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August 2017
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Will You Obey Mistress the First Time?

You will Obey Mistress Vivian & Call 1-800-356-6169

Will You Obey Mistress?

Will You Obey Mistress?

The topic today is – will you obey Mistress the 1st time? Or is all that begging to be controlled, just a momentary surge of raw lust that dies with your first spurt of jizz? Come closer; wana-be-cum-eaters, closeted cross-dressers, or fellows who ache to suck cock, yet still don’t own a dildo.

Listen with both ears, because Mistress Vivian is on the hunt for runts. Runts I said, not alpha beasts, switches with inflated egos, or `nilla guys waxing poetic about their oral skills – as if they hold the secrets, hidden within the folds. They may be panting and moaning and satisfied in that moment, but a runt relives the experience, craving direction, closeness and a chance to prove he can be more, than he ever expected of himself.

Life Could Be a Dream – if You Obey Mistress

A bottom runt is like a lap dog – calmly waiting nearby for his Mistresses’ voice to command him. The ardor he feels is real, his gratitude is genuine, for the thing that has alluded him for too many years – a person to trust. Poor runts, many live out quiet lives of desperation, yearning to shout from the rooftops what you really are– but too scared to even whisper the words.

Be All You Can Be

A runt lives for Mistress’ encouragement, kindness and guidance – and can grow into his true nature. With time and consistency, a runt can claim his place in the world, despite all the years of self-loathing. Nothing could please this Mistress more, then seeing bravado become real confidence and the runt of the litter takes his rightful place as the Big Dawg.

Let’s Talk Dicks. Are You A Size Queen?

Encouraged Cock Sucking From Miss Viv 1-800-356-6169

Are You a Size Queen?

I have to ask, are you a size queen? It never fails that when I am doing an encouraged cock sucking session, the caller’s fantasy is all about how bigly it is. Is it a given that bigger is better?

How many inches makes a size queen?

Personally, this ole gal isn’t a size queen. Been there, done that. When my cock suckers find out that a man of mine was 10.5 inches, they go on and on how lucky I was. However, I do have to remind them that it ain’t the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean that makes the ride so great.

Unlike the man-sluts that brag, I could never get the whole 10.5 inches of cock in my mouth. Visually, it was amazing and fun to lick. In practice, riding on top was the only way I could take it all.

Mistress Vivian’s describes her perfect dick.

Me? I love a pretty cock that measures 7-8 inches, with big shaved balls for me to torment. In a perfect world, it would be a natural cock, giving me the additional pleasure of playing with the foreskin. From my experiences on the phone, you guys like them uncut, too.

I ask you, does that make me a size queen, or just a Fem Dom that knows what she likes.

Inquiring Mistresses want to know.

This is a perfect post to add a poll and see what y’all think is the perfect penis size for when you get down on your slut knees and suck. Be honest. After all, I’m not asking what you are packin’ in your pants. 😉

Naughty Mistress Vivian Let’s The Pussy Out Of The Bag

I am such a Naughty Mistress, with just a little bit of evil thrown in. If you’ve read my recent post on Domination Boot Camp, you already know – I asked a question – what was the  1st that popped in your mind,when you read the title: BDSM Mistress Vivian Is Going to Rock Your Cock.

Naughty Mistress Viv Never Asks a Question Before She Knows The Answer

“Never ask a question, if you don’t know what the answer will be”,  has been the 1st rule every law student learns, ever  since the days of Emperor Claudius.  There weren’t Lawyers, or as they were called “advocates” – before the Emperor abolished the bans on fees, and advocacy became a legal profession. If your history facts were archived to the back files of your brain – the day after you graduated,  the era was pre-Christ.

Isn’t it a little evil posing a question, when the true intent – is failure? Could be that’s just being a Naughty Mistress, who loves a good hat trick. However, I have to confess I compounded the evil, by teasing them – using their sexual fantasies to throw them off track.

If You Can’t Take the Tease Get the Heck Out of My Dungeon

It isn’t difficult for an old Fem Dom, to manipulate and muddle and a man’s brain, to my advantage. With 10 years of phone sex entertaining and 20 years of BDSM sex play, under my belt – you guys don’t have a tinker’s chance in hell – to out think me.

I know sluts, especially submissive sluts. So let’s see if, even with one big-assed hint here on Fem Domain, guess – How is Mistress, going to rock your cock? Do you hope any of the following?

Naughty Mistress V’s Predictions

You hope Mistress will rock your cock, sliding up and down shaft with her tiny snow-white hands. Not a bad guess. This sexy cougar is from the era, when a hand job, was more than enough, to sastify a dinner date.


Maybe you dream about me sitting between your wide spread legs, tickling your balls with my waist length hair, and watch it grow hard. However, for a slut like you – that just a bit of foreplay. Nope that isn’t rocking, not until I scoot closer and wrap my soft and ample breasts around your aching man-meat.

Not your cuppa cum?

Perhaps it could be rocking your cock with a penis pump, while my girl friend grinds her pussy on your face. That’s MY personal favorite!

Could it be All of the Above? It matters not dear ones – because the pussy is out of the bag, and the answer is…

Tomorrow I’ll be Rocking The Cock @ 4 PM Eastern LIVE on Cock Radio.
Follow the link for ALL the details about this sexy adult’s only event.


Naughty Mistress Vivian is going to Rock Your Cock! 1-800-356-6169


The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage by Midori

The Art of Japanese Bondage Within our modest home library of all things kinky, is a signed copy of The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage, by Midori. Many years ago I had the honor to meet the Author, and present her with gifts from our D/s Lifestyle social group. Meeting Ms Midori, (she’s not as big as a minute) remains one of the high lights of my scene life.

I was asked by our social group to present a short talk about meeting Midori and her special book. Safety was the first topic, as it should be with any BDSM demonstration. The simplest forms bondage carry risks, from nerve damage to rope burns, education is the key to an erotic bondage experience.

The Basics before Midori’s Magic

As her submissives gracefully laid out the Goddesses’ tools of the trade, she explained the safety basics, using a beautiful man and Sharpies to illustrate.

For beginners, knowing where NOT to bind and how to check the condition of the bottom, will help to avoid the most prevalent injuries. The illustration below shows the areas of nerves & blood vessels to carefully consider when planning any kind of bondage play.

BDSM Lifestyle Mistress Vivian 1-800-356-6169

The Beauty of Japanese Bondage

Then She began to weave pure white rope around a sexy fem sub, without a wasted motion, her hands fashioned a dress of cotton bindings, tight in all the right places. It was thing of beauty, that beginner could learn. The evening ended with the most remarkable work of Art – tied in tandem, immobile – but appearing like birds in flight.

For an in-depth look at BDSM best practices covering a wider spectrum of kink, BDSM WIKI is a great site to jump-start your knowledge.

As promised, my book report

The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage

A beautifully photographed book from The Greenery Press, Ms Midori, the undisputed expert in Japanese style bondage.  She opens up about her personal history and the history of bondage from ancient times to the modern.

The book has clear safety guidelines and step by step instructions with photographs. Even the inexperience can master the basics of rope play and turn their submissive into a work of art. Types of ropes and bindings are covered in full detail, makes choosing the right materials easy and cost effective.

The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage is a comprehensive guide for beginners and the most proficient. So beautifully produced, it would make wonderful gift and the perfect addition to any BDSM library.

Dirty Boys & Tiny Men Two Varieties of Sluts

Dirty Boys Can Be Crafty

Dirty Boys Do The Nicest Things!

I don’t know what your May was like, but mine was filled with dirty boys, tiny men & precious pets. For a phone sex entertainer, that’s a triple delight.

Dirty Boys Do The Nicest Things!

There are several very generous fellows in my slut stable, wilma the road trip slut being one of them. What makes him worthy of note, is that he leaves his gifts at the desk, before we are connected – AND – he finishes his assignments, even when they take some effort.

He is a favorite to show off for my fellow Mistresses, and never fails to be an amusing & really dirty `ho. Look up at the pretty panties he crafted, just for his Mistress V pleasure.

Tiny Men a Rare Treat

Tiny guys seem to pop up out of nowhere, and they tend to come in waves. Naturally, I’m delighted to hear from them, with their squeaky voices, cowering in a corner. It can be oh so dangerous for a wee fellow on the loose in a big house. They could be squashed under my foot, or hiding in a robe pocket – that’s headed for the wash.

Don’t forget, Miss Kitty is a mouser extraordinaire. One peek at her, and that mini man is up my leg like a Caribbean coconut climber. Poor things – they overshoot their mark, and get all tangled up in my hairy pussy. Funny. None of them has ever complained.

Do you think that they are so cute and pocket-sized, that they aren’t also horny sluts, begging for permission to slip into my most private places? They can try, but all they will get is a face-to-face introduction with my 4-legged pussy. 😉

MILF Mistress Vivian’s Precious Pet

It is said, and I believe it to be true; that – variety is the spice of life. Why there are cuckolds, sissy boys, fellows with tiny dicks, shy guys – why I could go on and on. But I won’t – I’ll just get to the point and let you know the next post will be all about Vivian’s best boy – my pet – mower monkey.

Check out YMM & say hello to the new MILF in town, naughty Daphne.

If April Showers Bring May Flowers What Do May Flowers Bring?

Masturbation May Has Cum At Last!

What do May flowers bring? Why #Masturbation May of course! I thought it might be fun to use the bounty of springtime, and make it kinky.

To get this party started visit Your MILF Mistresses, you’ll see I have a little contest going, I’ve named Pull Your Pickle. . . . → Read More: If April Showers Bring May Flowers What Do May Flowers Bring?