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April 2017
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Where In The World Is The Sexy Empress of Happy Endings?

Mistress Vivian has not left the building :)

Sexy Empress Vivian Is RTG!

Have you been wondering where your sexy Empress Vivian has been? I can understand that, after all, Fem Domain has never gone 30 days without a post, but I’ll catch y’all up a bit! I wrote, not long ago that I was officially semi-retired, and taking some time to enjoy life.

The Sexy Empress Learns The Art of Lazy

Ever since I was tall enough to see over the counter at my Parents Deli, I’ve been working. Fortunate for me, many of my job choices have added skills and knowledge I still use today. Hard work never scared me, but I did learn that delegating is – `mo betta.

You’d think it was a simple thing, slowing down – just take it easy and laze about. Hard as that is for me, I’m enjoying my semi-retirement, doing small projects around this old Home, short day trips across the Big Red, and of course, getting my patch of Texas ready for spring planting. Maybe that’s doesn’t sound like the lazy life, but for this mature Fem Dom, it’s been a big change.

Keeping The Semi in Semi-Retirement

Even with all the extra days off, doesn’t mean there weren’t plenty of sessions, worthy of sharing with my dear readers. He is a night owl, who swoops in after last call, and checks my status from his lonely hotel room. There is little need of small talk, Mistress knows what piggy craves, what will make piggies prick. peek out from under his big belly.  Humiliation.

His need – is a seemingly unquenchable craving to perform what ever twisted acts of sexual humiliation – that pops into my imagination. He has painted the windows with his copious amounts of pre-cum, he’s been put on all fours on the bed, while I spanked his big wide white ass. When the headboard banged against the wall, he would start to whimper like a little bitch, scared silly, his grunting might be heard.  Makes me laugh every time – his little cock, shows no fear.

Sharing Is Caring

By now, he’s huffing and puffing and begging like a dawg for more. More? When I called him a greedy piggy, he got on his knees and begged please. Please what I ask, as I kick him in his balls. Please send me back to the dispatch desk, and show you how generous a greedy piggy can be. The snorting was a nice touch.

It isn’t every pet that is privileged to be noticed by the Dispatchers, and allow him to snort and grunt and leave Huge bouquets of virtual flowers. Because he has been Trained by Vivian, he knows when Mistress gets spoiled, so do the Dispatchers. After all,  it isn’t their job to listen to his foolishness – and it’s the least he can do.

But not the most <wink>

When you need to be put in your place, slough off the guilt of the day, or worship me for my sexual humiliation skills, call soon, so I can get started molding you into the kind of man-whore I adore using.

Are You Going To Lick Jizz – or – Chicken Out?

Clean your plate - lick jizz till it shines

Lick Jizz for Mistress


Mistress wants to know, if you truly want to lick jizz, or if you are going to chicken out – once again. I have given my reasons why a man should eat his own cum many times, here on Fem Domain, Suck Patrol and across The Enchantrix Empire.

The #1 Reason to Crave & Lick Jizz

They are all valid arguments, but as to the WHYs – there is one point that supersedes all others for you wana-be gobblers of creamy cumIt pleases me.  It’s as simple as that.

Obedience Makes Mistress’ Day

You might wonder the WHY –  of why it pleases me so much to hear that 1st slurp of your lips in a puddle of penis pudding. It goes far back, to the 70’s, parked in the dark, and feeling a hand pressing my head ever closer to a dripping dick.
By the time date #4 rolls around, one has to decide … fish or cut bait. A skilled hand job can get that one-eyed trouser snake right up to the edge and begging. Just as he is about to blow, I’d slip the head in my mouth, and let the spunk dribble out.

It’s Miller Time!

I don’t know what tasted worse, the Miller Lite or a few drops of cum – but I never enjoyed beer, or sucking dick. That’s where you scum sluts come in …
My excitement and delight are real – and if you listen closely you might hear me cackle, when you dip a finger in your mess and taste. Tell me wana-be dick lickers – isn’t that a small price to pay, to make your Mistress, so happy?

Listen To – Will you Take 1 for Miss Viv?

Tag Team Slut Humiliation

You begged for it slut ... time to step it up.

Slut Humiliation Through Sweet Pain

Today was a red-letter day for Tag Team slut humiliation. Youbecha! Last week one of my favorite amusements came a begging for a heaping helping slut humiliation. I’ve spent many years using wilma, first as a pantie boy, then an eager cum eater, until I molded him into the man whore he is.

Tag Team Slut Humiliation

Such a Huge whore our wilma is – wallowing in a sink hole of his own making, soaking up the slime of his degradation, while he cries out platitudes to his tormentor.

Enter stage right … A Mistress who is beautiful, beguiling and serves up heaps of mind twisting slut humiliation, w/ a sides of agony. Why it’s Ms Cooper, the ALWAYS fun erotic entertainer and favorite choice of both myself and my callers.

And The Beat Goes On

Another reason Coops, as I am permitted to call her – was the right gal pal to put my panty wearing, jizz eating, man whore through his paces – she’s not afraid to let her arm out, and tear a pain pup UP!

Once that safe word is in place …
My oh my – oh my!

But Cooper and I are far from finished for the day. Oh no! The road trip slut will endure 3 courses of Meh – while he wheels and deals, still wearing his sheer chartreuse undies, that make his cock twitch

The Slut Begs For a 2nd Helping

LOL! You can bet the rent, his mouth might be talkin’ business, but his brain is back in his hotel room, re-running each moment of our session and cursing time for moving so slow.

2016 Pt. 2 The Odd Ducks

Mistress Vivian shares some of her favorite odd duck callers

Odd Ducks

Cuckolds, sissy boys and compulsive cock strokers are a blast, but it’s the Odd Ducks I love to add to my growing list.

So there’s no misunderstanding… Miss Viv adores her odd ducks, their attention to detail, mad desire to please, and a total commitment to an unusual penchant – makes for some Big Time Fun.

The Odd Ducks Favorites Folder – Puppyslut

He’s a burly older dude, with a jelly belly, thick thighs and an ass so wide – spanking it could be an all night affair. That isn’t what makes him an Odd Duck, its he’s need to be ordered to do the most debasing acts, on Skype – in his lonely hotel room. Doesn’t sound very odd, does it? Naturally, there’s more to the story.

There he is, sprawled out on the king bed – pounding his half-limp dick, huffing and puffing, and getting nowhere – fast. Mistress is starting to get bored. I order him to take the puppy position, point dow, and like a well trained man whore he drops. What a sight, my victim – er – puppy – flushed and swaying on all fours, sucking air in and out,  like an old accordion.

His prick stayed limp , and its starting to piss me off . I took the pillowcases, (4 of them!) and fashioned a loincloth to cover up his shame. He hung his head, whimpering like a little bitch, because he knew the cost for disappointing Mistress.

How  Redunkuless!

If the humiliation of writing my name in sperm on the bathroom mirror and then licking it off, wasn’t enough to get his motor running. There is one method that never fails to get his puny pitiful prick, rock hard.

No wonder he is looking green around the gills, he can guess what is coming next. Always hopeful, he tried to soften my ire by romping around, wagging his tail and yipping at the full moon. It isn’t going to work any magic on that flaccid thing, so his only chance for wood, is a visit to The Desk.

Tag Team Fun w/ the Dispatchers

It is only the most special of odd ducks that are amusing enough, to request the dispatchers to play along. By 2 AM in the morning – a bit of silliness, is always welcome.

I watched him as he dialed, and heard him explaining that his Mistress is disappointed tonight and he must 1st prove how he will do anything to be in my good graces again.
Howl the Dispatcher commands.
And howl he does.
Bark! comes another the command.
And he does, just like a hound in heat.
Now beg to do the right thing.
With an annoying whine he began to implore to be allowed to shower his Mistress with huge bouquets of flowers. It was met with silence, and there was no mercy, until he included blooms for the ladies manning the desk too.

With his dick FINALLY  hard, he was sent back to continue his decent into obloquy. We have hours to go before we sleep, and flowers galore to keep the peace.  My puppy slut takes my insults, sings silly songs, dances with abandon and makes the best barnyard noises – to feed his cravings. What makes him an odd duck – is how the act of giving – gives him Instant Wood.

He may be a loser to most – but its his adorable face, that keeps him on my Favorite’s List.

Kinky Highlights of 2016 Part 1

Kinky Highlights Part 1

Kinky Highlights 2016

In my last post, I called 2016 a tough bitch, but the year was also filled with some pretty kinky highlights. No big surprise, the conversations between an erotic telephone entertainer and her clients runs the full gambit of men’s’ desires. Other women may think they know how a man’s mind works – but the truth is, he is embarrassed by his needs – that he can only confess to me.

When those naughty secrets spill out in a breathy high voice, it’s clear another lost sissy girl needs some positive encouragement.

Mistress Vivian Makes a New Sissy Friend

It is always a treat when cross-dressers and sissy girls find their way to me. Most of you must know by now that I’ve been dressing men in Women’s clothes since Uncle Charlie had a bit too much to drink, and sat through a total transformation. It was a 1st experience that was imprinted on my young brain, which formed my life-long proclivity.

One of my favorite new sissy callers, Miss SL – is such an intriguing character! From our 1st session, we clicked and became fast friends. Miss SL is a mature gal, with a passion for Victoria’s Secret bralette, cosmetics, and luxurious facials. Like so many of my sissy friends, she has no one to share her womanly self with, except me.

Sissy’s Kinky Highlights

Kinky is such a subjective word, what might be wild to some, is mild for others. I may be quite jaded, but Miss SL’s search for perfectly arched eyebrows and growing collection ladies’ underwear is more than kinky, it’s shocking. That shock and disdain can be felt by the most closeted gender benders, turning something as harmless as lace panties – oh so kinky.

I can’t allow closed-minded voices to impede Miss SL’s goal to live out the rest of her life as the Woman she was meant to be. Using gentle encouragement and simple assignments to bolster confidence, she has exceeded all my expectations.

Listen to Miss Vivian 

Sometimes kinky is just being your true self!

Good Bye 2016! you Tough Old Bitch

I can say without reservations, 2016 was one tough bitch of a year!  You may have noticed your Mistresses has been rather scarce this past month. Real life has a way of slowing you down, whether you like it or not.  And slow me down it has.

My mornings have become very busy with . . . → Read More: Good Bye 2016! you Tough Old Bitch