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September 2016
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Sadistic Dacryphilia For Losers

Sadistic Dacryphilia Gets Your Mistress Hot

Sadistic Dacryphilia For Losers

I’ve written about dacryphilia before on Fem Domain, way back in 2011. Cry Me a River is the shortened version of the story about the first time I was gifted by a submissive, with his tears. It was when royboy drove from Oklahoma to Georgia to visit me at my home.
It remains one of my favorite stories to tell, and it is posted here.

Sadistic Dacryphilia. Paraphilia or Sexy Kink?

Dracryphilia is defined as, (i) sexual arousal from someone displaying strong emotion and/or (ii) sexual arousal from the emotional release that accompanies crying (i.e., an ‘emotional catharsis’). Paraphilias a condition characterized by abnormal sexual desires, typically involving extreme or risky activities.
Sounds like it’s both, eh? However, I balk at the use of the phrase “abnormal sexual desires.”

Turn on the Waterworks = Turn on Mistress Vivian

I listen for the telltale signs. The slight tremor and quick catch in his voice, tells me there could be tears on the way. I don’t necessarily start a session with the goal of making my caller cry, nor do I know what triggers might bring them on, but I do listen for the signs. And when – it turns me on Big Time.
Although I am a maternal and kind-hearted sort of Fem Dom, I will admit, when it’s a LOSER on the line and begging me to humiliate him, the Sadist in me comes out, and I am compelled to push that envelope.

Why Push?
Because I’m in charge & everyone needs a good cry – every so often.

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Mistress Vivian Sprinkles Her Sissy Magic

The ultimate fantasy sissy magic

Try A Little Sissy Magic

What is Sissy Magic? Oh dear girls, it is a special session where we let our imaginations run wild. Nothing on this earth can limit us, when Miss Vivian puts on her white coat and Nurse Naughty helps you up on the exam table.

Expand Your Dreams w/ Sissy Magic

I adore role-playing with my sissy friends; dress-up, wedding day, street walking, prom shopping and visits to Miss Viv’s Beauty Box are some scenarios we’ve played in the past. Then last month a new to me sissy purposed a session that is 100% pure fantasy and one I’ve never tried – transformation through magic.

 Your Perfect Sissy Image

What fun we had building her fantasy, in a style to fit her personality. With Nurse Naughty assisting we spread the fist layer of magic, soothing our patient and sending her floating to La La Land. Circling the table we gently toss the secret magic sprinkles from her nose to her toes, and the air is filled with static electricity. Time seems to stand still as layer after layer of sissy magic builds, until there is a dervish of colors spinning faster and faster.

Ta Da!

Covering our sissy patient with a satin sheet, we retire to the office and wait for the magic to take effect. Listening on the monitor, we hear her begin to stir, and making small mewing sounds. The signs all say it wouldn’t be long now, and hurry back to remove the sheet.

With a flourish Nurse whips off the cover and cries – TA DA. There before us, still groggy from a double dose of sissy magic was the prettiest girl you’ve ever imagined. Perfectly pale skin, beautiful blue eyes, and the most bodacious rack, that begged to be fondled.

It’s another magnificent and magical result from the mind of a Sissy Mistress.


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Yahoo Messenger Changes

Good afternoon dear readers!

Yahoo Messenger has released a new version of their chat program, and with it – changes that affect my erotic entertainment business.

The upgraded version includes a redesign of the user interface, and the Preferences configurations have been removed. This means – when your entire Buddy list is automatically added – it will not show, or sort on-line statuses.

You can read about it here

Also, because voice and video services have been discontinued, this new version, makes it obsolete for my work at the LDW Group. For those reasons, starting September 1st, I will be using Skype for all texting, video and P2P voice sessions.

Download Skype Its Free
Add me on Skype   mistress_vivian

Additional Contact Info

The Art of Serving Mistress

Ready To Serve Mistress

Serving Mistress

Serving Mistress is not always all about what makes the ol’ pecker hard, my dear. When I mention the word service, most of my callers go right for pussy. They assume because I am a sexy and kinky Mistress, that all I need a man for is sex. Trust me darlings … I can get a good fucking any old day of the week, but a submissive with skills other than oral – is a great find.

The Art of Serving Mistress and ALL Her Needs

When I was on the hunt for a new D/s partner I knew what qualities I wanted for a long term relationship. Hard working, funny, respectful, kind, kinky and skilled. I got that – and more – when 18 years ago, I collared my royboy.

If you were to visit our happy home, what you might notice is how my husband dotes on not just me, but our guests too. You should see the looks of surprise that turn into delight, when without even asking – roy fetches them a cocktail or refreshes their coffee.

Good Service = Proud Mistress

When we have bid our company goodbye and everything tidied up, there might be reward in store. But the true reward for a service submissive comes with the knowledge that they served their Mistress well.

If you’re interested in discussing service submission (or most anything else) with me, a domination phone sex session – is just what the Mistress orders. You can also take a look at my call schedule to check up on my availability, or drop me a note to arrange an appointment. I look forward to our conversation

Mistress Speaks

Mistress Vivian Is MIA No `Mo

Mistress Vivian has been MIA

Mistress is MIA

Howdy y’all! Were you starting to think that old Mistress Vivian was going to be MIA forever? Trust me dear ones, I was beginning to think so myself. Let me catch you up a bit, with this quickie post.

July! Here Comes The Sun

Most of this past July, was all about Family and settling our wandering Son, back in the Lone Star State. It was fun, frantic and there were some twists and surprises to share at a later time. Leave it to say, I’m all a-glo.

Sadly, the best Neighbors we’ve ever had to the left of the Casa de Kinky – found a darling home here in town, at just the right price, and now they are owners of their own piece of the American Dream. We will miss them, but the sexy young man has promised to visit often.

Just as things were starting to settle down, the heat came down on us in earnest and …

Mistress Vivian Goes MIA

In all my years here at Miss Ally’s Vox Erotic – it has been a rare week, that I’m not visible or available for chats or naughty phone sex sessions. That statement is less about my work-a-colic nature, and more about the luxury of a great workplace. However, sometimes an aging body takes over the controls, and shows you – who the Boss really is.

The Boss in my case, is a no-nonsense, humorless Doctor, with sharp black eyes. Sent to bed to await tests, sleep came easily and often. After being shuddered here and there, being poked, examined and prescribed – it was a great relief to know most of my symptoms can be corrected with diet modification and the right medications. ~sigh~ and bed rest. 🙁

Popping Up Like a Stubborn Weed

So sluts, sissy boys and devoted pets after 3 weeks of following Doctor’s orders ….
Your Mistress is back, if only on light duties. I’ve missed you, and appreciate your notes and messages of care and concern. You guys, rock.

Why You Fantasize About Becoming a Cuckold Husband

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