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April 2018
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When a Serious Fem Dom Includes a Blow-up Date

Vivian A serious Fem Dom

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I looked at the price tags, and we huddled up and decided we’d go the cheap route. We figured that our timid little friend would be SO horny by Friday night, he’d shred the toughest/most costly blow-up doll in the warehouse-sized store. We bid Daisy a sad farewell as she was put back into stock. It was close, but we still need to buy champagne. Priorities!

When a Serious Fem Dom Orders a Blow-up Date

We christened her Rachael. She had golden brown skin, raven black hair, with three holes to stuff, just what we asked for, except pretty – that would take a bushel of imagination. Perfect! We were almost skipping towards the racks of slutty nighties, adding naughty touches to our plans.

Kelly grabbed a feathered mask and a blindfold, wearing them in tandem – he wouldn’t be able to see a thing. Kelly can be quite the devil. We found a baby-doll on the clearance rack. I doubt I’ve ever seen one in purple and blue, but it was perfectly ugly.

Date Night or Fright Night?

We barreled into the house, dumping our bags at the door and stepping around the slut on his knees. I gave him a lil kick in his bum and told him to tidy up and get the coffee going – we will be in the boudoir. He nodded and scurried – it was nice to see he remembered he wasn’t allowed to speak.

Everyone was so excited for the show, and we blindfolded without any expiation, stripped him down to his skin, and held his arms up for the whorish nightie to slide down his body. He was so good, he just stood and shivered and mewed while we did his make-up. He knew a serious Fem Dom was in charge.

Blown Up & Ready To Rock

We put Rachael on the bed, positioning her on her back, with her legs over her shoulders and squirted as much lube as possible in her plastic pussy. Miss Crystal put over the elbow gloves on our slut and guided his hand towards his date, and pushed his fingers in.

You could see on his face how difficult it was for him, it was amusing how hard he struggled not to blow his load. Kelly stood at the head of the bed, cooing and sighing for Rachael. We poked him, blew in his ears and encouraged him to finger fuck her faster. I pushed him up on the bed and guided his pretty cock inside Rachael.

One more grunt and he blew his load deep in the blow up doll. Mission accomplished!

The Slut and Rachel the Blow-up Doll

Mistress Vivian Your Twisted Erotic Entertainer 1-800-356-6169

No One Wanted to Screw Him – – –  So We Bought him a Blow-up Doll

Bless his heart; he couldn’t get laid in a women’s prison with a handful of pardons. It wasn’t because he had a tiny dick, the slut was swinging a full 7.5 inches. He had a good job, dressed nicely – but so shy, the ladies just laughed.

Timid is Not Sexy

He came to me for help, his libido was driving him nuts – and claimed he would do ANYTHING to have the chance to stick his big dick into something pretty. Like they say.. be careful what you wish for. That got my brain percolating.

Anything? I gathered up my BFFs and we started to plot – er, plan an evening of slut entertainment. We tossed around some ideas; Miss Crystal suggested the giant lazy susan, Kelly’s vote was for a panty fashion show, but I wanted to arrange something new for our amusement.

Did He Say – ANYTHING?

Silly man – he has no idea what he is offering. However, he is a lucky slut because he came to me, a BDSM practitioner and known Trainer of pitiful males and cheeky houseboys.

Dang! It would be illegal for me to hire him a `ho in Texas. We will have to use a substitute, one that tells no tales. What could be better than a date that comes in a box? We grabbed our purses and headed for the dirty bookstore on the service road of the highway, a few miles out of town. We were a bunch of silly, giggling girls on a mission, and we were heading straight for the wall of blow-up dolls. A whole wall!

Who Knew a Blow-up Doll Ran the Gambit? Isn’t Variety Grand?

The sales lady inquired if she could be of assistance, and we gladly accepted. There must have been 50 of them to choose from. She started with the hair color, then skin tone, and it wasn’t long before she narrowed down our choices to just 2 tri-hole plastic hotties. Decisions, decisions What’s a kinky gal to do?

Introducing Rachael
The SexyEroticBeautiful – Best in Low Lighting, Blow-up Doll

Check back Friday for Part 2 of The Slut & Rachel the Blow-up Doll

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Unforgettable Phonesex Stories

Erotic Phonesex Stories from MILF Mistress Vivian

Unforgettable Phonesex Stories

The LDW Empire has been a beehive of activity this month, as we mark 15 years in the crazy world of Erotic Entertainment. November is also a milestone for me personally, as the longest consecutive run – of my sometimes, checkered career.

Today is extra special because we are focused on those callers who have been loyal callers. Devoted to both our company and the Mistresses who rock your cocks and clitties 😉 All the information is in my previous post and I’m looking forward to hearing from some of my favorites.

11 Years of Unforgettable Phonesex Stories

Today, and in the days to follow – I’ll be sharing posts and stories from the past decade. You might think that after all these years, I would have forgotten all about you. You may have wandered off for a long time, but some of you are truly unforgettable.

From Wanabee to Full on Ass Jockey

Way back in 2009, I introduced slut stevie to the Fem Domain audience, not mentioned by name that 1st post, but he knew he was the star of the story Anti Up Cock Whore. He begged for even more humiliation – to use him as an example of his devotion and willingness.

How could I refuse a request like that? Well, I couldn’t – he kept calling and begging for more. In 2014 his life went from gay fantasies to a real-life gay boy, with nasty stories of his own to confess.

His transformation was chronicled in the post Coffee & Cocks – Another Slut Stevie Story, click here to read the entire nasty collection.

Unburden Yourself and Confess Cocksucker

There’s no reason to hide all those nasty thoughts and kinky needs when there’s a compassionate and understanding Fem Dom to confess to. You know deep down – that Truth can set you Free.

Call BDSM Mistress Vivian & Find Release


Spreading Legs & Love for 15 Years

Spreading Legs Since 2002


How’s that for a pimp-o-licious title, spreading legs & phone sex love? It might be a bit over the top, but I’m just preaching the truth and making sure you take advantage of Miss Ally’s next – 15th Anniversary gift.


Bet You Can’t Get Your Mind off . . . → Read More: Spreading Legs & Love for 15 Years