide aphrodisiac!

Over the years that jar has come in very handy. It is currently the Suffer For Vivian Jar – I will allow your own twisted brain, to figure out how to play the game.

Submissive Training Old School – The 1st Meeting

Old School BDSM submissive Training

Old School BDSM
Learning From The Bottom – UP

It was more than 20 years ago when I began my submissive Training , back in the days when you learned from the bottom, and worked towards the Top. There was plenty of time to explore which direction would best suit your nature, overseen and protected by not just the Rule, but by others in the close knit group, or as we called it – Family.

Read Part 1 MILF Mistress Vivian’s BDSM Training – From The Bottom Up

As safety dictated we met in public – and agreed on a quiet pub, where I waited nervously, wondering worrying about the item he requested I bring, that was now tucked away in my purse.

When I stood to shake his hand, I made my 1st faux pas of many, greeting him as Master. It was also my 1st lesson, given quietly and gently, but with a tone that clearly spoke – a second correction would carry punishment.

The Rules of Submissive Training – Choose Your Words With Care

I would until otherwise directed, call Him- Sir. Sir was mannerly and the proper way to address a Superior, for someone as green as I was. As I tried to apologize, he put his hand over mine and said, you don’t know what you don’t know. Then he looked me in the eyes and said – Now you know. Yes Sir

Good Training Can Last a Lifetime

How many times have I said that to one of my callers? You don’t know what you don’t know. Maybe you have heard me say-  Never say you are sorry, it gives them a chance to agree – it is another – etched in my brain expression – carried over from my submissive training days.

 She Speaks Softly 

You must know the original quote Speak softly, but carry a big stick. In one sentence, Teddy Roosevelt pretty much sums up the style and form of my BDSM submissive training. It is the same approach I use in my real life, and phone sex world – filled with caring coercion, humiliation mixed with humor, and goal orientated guidance offered up by a Superior who truly understands the submissive nature.

Listen To Mistress Vivian

To be continued ….

Part 3     Sir’s 1st Command

Hey There Sissy Girls What Colors Should You Wear?

Never wear orage to a job interview

Sissy Girl What Colors Look Best On You?

Hello my sissy girls! If you are anything like me, you have so many outfits hung in the back of the closet, that failed to make you feel pretty and put together. Would you be surprised to know that the reason for failure, could be your color choices?

Really Dear Sissy Girls There Are Colors Other Than Pink

It would be impossible to count the number of times I’ve asked one of my sissy phone sex callers, what color are your panties – and the reply is – pink, Mistress. It seems to be the favorite color of not just in panties, but  blouses, bras, nightgowns and dresses – in a sissy’s closet.

I must confess if you peeked in my attic, you’d discover a covered rack of my failures, bought before I understood that wearing the wrong colors next to my face, makes the whole outfit look off-putting. Without counting – there must be at least a dozen pink shirts and sweaters.  Don’t get me started on satins –  they look horrible on me, no matter what color.

What’s A Sissy Girl To Do?

  • Keep an open mind.
  • Take a color test!
  • Think Pink for your foundation wear, accessories, slacks or skirts.
  • Come play in my closet!
  • Call your Auntie V @ 800-601-6975

Mistress Vivian’s Winter Wonderland Chanukah Story

Mistress Vivian's Winter Warnings Turn into a Winter Wonderland

Long Before There Was a Mistress Vivian

Sholem Friends I wish you Peace.  Many thanks to MILF Mistress Kay Marie for inviting me to contribute to the blog series, Kinky Winter Wonderland. When I was deciding which holiday to write about, I remembered a day that went from misery to wonder, one snowy night in 1980’s New York. I can’t call it kinky, but it is a special memory for me.

Winter Weather Warnings

I was living alone in Bayside, Queens and was braving a windy snow storm, walking back from the last open store. It was unusually quiet for this part of the city, the white stuff had covered up everything and there was little help in sight. No busses or taxis, not even a police car cruising around the neighborhood.

Only 4 blocks from home the winds picked up – and all of a sudden, everything went pitch black. Oh great, a black out and a white out, all at the same time. I was beginning to worry that my coffee addiction may have put me in a precarious position. Finding my way back in the dark wasn’t going to be easy.

From Winter Worry to Winter Wonderland

Just as I was starting to think I should drop my groceries I saw the faint glow of lights through the blowing snow. It couldn’t be far – so I hung on and pushed forward. Standing at the steps of an old brownstone I could see that the lights that guided me came from behind an open door, the two flames protected by a glass storm door.

It was a Menorah, a candleholder that marked the 8 days of Chanukah being celebrated by Jews across the world. I stopped to rest, and looked for more signs of life, and I could see other flames glowing and heard a voice holler through the storm.

Come! Come! Get out of the cold.

It was a woman wrapped in an afghan, her hands furiously gesturing and inviting me in. We were strangers, neighbors who had never met, extending a kindness I was delighted to accept.

The house was warm, and there were candles burning throughout and it was clear by the large family around the table, a special dinner was in full swing. Over and over I heard .. come -come -sit – sit -eat -eat. A child took my frozen coat, another brought a warm damp cloth to freshen my hands, before a plate full of latkes. applesauce, blintzes and cheese filled ravioli. was placed before me. Years later, when life was much more kinky, I recreated the menu for a fun sploshing session. <blush>.

I learned so much that night, the Miracle of the Maccabees, how to play the Dreidel game, but what has stuck with me most all these years,  is the graciousness of my hosts is called a mitzvah – a  kindness command and ordained by their religion, that blesses both the giver and receiver. The very heart of Chanukah.

This holiday season, shouldn’t we all take a moment to make a Mitzvah and brighten someone’s life?

Happy Chanukah Audio

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Miss Kellie’s Kinky Winter Wonderland


Holiday Phone Sex Discounts From Head Mistress Ally

Phone Sex Special Discounts in December



Hello dear ones! I couldn’t let another day go by, without letting you know what’s happening here in the Whacky World of Phone Sex. To close out 2015, out Head Mistress Ally has approved an end of the year-  phone sex discounts. One hour blocks . . . → Read More: Holiday Phone Sex Discounts From Head Mistress Ally