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Springtime at The Sissy House

Hello Sissy!

Good evening sweet Sissy folk! Don’t know about where you live, but here in Texas is Pure-D Spring! I’m all frisky and daydreaming while I stay busy in my garden. Wondering what a mature Mistress daydreams about? When the sun starts beating down, a fantasy dream rolls around my mind.

MILF Mistress Vivian’s Sissy House

Ever since I make my first Cross-dressing friend, I knew that life for her wasn’t going to be a bed of roses. In those old times, anyone who didn’t fit “the norm” stayed hidden and ashamed. Each time I got to know another transgendered person, the more I wished I could design a place just for them. A Soft place to fall, a home where respect was the Motto and everyone was welcome.

Amenities w/ Sissy in Mind 

From the stone paths edged with lavender leading to the sprawling English Tutor to the gardens in the back, Sissy House would scream – Gurilie Goodness.  Quite and secluded stepping into the foyer is like stepping into an era of opulence and grandeur. From the sparkling chandeliers and thick carpeting  to the dark mahogany front desk  staffed by beautiful men it’s clear you are someplace very special.

To the left is a listing of services and events of the day. Sissy gurls can choose to stay for the day and be spoiled from head to toe, enjoying facials, bikini waxes, pedicures and massages. Stay for the weekend and settle into a pink palace of feminine  luxury, where your every wish and desire is just a bell-pull away.

Sissy Daydreams

What about you my Sissy Friend? What touches and services would you request of MILF Mistress Vivian’s Sissy House to help to make your Gurlie dreams come true?


Join The Empire

Let’s Dream Together



You Want to Cum and You Left It Up to Mistress

You Want To Cum?


Good Evening Dear Readers! What a wonderful weekend we had, lots of rain that rolled into hours of movies and snuggling.  Rain does that to me. It wasn’t all slap and tickle, I did some writing and recording too. :) You might enjoy my newest essay on May I Cum.


Will The Empress of Happy Endings Say Oh Hell No?

Later in the evening I was practicing my ukulele, serenading my hubsub with my rendition of Home Again, when my phone rang. Placing my instrument to side, I was happy to hear who was calling me, but frankly disappointed that our time together was going to be short.

Say What Stroker Slut?

Inquiring how I could help .. he told me that he had been in chastity for 3 weeks, and he was going out of his mind and needing to cum. As it is my habit, I asked who was his key holder, and found out it was a SELF-IMPOSED denial. Really?  

He said he chose me because of my kind reputation and love of men who blow their loads – but of course it was up to The Mistress. With the clock ticking down I was feeling a bit vexed. Jerk it bitch I told him – fast, hard – and count them out loud.  Oh yes, he was pounding it – I could hear his breath getting raggedy and he started to whine.

Pretty Mistress Please I Will Do Anything

Usually those words will melt my heart, but tonight, in my annoyed attitude there was no way – this fellow was getting what he was begging for. It was the 2 minute Ding dong that set my resolve. Dang it I was just starting to have fun.


Aww. Do you Really Really Want to dump that batch?

T-Minus 1 Minute


Too bad, so sad wanker boi – you many not cum.  I do believe I’d have him crying if I only had another 3 minutes.

Learn this lesson well – If you Really Really want to cum – Never Ever leave the decision up to a Mistress of LDW.


LOL! That made my day!

Good News Friends!

The Free Sexy Sound Files at the Tease Mania Forum can now be accessed without registration.


Jerking Your Junk. Is It Ever Too Much?

Dick Diddler

Good Evening Stroker Dudes! Today your MILF Mistress Vivian has a question for you ….

How much junk jerking is just too much?

This subject came up <pun intended> last week when an interesting fellow called and told me, he had already jerked off 3 times that day, and it wasn’t even Noon! When I asked him how many times he could drop a batch in the next 30 minutes and he replied – How many would Mistress want – he had my attention. Y’all must know by now that this mature Mistress – AKA The Empress of Happy Endings, is all about the Big Finish – but this fellow was turning out to be special. Why not test my newest compulsive wanker and permit him to blow as many times as he could?

Game on!

Did I say special? Allow me to correct that to – Extra Special. To my delight, it didn’t take him the full 30 minutes for him to hollar my name twice, as instructed, like a good penis puller. While sitting on his hands, I probed further – ferreting out his nasty secrets and plotting – er – planning something equally as special.

Up for the challenge?

So,  I asked – in that low sexy voice you fellows seem to crave … What’s your record for a 24 hour day.  I heard the lube cap snap open, and couldn’t help but laugh.  Man-slut that he is, he could recall. No matter I told him, he could never beat the last month’s jerkin’ johnnie who squirted out an even dozen for me.

I really don’t have to tell you – do I? That he rose to the occasion.

Passing the Penis Again and Again and Again

Men! So easy to manipulate when their johnson is throbbing and their brains are all befuddled. You know his need to prove his over-active manhood to a superior, and gain bragging rights – put him just where I wanted him.

It didn’t take but a skinny minute to arrange a 6 pack of humiliation with my fellow Erotic Telephone Entertainers.  Lining up 6 of our beauties to play a game of Pass the Penis - tweeting included – was a walk in the park. After all, we are the most fun group of kinky gals on the planet and I’m proud to say – all parties were well-sastified.

He did it … the darlin’ stroker!  12 cummies – in under 2 hours.  I call that one Stellar Session!


Cowabunga Dudes & Dudettes It is Totally The Bomb on Cock Radio Tonight


Dust off your  Candi’s and dig out your Member’s Only Jackets!

Cock Radio will be Totally DOPE Tonight on Miss Hannah’s Naughty Realm live show. We’ll be poppin’ and lockin’ to some tubular tunes in our free 18 + Adult Chat Room, Community Kink.

Whatchu Talkin’ About?

It will be a stellar night – with all our glam friends vegging out – and playing 80′s Trivia!

Space cadets, valley girls, wanabes, lamers, jocks or headbangers are invited for a gnarly good time!

80's Trivia Tonight


Starting at 8 PM Eastern


Sissy? Do you Love That Tight Tight Feeling?

That Tight Tight FeelingGood afternoon sassy sissy gurls! I hope Spring has sprung in your part of the world like it has in Texas. I’ve been in over-drive, cleaning out my closets, and putting my winter clothes away.

The Joys of Womanhood

I know you gals understand, the pleasure we get from pulling everything out, especially when you find an item, that you don’t remember owning.

There it was, way in the back, under some old bathing suits was a vintage open-bottomed girdle in the palest of pinks.

It was still in the original box, and if I remember correctly, it belonged to my Grand Mother and looks like it was never worn.  The picture to the left is close – except the waistband is wider and cinches in, making my waist look TINY.

MILF Mistress Loves That Tight Tight Feeling

Yes! I tried it on. I had to have some assistance getting the zipper up, but after some struggling – I was in Heaven. Gads! I love tight foundation garments. I kept it on while trying on outfits and every single one looked so perfect, I wished I could breath – and wear it when I dress to the 9′s.

Nope, no matter how great it makes me look, Nanny’s find from the dark recesses of my closet will be stored with the other pretties, that get my submissive slut all randy, but get stripped off and tossed in a corner – so the fun can begin.

What about you sissy gurl? Do you like that tight-tight feeling, or do you like it loose and free under your skirts?



Let’s Get Naughty Tonight w/ The Cock – Radio

Hello Cock Radio Fans! Did you know that I’m tonight’s guest Chat Hostess on Miss Hannah Naughty Realm radio show?  I’ve missed hanging out with y’all  in the Community Kink Adult Chat Room – so much -  that I volunteered to supply the prizes.  

Prizes? More than 1? 


Prizes go to the Top 2 in the . . . → Read More: Let’s Get Naughty Tonight w/ The Cock – Radio