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Hump Along w/ Princess Andi and MILF Mistress Vivian

24-7 Sexy Adult Radio

24-7 Sexy Adult Radio



Good Afternoon fellow Kinksters! We had such a great time at our last Hump Day Nooner, that Miss Andi and I are going to do it again, tomorrow @ 12 P Eastern.  I’ll be hopping on The Cock to bring you all the news and events around The Empire and along with one of my a Blast from Vivian’s Past, playlists. 

Double Your Mistress Pleasure  

The lovely Princess Andi will be our official Chat Hostess, and we all know from past chats, we never know which one of our Mistress Friends will pop in for some fun too! You’ve been wanting to get up close and personal with the Empresses of the Empire, now here’s your chance.

A Time For Giving Thanks

Are you especially thankful for something wonderful this year?  Drop either one of us an email and share your biggest blessing or sweetest memory of 2014. Just a scant few paragraphs to share with our listeners on-air – will do fine.  

Are you a member of The Enchantrix Empire? Yes? Please use your EE nick in the subject line.

You aren’t a member? Come visit our 4500 + growing, adults only community of like-minded folk.

Registration is fast, free and everyone 18+ older is welcome to participate. Please remember our – No naughty bits – picture policy.

 Tune In! Tomorrow’s Show is SFW

We would love for everyone tune in – even at work, so tomorrow’s Hump Day Nooner Broadcast will be a lil bit naughty – but not nasty. Invite a Friend and introduce them to the only radio station on the net, under the control of the Superior Women you adore. 

See you tomorrow @ Noon for some Humpin’ Good Radio!


Balancing Your BDSM Lifestyle and Everyday Life

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Finding Your BDSM Balance

Good Afternoon from Nippley Texas! Yes, the freeze has settled in, and so has this chilly ole gal.  Here’s a snapshot of today at The Casa de Kinky .. there’s a fire burning in the front parlor, chili simmering on the stove, and the slut husband is tinkering in the hobby room. To the outside world, we two are the very picture of domestic bliss – and early retirement.

BDSM Behind Closed Doors  

What a person outside of our kink-aware circle of friends won’t notice, is the subtle dynamic of Power Exchange- that permeates our home. There is no way of anyone knowing, that the burly block of a man soldering points on a circuit board, has a plug up his slut ass, and thigh highs underneath of his jeans. 

We have learned that it takes so little to keep the kink alive in our loving relationship, and that every time we play – doesn’t have to be a 3-ring circus that ends with a grand finale. 

Admittedly, some days, you just have to get on with the drudgeries of life – but in our household, it’s done with physical reminders of my submissive’s servitude, keeping the balance – true. 

The Truth About 24/7 BDSM 

Oy! Who would have the energy to maintain a 24/7 D/s partnership? To be responsible for making every decision, on status alone - seems so counterproductive.

Don’t we all look for certain qualities, when choosing a mate, be it `nilla or an alternate way of life? Searching for those qualities that can off-set your own weaknesses, can and will forge a stronger partnership. 


I am The Boss. I am The Final Word.

I am the Muther Fucker What’s In Charge Here 

But I didn’t get here alone. I had the support, intelligence, and council of the one person in the world I can always trust, to serve and protect.  

And that my friends, is the foundation of forever – trust.


He who gives great service gets great rewards.

He who gives great service gets great rewards.

D/s Fem Dom Vivian. Celebrating 7 Years of Erotic Entertainment!

A Fem Domain Blast From The Past 2008 




Cross-dressing: So Much More Than the Clothing

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Beyond The Clothes

Good Afternoon from Rainy Texas. The Lone Star State has been suffering from many years of drought, so the wet stuff is very welcome, even if it makes me want to sleep. Wouldn’t it be lovely, you and I, snuggled up on the sofa in the front parlor, sipping tea and watching the fire?

Since we are all cozy and snuggled in on this grey day, let’s talk about Women, and what makes them feel fabulously feminine.

Kick Off Your Pumps & Rip Off That Bra

Slipping on something soft and silky after stripping off your work clothes, is a delicious moment at the end of the day. Even more so for my cross-dressing girlfriends, spending the majority of their day feeling uncomfortable, all the while- daydreaming of lacy bras and panties.

The difference between us is, I’m dying to take off my bra and you are dying to get  yours on!

A Man May Work From Sun to Sun

Guys? When they get home, they are done for the day – but not us gals, we take care of our surroundings. In my mind, there is nothing more feminine than making your environment, an expression of who you are. Precious things scattered throughout your space can be visual reminders of your femininity, and a source of pride.

Something as simple as picking up a bouquet of flowers on your way home from work, makes walking across your threshold, a bit more special than yesterday. Face washed, hair brushed, and garbed as your inner-self – this time is for you girlfriend.

Enjoy the small tasks

Take down your prettiest vase and arrange your blooms, while your supper simmers . Don’t forget to clip the ends! Pour yourself a glass of wine, or draw a bath with your favorite oils. Pamper yourself, us Ladies deserve it and the outside world expects it.

Even the everyday chores like hand washing stockings, can catapult a gurl right into the sissy stratosphere, and she can stay right there – until the real world intrudes and it’s back to the rat race.

Tell me sweetness.

What makes you feel the most girlie?

2008 Sissy Chat

A Blast From Mistress’ Past


BDSM Lifestyle Mistress Vivian Celerbrates 7 Years of Phone Sex Fun

Celebrating 7 Years of Erotic Phone Sex

Celebrating 7 Years of Erotic Phone Sex

On November 13, 2007 this blog, Fem Domain was born with it’s 1st post -

Miss Vivian Welcomes You

Have you been searching for a Lifestyle Fem Dom to guide you through the pits falls of living the kinky life? Good advice and lively conversation are just a click away.  Come meet Miss Vivian, the newest Mistress taking your calls on Cock Control.

Fast Forward 7 Years to 2014

It is a testament to the management of the LDW Group, that my 7 years here – doesn’t break any records. Great leadership is just a part of the equation for a happy and productive work force. I count youse  guys – our callers, a big reason for the  satisfaction I have felt all these years.

Much More Than Girl #6

With great tools like Cock Radio, the Enchantrix Empire, our Free Forums and pod casts, LDW elevated the role of an Erotic Telephone Entertainer – from a room full of phone banks – to advisors, coaches and treasured Friends.

Our trustworthy privacy policies and open communication with both our established clients, and future callers – has build more than a phone sex company, it built a real community. A community of like-minded folk,  where tolerance is the norm, and everyone can feel welcome and wanted.

It Isn’t Always About S-E-X

I am your confidant, confessor, teacher and yes -  one sexy and fun ole gal. You matter for more reasons than I can list, and not get all mushy. ;) Because you matter – because so many of you have touched my life in 100 ways – I must give something back to the guys, and gurls I have been speaking with,  all these years.

If you’ve never called me or our wonderful service, November is your opportunity to relax and enjoy a longer session with the Eldest Erotic Entertainer in the Empire and Empress of Happy Endings.    

My Gift to You 

The 1st 50 billed calls to me in November will receive a token of my thanks for making my 7 years at LDW a genuine pleasure!  10 extra minutes of talk time, that can be used then – or put on your account for a future date –  valid through 2014.

Extended Hours

My Schedule for November has been posted and appointments are available. 

Cocktober Continues Tonight @ 9 PM E

Join Cock Jock Vivian on 10/31 from 5-7 PM E  


The Queen of Giantess Island Opens The Carnival Curiosity Corner

Click To Read Cassidy's Story

Click To Read Cassidy’s Story


Welcome To Opening Night of The Curiosity Corner. I do hope you enjoy reading my creepy and erotic tale. Listen to the story by clicking the underlined titles.  

The Sun Sets Across The Carnival

The sun has almost set – twilight casts long shadows across the Carnival as the sky fades into darkness. The moonless night turns the midway into an eerie otherworld, and the strains of a Circus calliope in the distance –  carried on a chilled wind.

A crowd of locals milling around the fairway begin to wander, almost as one towards the merry music and a distant light. Odd shapes begin to form out of the blue glow, stretching and twisting – transforming into a line of impossibly tall dancers in bright silks and scarves.  As the music changes, so does their erotic dance.

The Bump & Grind

Bumping and grinding, their huge hands reaching out, bidding the throng of people, to come closer. And they do – inch by inch, silly grins plastered on their faces, consumed  by giant gyrating hips and the sensual, but off-key music. Men and women, old and young watched with wide eyes filled with wonderment.

A Clap of Thunder

All of a sudden a clasp of thunder roars overhead – a bright streak of lightning bolts across the cloudless sky, startling the multitude and breaking their trance. Nervous mummers and tentative laughter rise up and The Barker appears in a thick cloud of smoke.

He was called – The Professor – he was dressed in baggy trousers with a bowler hat perched on his bald head. His spiel excited the curious Carnival patrons from the start , and his rhythmic drumming, grew faster – pointing out each side-show attraction, painted on the canvas banners, with his snake head cane.

The Side Show Barker

Hurry, hurry have your coupons ready to see the finest collection of nature’s oddities, brought to these shores by the one and only Queen of the Amazon Women. Yes you saw them for a brief few moments. but just three coupons gets you in to view these beauties – up close and personal. Will you guess their closely held secret?

See The 10 foot Amazon Queen on her Throne, carried to this very spot by her horde of tiny man-slaves. Watch them frolic across her gigantic breasts and slide down her 8 foot legs.

Shake hands with Johnny the 3-legged puppy boy and watch him perform his amazing balancing act, on just one of his legs. Hurry hurry, you won’t believe your eyes.

People rushed the ticket booth, waving their hard earned cash and almost begging to be let in. The Barker never missed a beat of his come-on, while a white-faced clown ushered the willing and eager into the musty theater.   

Let The Show Begin

As the last customer pushed his way in, the door closed behind him with scraping creak, raiseing the hairs on the back of his neck. There at the front was a stage were panels of curtains shielding the performers from view. Over the PA system the Barker voice warned that no one is allowed to leave the building before the end of the show, and that NO Refunds will be issued.

Old tunes began to play as a spotlight was directed at the 1st curtain as it slowly rose up, revealing a sight that filled the room with gasps and a few muffled screams. And there she was, all the way from Giantess Island,  The Queen of The Amazon Women,  reclining on her throne. while men no bigger than a toy soldier, scurrying around her body like it was a playground.

The Queen stood, and the locals pushed backwards, tiny men spilled from her skirts, tumbling and springing up on each other’s shoulders – and with tiny hands, pulled the next drapery to one side.

The Giantess Demands you Look!

LOOK! She bellowed, rattling the windows and pointing to the giant Women dancing with abandon.

 LOOK! She demanded again, and a powerfully built man stands in the light, flexing his inked muscles while the troupe of Amazons circle around him in a frantic and sexual dance.

One by one he lifts the enormous  beauties, arranging them into tableaux vivants – living pictures that were rapidly becoming more erotic and tantalizing. Uneasy tittering breaks out as the Strong Man winks and stretches the leg of the last dancer and hooks it behind her neck.

LOOK! Said the Queen as she grabbed and ripped off the flowing scarves – tossing them into the shocked audience, revealing the secret that is no more. Shaking with laughter, her tiny slaves falling from every crevice of her body, scurrying up the statue-like tableaus, swinging like monkeys  from their immense and dripping cocks.

Slack-jawed in amazement – they watched the perverse scene, the only sounds they emitted were moans, as a dozen miniature men slid frantically up and down the hermaphrodites’ appendage, while others climbed in and out of their gaping pussies.

Every oddity performing at The Curiosity Corner came bursting from the wings and paraded around the writhing pile of sexual abandonment. Strobe lights flickered as Johnny the 3 legged Puppyboy stood center stage to rip off his coat – waving his 3rd leg at the front row, before balancing on the tip and bouncing away.

One after the other,  the Bearded Lady, the Tri-Tit Tumbler, the Human Pin Cushion, each stopped to take a bow – until the stage was empty, except for undulating mass, sadistically grinding into each other.

A collective shiver rolled over them when the sound of dogs baying echoed through the hall, adding a strange, dissonant harmony to the guttural grunts coming from the stage. The air crackled with electricity as the music of the night reached a fevered pitch, a crescendo ready to come crashing down into a puddle of sexual chaos. 

If Your Dare


The curtain falls with a thud and the house lights come up and nearly blinding the glassy-eyed audience.  Confused and still reeling from the experience, they stood there, like a flock of sheep without a Sheppard.


Both doors opened, and there was a scramble to get out. Those that moved forward were rewarded with fresh crisp air and a world gone back to rights. Those that turned the other way were greeted by a snarling werewolf – forcing them in the other direction. Their howls turned into shrieks and then an almost human voice.  Go Get Out Leave &  Be gone.


The doors snapped shut and the Curiosity Corner went dark, all except one light aimed at a sign that read:

Next Show @ 9

If You Dare

Continue Your Carnival Crawl

Oh we aren’t through with you yet!

Continue on to your next Carnival Point of Entry

Miss Andi’s Deceptive Reflctions


Cocktober 2014 Has Begun! Join Our Erotic Carnival

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Did I scare you?

Not even a little bit?

I didn’t think so.

I’m just trying to get you in the mood for the  madness and mayhem being perpetrated all over the Enchantrix Empire this month. I would hate for you to miss a minute . . . → Read More: Cocktober 2014 Has Begun! Join Our Erotic Carnival