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May 2017
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If April Showers Bring May Flowers What Do May Flowers Bring?

Its Masturbation May 2017

Masturbation May Has Cum At Last!

What do May flowers bring? Why #Masturbation May of course! I thought it might be fun to use the bounty of springtime, and make it kinky.

To get this party started visit Your MILF Mistresses, you’ll see I have a little contest going, I’ve named Pull Your Pickle. You can win bragging rights , as Vivian’s Pickle Pet.

Mistress’ Masturbation May Kinky Ideas

As I was working in my garden last week, trimming deadwood and cleaning out the flowerbeds, I pricked my fingers on the rose bush, and I thought – wonder what that would feel like, raked across a quivering bottom. The very notion of that scene, poked at the Sadist in me, and made my pink parts tingle.

You can trust me, the blooms may be small, but the thorns are Huge devils.

When Pain is Beautiful

The annoying little yipper dog across the street brought me out of my fantasy, and common sense took over. Damaging my toys – is never part of the plan. So, whatever could I do, that would give me the same thrill without possible injury, I want to figure out..

Time flies, when you are puttering in the garden, especially when the naughty side of your brain is in charge. Scrubbing out the bird baths, I mentally flipped through pictures of the fauna and flora I remember – from girlhood to today. I know the feel and sound of a fresh willow or peach switch, laid across the thighs, but it lacked any elegance.

Once again I was pulled from my daydream by another neighborhood annoyance, the sergeant of the grackles, winding up his voice – from the tippy top of the cedar tree. Instead of grabbing my gun, I locked up the sheds and retreated to the cool of the casa, and powered up my computer.

Swing For Spring

I hummed an old nursery rhyme, Here We Go Gathering Nuts in May, as I put the machine through its paces, searching for the perfect prop to swing for spring. I was looking for thorn- less, blooming plants, and it didn’t take very long before the title of a book we own – Screw The Roses – Send Me The Thorns, popped up. Ah ha!

That’s all it took, to remember the chapter I read that included a kinky welcome to spring – including the name of the flowering bush, perfectly suited to my needs.
The branches are long, thin and covered in tiny yellow flowers.

Meet Your Future ….

Kinky Session Ideas for Masturbation May

 The Forsythia

Is there something growing in your garden to fit the bill? Go cut Mistress some switches and let’s get crackin’ on celebrating MasturbationMay! Post your ideas in the comments below.

Check back next week for another kinky session idea …
Oh you DIRTY boy!

The Trouble With Compulsive Masturbation

When jerking off becomes c compulsive masturbation

Jerking Until Your Fist Cramps?


Compulsive Masturbation? Is that your trouble? Cock Strokers, MILF Mistress Vivian is wondering just how many times a day you jerk that cock? Once? For your morning wood? That’s barely a warm up for you. Twice? Shoot – the 2nd one is just to conk you out for the night.

Just How Many Times A Day Do You Pound Your Prick?

Mind you guys, this is only my opinion, but it is based on 8 years of listening and watching y’all jerk it like horny monkeys. When I ask the question – how many times did you cum today, I am no longer surprised to hear double digit numbers.

It must be so humiliating to confess your nasty proclivities- when even a jaded old gal like me – gasps in amazement. Really! How the heck can you get anything done, with one fist hanging onto your dick, cranking out #4?

The Truth About Compulsive Masturbation

I have a theory about compulsive masturbators, and I test on my callers who can’t keep it in their pants.  Curious now, aren’t you?  The you may click the Listen To Mistress Vivian link, and learn something today.

 Even better – call 1-800-356-6169 and ask for Vivian’s special Wank Less & Enjoy It More Training.

Listen To Mistress Vivian

Where In The World Is The Sexy Empress of Happy Endings?

Mistress Vivian has not left the building :)

Sexy Empress Vivian Is RTG!

Have you been wondering where your sexy Empress Vivian has been? I can understand that, after all, Fem Domain has never gone 30 days without a post, but I’ll catch y’all up a bit! I wrote, not long ago that I was officially semi-retired, and taking some time to enjoy life.

The Sexy Empress Learns The Art of Lazy

Ever since I was tall enough to see over the counter at my Parents Deli, I’ve been working. Fortunate for me, many of my job choices have added skills and knowledge I still use today. Hard work never scared me, but I did learn that delegating is – `mo betta.

You’d think it was a simple thing, slowing down – just take it easy and laze about. Hard as that is for me, I’m enjoying my semi-retirement, doing small projects around this old Home, short day trips across the Big Red, and of course, getting my patch of Texas ready for spring planting. Maybe that’s doesn’t sound like the lazy life, but for this mature Fem Dom, it’s been a big change.

Keeping The Semi in Semi-Retirement

Even with all the extra days off, doesn’t mean there weren’t plenty of sessions, worthy of sharing with my dear readers. He is a night owl, who swoops in after last call, and checks my status from his lonely hotel room. There is little need of small talk, Mistress knows what piggy craves, what will make piggies prick. peek out from under his big belly.  Humiliation.

His need – is a seemingly unquenchable craving to perform what ever twisted acts of sexual humiliation – that pops into my imagination. He has painted the windows with his copious amounts of pre-cum, he’s been put on all fours on the bed, while I spanked his big wide white ass. When the headboard banged against the wall, he would start to whimper like a little bitch, scared silly, his grunting might be heard.  Makes me laugh every time – his little cock, shows no fear.

Sharing Is Caring

By now, he’s huffing and puffing and begging like a dawg for more. More? When I called him a greedy piggy, he got on his knees and begged please. Please what I ask, as I kick him in his balls. Please send me back to the dispatch desk, and show you how generous a greedy piggy can be. The snorting was a nice touch.

It isn’t every pet that is privileged to be noticed by the Dispatchers, and allow him to snort and grunt and leave Huge bouquets of virtual flowers. Because he has been Trained by Vivian, he knows when Mistress gets spoiled, so do the Dispatchers. After all,  it isn’t their job to listen to his foolishness – and it’s the least he can do.

But not the most <wink>

When you need to be put in your place, slough off the guilt of the day, or worship me for my sexual humiliation skills, call soon, so I can get started molding you into the kind of man-whore I adore using.

Are You Going To Lick Jizz – or – Chicken Out?

Clean your plate - lick jizz till it shines

Lick Jizz for Mistress


Mistress wants to know, if you truly want to lick jizz, or if you are going to chicken out – once again. I have given my reasons why a man should eat his own cum many times, here on Fem Domain, Suck Patrol and across The Enchantrix Empire.

The #1 Reason to Crave & Lick Jizz

They are all valid arguments, but as to the WHYs – there is one point that supersedes all others for you wana-be gobblers of creamy cumIt pleases me.  It’s as simple as that.

Obedience Makes Mistress’ Day

You might wonder the WHY –  of why it pleases me so much to hear that 1st slurp of your lips in a puddle of penis pudding. It goes far back, to the 70’s, parked in the dark, and feeling a hand pressing my head ever closer to a dripping dick.
By the time date #4 rolls around, one has to decide … fish or cut bait. A skilled hand job can get that one-eyed trouser snake right up to the edge and begging. Just as he is about to blow, I’d slip the head in my mouth, and let the spunk dribble out.

It’s Miller Time!

I don’t know what tasted worse, the Miller Lite or a few drops of cum – but I never enjoyed beer, or sucking dick. That’s where you scum sluts come in …
My excitement and delight are real – and if you listen closely you might hear me cackle, when you dip a finger in your mess and taste. Tell me wana-be dick lickers – isn’t that a small price to pay, to make your Mistress, so happy?

Listen To – Will you Take 1 for Miss Viv?

Tag Team Slut Humiliation

You begged for it slut ... time to step it up.

Slut Humiliation Through Sweet Pain

Today was a red-letter day for Tag Team slut humiliation. Youbecha! Last week one of my favorite amusements came a begging for a heaping helping slut humiliation. I’ve spent many years using wilma, first as a pantie boy, then an eager cum eater, until I molded him into the man whore he is.

Tag Team Slut Humiliation

Such a Huge whore our wilma is – wallowing in a sink hole of his own making, soaking up the slime of his degradation, while he cries out platitudes to his tormentor.

Enter stage right … A Mistress who is beautiful, beguiling and serves up heaps of mind twisting slut humiliation, w/ a sides of agony. Why it’s Ms Cooper, the ALWAYS fun erotic entertainer and favorite choice of both myself and my callers.

And The Beat Goes On

Another reason Coops, as I am permitted to call her – was the right gal pal to put my panty wearing, jizz eating, man whore through his paces – she’s not afraid to let her arm out, and tear a pain pup UP!

Once that safe word is in place …
My oh my – oh my!

But Cooper and I are far from finished for the day. Oh no! The road trip slut will endure 3 courses of Meh – while he wheels and deals, still wearing his sheer chartreuse undies, that make his cock twitch

The Slut Begs For a 2nd Helping

LOL! You can bet the rent, his mouth might be talkin’ business, but his brain is back in his hotel room, re-running each moment of our session and cursing time for moving so slow.

2016 Pt. 2 The Odd Ducks

Odd Ducks

Cuckolds, sissy boys and compulsive cock strokers are a blast, but it’s the Odd Ducks I love to add to my growing list.

So there’s no misunderstanding… Miss Viv adores her odd ducks, their attention to detail, mad desire to please, and a total commitment to an unusual penchant – makes for . . . → Read More: 2016 Pt. 2 The Odd Ducks