July 2015
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Cross-Dresser – Sissy Gurl – Gender Bender – or Transsexual a Rose By Any Other Name


An Event for the Cross Dresser or Sissy Gurl

Flowers For Our Sissy Friends


Good Evening Sissy Gurls, Cross-dressers and Gender Benders! Looks like 2015 may be The Year of The Transgender. Miss Jenner blossomed before our eyes, and a young transgendered person named Jazz, has her own reality show. Oh the times they are a changing.

A Mistress’ Caring Touch

The times may be changing for the rest of the world, but here at the LDW Group, we have been caring for and about the 1000’s of cross-dressers and gender-benders members of Get Girlie and Sissy School for more than a decade. I know for this Mature Mistress, it has been a joy and a privilege to guide many of you towards a goal true happiness.

When You Are a Cross-dresser  Its More Than The Clothing

Society outside of our pan-sexual and accepting community, can’t t seem to see beyond the make-up and clothing. Gender-benders have been so isolated, dressing in the privacy of their homes, without being able to share their authentic lives with their friends and family. It is for that reason, our sissy friends deserve our care, and a special event, for them and their fans.

The 2015 Sissy School Pageant

For as long as I’ve been with the LDW Group, each year the Mistresses mount an annual event for our transsexual phone sex callers and forum members. At its inception, it was our dearly departed Miss Tara who headed the affair. This year The Velvet Voice, Ms Catherine is organizing the event  happening this Saturday, the 25th, so we all know it is going to be a Femme Fabulous time!

I’m happy to report I’ll be rocking Cock Radio for the Awards Ceremony in our Adult Only Chat Room, Community Kink. I’ll be kicking it off at 6 PM Eastern, followed by Catherine with another hour cock rocking.

 Your Audio Invite

Vote for your favorite cross-dresser

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Punishment Methods Through The Ages

Pick Your Punishment
Punishment Due

Good day Kinky Friends! I’ve got punishment on my mind – not mine of course, but yours. Punishment can be a great tool, when training a cheeky submissive.

Painful Punishments

I’m a firm believer that a little bit of punishment pain can adjust any naughty submissive‘s  attitude and behavior, however the methods used in history past – would break my person rule of 1st do no damage.  After all, aftercare shouldn’t include a visit to the ER.

When  Punishment Meant  Death

Needless to say,  most  forms of punishment ended with you head rolling into a pile of hay. Beheadings, done with an ax or sword were used until the French Revolution when the much more efficient,  guillotine. Believe it or not, the last use of the guillotine in France was 1977.

More Benevolent Methods of Punishment

I could go on and on about the unspeakable forms of the ultimate punishment – but none of them could be realistic for my needs. A submissive in my world is a gift, to be cherished and cared for, but there are times, when punishment is due.

My past as a submissive in training – there was one punishment  I dreaded the most, and still holds true for me is banishment. To be banished from your Fem Dom’s presence. without knowing when or if you will be invited back into the fold, is the worst.

Everything Old Is New Again

Even though 90% of the methods I found could not convert to modern times, there were a few to try – the next time I have to lay down retribution. For the sub, who just can’t be quiet when told, there is the Scold’s Bridle, a metal frame with a bit that was placed in the mouth, guaranteeing peace and quiet.

Birching, used for minor infractions – could replace “6 of my best” with a rattan cane, that often produces sweet tears. I like the idea of having the submissive gather up their own switches of twigs to use across their behinds.

Humiliation As Punishment 

Some men find humiliation exciting, but when used as chastisement takes on a different and sexual dynamic. Scolding, along with having to stand in the Time Out corner has always worked like a charm for me, but I think adding a Dunce Cap could push the punishment envelop to another level.

Listen To —> Have You Ever Been punished By Your Mistress? 

Do tell! Which punishment made the biggest impression on you, or changed your naughty behavior?

The Empress of Happy Endings


Bedroom BDSM Games Its All In Good Fun


BDSM Guide Green  Yellow and Red Speanking Zones

Red Zones Means – No!

Good Morning Kinky Friends! Have you ever spiced your love life up with what is called Bedroom BDSM? Think back to your youth, when your imagination was the base of all your play, cowboys, super heroes, and mock weddings – made up a cast of vivid characters.  What about you? Have you forgotten how to play?

In The Beginning – Before BDSM

Even before I knew the meaning of BDSM – sex games and role playing were big in the bedroom, or back ally, pool table  or the back seat of a muscle car – when the mood hit. Necking under the World’s Fair globe in Queens is a fond memory, and the first time I experienced the Power I could wield over a man with a bit of tease and delay.

Defining Moments

Most times, we can all look back and find that defining moment or person that changes not only your path in life, but your sexual tastes too. For this Lifestyle Mistress, it was a house party on Long Island, his name was Don and he rode an old Indian bike.

Pulling me away from the dull party with a promise of a ride along the beach, it was one of those nights that a girl dreams of. A full moon reflecting off the bay, stars bright in the sky with a powerfully built man making me swoon with his kisses. When he put a helmet on me and scooted me close up to his back, I knew we were heading some place where we could have some naked fun.

Bedroom BDSM  Games – Grown Up Fun

Down a winding road, past apple orchards and up a hill – where his home sat, small and cozy, it fit perfectly in the tall elms. Leading me past the threshold and seating me in front of the stone fireplace before stirring the embers and brining the fire back to life.

Fires mesmerize me, and when he whispered – Trust me? – I nodded without thinking, but didn’t regret my answer. His hand slid from my brow, down my face,  covering my mouth – while his other hand slipped a silky blindfold over my eyes, and made the real world disappear.

After Care or Pillow Talk?

No matter what you call it, there’s nothing quite so delicious than the post humping cuddle and conversation – more so when there were new experiences. From bondage to spanking and some very creative use of clothes pins, I was floating. The 2nd time he asked what I was thinking, I told him the truth..

Next time I do this, someone else will be on the bottom.

Listen to – Ready To Spice Up Your Life w/ Bedroom BDSM?



MILF Mistress Vivian is Back Home!

MILF Mistress Returns From a Road Trip

MILF Mistress’ Welcome Home

Good Evening dear Readers. Your MILF Mistress Vivian is so happy to be Home! Ever get a wild hair and just pack up the car and head down the road? That’s what my dear submissive hubby and I did last week.

We trucked down south and visited with our kinky friends, miss pink and P Daddy, at The Round House. It was a perfect few days, deep in the woods – cocktailing on the 2nd story porch, and watching the fireflies. ~happy sigh~

I’ve missed y’all too – so you’ll notice that your favorite MILF will be easy to find for the next few days. Hoping your weekend was half as naughty as mine.  :)


Cuckold Husband Can’t Get Past The Pillow Talk Tease

Cuckold Husbands Try a little tenderness

Cuckold Wana-be Tries Some Sexy Pillow Talk

Hope y’all  had even 10 % of the fun we had this weekend,  over here at the Casa de Kinky. My cuckold husband and I had all kinds of kinky fun, trying out a few new CBT toys-  well into the shank of the day. No surprise why we are both moving so slow today – the cuckold’s slut ass is all techno-colored and me, I’m just flat out –  old.

Oh to be 40 again!

What is a Cuckold Husband?

There is no cut and dry answer to the question, what is a cuckold husband. Cuckolding is whatever you and your partner want it to be, real life hook-ups, or bedroom fantasy sex-play.

As a BDSM Fem Dom, and The Boss of my household, I’m a cuckold Mistress by default. In all the years that I’ve been a part of the BDSM lifestyle, I never heard the word cuckold spoken.

It wasn’t until I joined the whacky world of erotic phone entertainment, that I realized cuckolding was more than ancient Victorian word. It is a mindset, one that  takes my controls over the submissive’s sex life, and amplifies them.

What Types of Cuckolds Are There?

There are large cuckold communities across the US – with vibrant social circles. For many it is a more private affair, adding other players in as needed. However, for the majority – the kink doesn’t get much past the pillow talk.

No matter which type of cuckold you may be – remember …

it’s supposed to be sexy, naughty fun! Keep the lines of communication open, and if you can’t get past the pillow talk phase – I will advised you, as I did my newest cuckold phone sex fan … whisper to her how deserving she is of a Real man-sized cock.

If a Bartender slipped you a note from “the lovely MILF across the room”

After reading it, what would you do?

The Note Read



Cum Eating is Always Encouraged by Your MILF Mistress Vivian

Gobble Up Your Cum


Good Afternoon Cum Guzzlers! Are you an eager beaver when your Mistress encourages you to lap up your load? Or do you disregard my Command and just stare at the puddle of cum in the palm of your hand?

Encouragement is Paramount in Cum Eating .. Because he Who . . . → Read More: Cum Eating is Always Encouraged by Your MILF Mistress Vivian