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June 2016
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Warning! Hot Mistress Ahead!

Summer is here and Mistress is Hot

One Hot Mistress

Whobuddy  dear readers, I am one Hot Mistress – some might call me a cock tease!  It was such a beautiful Spring and now look at what’s happening – triple digits are forecast today  for my part of TEXAS. Oh – did your minds go in a different direction? Of course they did.  😉

A Room with a View

I look out my window and think – what a pretty day! Then I step outside and get a blast of heat that could take your breath away and chase a person inside to the coolness.
However there is one sight that will make me stand in the blazing sun – the lawn guys.  Ahh  the lawn dudes – tan and toned and wearing little shorts with work boots, something that is truly sexy to me.

Hot Mistress Daydreaming

I adore watching men work. My mind goes to the naughty side when I see sexy men scurrying around, without noticing me. I cal let my mind wander, and pick out my favorite fellow to add to my ongoing fantasy.

As Noon approached, I took up residence at my office window – hoping that my pick of the day wasn’t going to do the lunch run. It must have been pay day, since they all but 1 left together, while my fantasy stayed back and ate his brown bag lunch.

The Opening Salvo

Oh it was perfectly perfect – him sitting under the shade of the cedars and me with a big pitcher of iced tea. I do believe I surprised him, me in my crisp apron and tiny tennis skirt, holding a frosty glass out to my dream boat, with a wide smile.

When he smiled back and ran his gaze over my long tanned legs, I knew I could guide him in the right direction ,,,, right to the back patio and in ground pool. No man can resist a sexy older woman who can still fill out a bathing suit and perform a perfect dive. It wouldn’t be long before I had him stripped down to his shorts and playing Marco Polo. in the deep end. ~sigh~

Too bad my musings came to a end when the rest of the crew returned. I tucked it away for some other hot day – when my mind wandered over to the naughty side.

Call guys and help me finish the rest of the story.


Horny Men Were Poppin’ Up Like Bluebonnets In Texas For Masturbation May 2016

 Masturbation May Bloomed a Crop of Horny Men

Horny Men Popping Up Like Bluebonnets


Phew! May 2016 was a manic marathon of horny men frantically stroking their cocks, doing their very best to amuse the Ladies of LDW, and us – them. There was so much going on, I suggest you check out Enchantrix Empire, LDW’s –  Adults’ Only social network for the end of the event wrap up.  Not a Member? Join us! Registration is Fast & FREE

Keeping it Fun  & Fresh for Our Phone Sex Callers

It has been said that organizing and running an event like Masturbation May, is harder than herding cats. Fortunate for us, Princess Andi had her Royal Scepter, to keep all the felines – in line. Many thanks to Herself and all the participating Ladies for a very successful month, we sure did wear them out!

Like the Spring Bluebonnets Horny Men Are Popping Up Everywhere

As it usually happens when spring has sprung – a multitude of flowers and horny fellows pop-up their proud heads, and brighten the world around them. Just like loyal puppies
they return to worship at the feet of his Mistress and shower her with tokens of their devotion.

Talk about frisky! The fever – it crept up slowly at first – detouring around the blockades you put in place. Deadlines, budgets, project meetings and more work, just to keep the cravings at bay. When the sun finally breaks through the last of winter’s grey – resolve is replaced with a gnawing hunger to submit and surrender.

Mistresses’ May Phonesex Callers of Note

“A little Madness in the Spring Is wholesome even for the Queen.” Do pardon my paraphrasing Miss Dickinson, I’m sure she’d approve. There was madness yes – but there wasn’t a wholesome minute to be had. You’ll see what I mean, when you read:
May 2016 Favorite Phone Sex Calls

Listen To Mistress Vivian

Masturbation May. Making Merry With Your Man Meat.

Masturbation May is in Full Stroke

Masturbation May 2016


Happy Masturbation May to all my dick diddlers! Do you know what kind of guided masturbation phone sex session I adore the most? You might think it’s when I command you NOT to cum – however I’m quite the opposite. I am The Empress of Happy Endings and it is my firm belief is that emptying your balls – regularly, is both physically and mentally healthy.

Masturbation May  Its Good & Good For You

I’ve written about both the benefits of masturbation and the reasons why dumping your load of cum in a dirty sock, is so very wasteful to a parsimonious ole gal like myself. When you resist my encouragement, knowing that licking up your mess would PLEASE your Mistress – I think back to all the cocks I sucked dry in my long life – and any hesitation to follow through , really vexes me.

Making Mistress Happy

So when it comes to  guided masturbation sessions – my favorite kind has to be when you are whacking your willie on the video cam! It feeds the nasty voyeur in me – and watching you slow-strip and showing off your man meat with pride, gets my panties damp. ~happy sigh~ I can just lean back in my big blue chair and direct every stroke, pinch, slap and torment your rock hard cock.

All the edging and the suffering   can pus a stroking slut in a vulnerable position, easier to manipulate and very susceptible to suggestion. Will he please the Mistress? When  the squirting  is over, and his hand is filled with goo – is he going to be good stroker boy and lick it all up – or will he be a pussy and hang up real fast?

Either way – Mistress gets what she wants.

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Mature Mistress Vivian Memories of May Day

Mature Mistress Vivian writes about her May Day Memories

May Day Memories from a Mature Mistress

When a Mature Mistress slides past the 60 mark, memories of growing up can often seem like ancient history to the younger generations – and sometimes, and even me. I remember.
Pedal Panties, B&W TV, a well-execution curtsy, men in white shirts and black ties, and even vague remembrances of childhood May Days.

Answering Today’s Burning Question.

What Is May Day, oh Wise and Mature Mistress Vivian?

The earliest May Day festival was back in pre-Christian times, but today I will explore the 1st of May celebrations, traditions and dancing around the May Pole in our modern times.
The reasons and symbolism of the holiday are murky at best, but many anthropologists believe that the maypole is simply a part of general rejoicing and a welcome to summer and the first signs of new crop growth.

Memories of the Maypole – Before There Was a Mature Mistress.

You may not be able to see the sweet girlie, in my sexy pictures, I was a tiny cotton head, the 1st time I danced around the maypole with my classmates, much to the delight of our parents. I remember how much fun it was, with all the girls in pretty white dresses and brightly colored ribbons. The memory of those years are so dim; I had to go to Wikipedia for the details.

Do the Dance!

The dance is performed by pairs of boys and girls (or men and women) who stand alternately around the base of the pole, each holding the end of a ribbon. They weave in and around each other, boys going one way and girls going the other and the ribbons are woven together around the pole until the merry-makers meet at the base.

While doing the research, I found a video that reminded me the best, of the May Days of days gone by and my very 1st pole dance.

 Are You Ready To Get It Up For Masturbation May?

Masturbation May is Almost Here!

Masturbation May will start tomorrow the 1st and run all month long. You won’t want to miss a single one of the daily blog posts from the Mistresses of LDW!

Join in the fun of Masturbation May

Masturbation May!


So whatever you call masturbation.

• Pounding your penis
• Choking the Chicken
• Stroking a Hot Rod

What if you have a tiny tool?
• Jerkin’ your Gherkin
• Doing the Two finger Tango

Or what if you call a Clit?

• Rubbin’ your Nubbin’
• Slapping the slit

May is the month for masturbating maniacs – and we know that means Y’all.

Here’s what Cock Control has planned – so far.

MM details, including information on Masturbation May Pass the Penis discounts, great prizes for the Members’ Masturbation Writing Contest, and Strokers of the Month, – just head on over to our adult social network Enchantrix Empire.

Not a Member? Registration is fast and free to join our kinky community that has grown to over 4500 members – including the Mistresses and LDW Staff, they adore.

I bet you can hardly wait to hear your Mistress say.

On your mark
Get Ready

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The Prodigal Slut Returns or Be Careful What You Wish For

The Prodigal Slut Returns –  it is a story as old as time – but with a kinky twist. It happens often enough to be worthy of note,  when a regular caller burns up your phone sex line, and then POOF – he’s MIA.  You know Mistress worries!

Be Careful What You Wish For . . . → Read More: The Prodigal Slut Returns or Be Careful What You Wish For