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BDSM Lifestyle Mistress Vivian Reminds You That Good Manners Should Never Go Out of Style

A Mature Fem Dom w/ a Voice From Your Past

Good Afternoon Kinky Peeps! It’s going to be another triple digit day in The Lone Star State, and that means this old Fem Dom is staying indoors. It also means it is the perfect day to catch up on my writing.

Today I’d like to speak about manners, or the lack there of.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T  Find Out What it Means To Me

Raised in the 50′s, respecting others – especially our elders – was taught to us from an early age. Growing up in suburban Long Island was a wonderfully special time, in the lost era of stay-at-home Moms. With vigilant eyes they saw when nonsense was brewing on the block, and nipped it in the bud. We knew that any disrespect or major stupidities by any of us - would be reported that day. Fear kept us in check, for the most part.

R-e-s-p-e-c-t  my Friends is the cornerstone of a civil society, and from that one principal springs the very best behaviors in humanity. Kindness, charity, politeness, sympathy, helpfulness and thoughtfulness, become the solid habits that form a nature with a strong character- that  serves you well – for a lifetime.

Oh The Times They Were A Changin’   

It didn’t take eons for the world to change so much. Twenty years after my birth, most Mothers were in the work force, divorce was common place and the next generations were left without supervision or guidance. What a shame that these days, most will come home to an empty house in a neighborhood, devoid of life.

Times may change, but when good nurturing ingrains itself deeply in a person, like it did me – sooner or later your manners become outmoded – and you are reduced to a blast from the past.

However, I hold fast to the niceties of life, so you’ll pardon me if I ask you to remove your greasy ball cap in my house. I may not be able to knock it off your head when you dine at The Olive Garden – tempting as it might be - but in my home – it’s my rules.

I stay hopeful that consistently requiring that small sign of respect, might be ingrained in my younger friends, thereby impressing anyone over the age of 45 – with their fine upbringing.

Yaknow – us  MILF types :)

The Last Bastion of Civility                     

When you join the Over 40 Ladies’ Club and maturity starts to kick in, reflection becomes a constant and the need for change is never far from the mind. Confidence allows you to take a chance on a dream – and it is wisdom gained from years of experience, that can recognizes trouble ahead, before it crosses your path.

Free from anyone to answer to, and accepting of my unconventional sexual needs, I found fulfillment and the perfect kinky partner, in the D/s lifestyle. It could have been a brief foray into kinky town, had it not been for the  structure of their society that valued and practiced old fashioned manners, the ones I missed so much.

BDSM  the last bastion of civility – No ball caps allowed!


Wanker Confessions. Bizarre & Weirdly Wonderful Places to Do The Horizontal Bop.

In Memory of Elizabeth Reed


Good Evening Kinky Peeps!  Whobuddy it was another HOT day in Texas – we will hit triple digits before sunset for sure. Ah – Summer in the Lone Star State, when kinky old gals like me – crank the A/C levels down to meat hanging, and keep their still pert asses  inside after 9AM.  It really doesn’t bother me, being bunkered in against the heat – there’s always something amusing going on every day, when you are an Erotic Telephone Entertaining. 

Your Life is My Fodder 

Sometimes, when we are in a sexy phone session – I might ask you where is the  naughtiest place you’ve done the deed, or gone solo, strokeing your cock to completion. All those small secrets I collect – are nuggets of pure gold.  I adore hearing about your first blow job, the 3-some you had on vacation, or the day your best friend dressed you up like a trollop in her dorm room. Hey I admit it – I’m nosey. Deal with it ;)  

Come on! Gimmie something to chew on! Something that sparks my jaded imagination, a tidbit, feed me a few morsels of the real you, the hidden side of you. Don’t wonder or ask why – think of yourself as fodder for your Mistress’ needs  

A wise Woman’s question contains half the answer.  

I know the author of the above quote, Solomon Ibn Gabirol would forgive me paraphrasing his words to make a point. The dude has been dead since 1058. ;) but his words still ring true – a reminder to listen and learn. 

I have reasons for every question presented. Whether it’s for inspiration or plain curiosity, they are purposeful and an outlet for you to share your nastiest behaviors, to an understanding ear. But don’t you worry none, your secrets are safe with your trusted Mistress. 

Circling Back to The Original Point 

By now you may be wondering if I will ever get to the point or explain how any of the ramblings above-and a picture of a headstone actually  relates to the subject – Bizarre & Weirdly Wonderful Places to Do The Horizontal Bop.  

It’s y’all - you delightful lil puppets, so eager to spill your kinky proclivities, no matter how humiliating, they truly inspires me.  Your answer to my question – where was the most unusual place  - you’ve done the deed,  started some great conversations this weekend. Yum – bring on the fodder!  

Mistress is Very Amused & It’s a Good Thing 

Of all the answers from the past week , there was one that made me say – you must be kidding me. Not only is a place where I’d never drop my pretty panties and get busy, coincidentally I have been at that exact spot several times in my life. It is  the picture at the top of the page, and the final resting place of Elizabeth Reed Immortalized in song by The Allmen Brothers Band, her gravesite just steps from where band members Duane Allman and Berry Oakey are buried. By far, the most bizarre setting confessed to me so far – has to be hound dawg ben, doing it missionary style on a slab of cold marble.  

That’s going to be a tough one to Top! Can you?

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The Many Perks of Phone Sex or Life is Luxury If You Love What You Do

A man may work from sun to sun - but Women's work is never done.


Good Evening adored wankers! I can’t hardly believe that its almost the weekend! I suppose most of you have one of those regular 9 to 5 jobs and when Thursday rolls around – you start counting the hours. Aw – too bad you aren’t an Erotic Telephone Entertainer and Mistress or Master of your Domain – and Schedule.

Life is Luxury If You Love What You Do

 Now don’t misunderstand. What I do – requires more than  just a sexy voice and sparking personality. Like y’all – there are always projects with deadlines, meetings, company events and client communication.  Unlike y’all, I can do it naked.  If you add in that all my work revolves around full-on kink,  I’m pretty sure you’d agree – that’s a true definition of workplace luxury.

The Perks of Phone Sex

You be one happy kinky camper too – if your job meant researching a multitude of sexual fetishes and writing about your naughty adventures. What? You don’t have enough wicked tales to fill up a post-it-note?  But that’s okay, I can’t keep a chart of accounts straight, and I’ve had enough nasty fun for both of us. Sounds like a perk to me.

Imagine if you will, turning your hobbies, passions, or opinions  into the job a lifetime. Go on … daydream. Let your imagination take over and ponder the possibilities – and tell your dear Mistress – what it would be.

Or would you rather be “normal”?

 Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work and driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for – in order to get to the job you need to pay for the clothes and the car, and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it.

Ellen Goodman (1941 – )



Beginning BDSM Training Mistress’ Inspection

Mistress Has QuestionsGood Evening Kinky Friends! I don’t know about you, but my week is all upside down, and it feels like Saturday. Four day weekends sure screw me up, but this old Fem Dom is back in the groove, and enjoying the new submissive in my care.

When There’s All The Time in The World

It has taken me some time to decide if I wanted to take on a new Training project. If one is serious about caring and molding a man into a fine servant, you must consider the time and effort that goes into the process. This one, who I haven’t even named yet - has my interest and I’ve decided it is time for a closer inspection.

Mistress’ 1st Inspection

There’s a wonderful feeling of excitement that comes over me, when I’m beginning a new adventure. A blank page to fill up with a multitude of details, from appearance and hobbies, to masturbation habits – no question is out of bounds and an open mind is required.

This is the time to establish Hard Limits for both of us. Mine are etched in stone, and followed by the submissive and  naturally – his will be taken under consideration as well. Knowing up front what  another person finds fearful or distasteful, makes for a smoother and  more successful start to a very heady time.

He may not understand the reasons behind my questions, but because he already trusts - I know he will answer thoughtfully and not ask why.   That my Friends,  is the foundation of a solid D/s relationship - Trust, anything less is just fantasy play time.

And today … this Mistress ain’t playing.

Surrender to your MILF Mistress



Reflections On This Auspicious Day July 4th 2014 by MILF Mistress Vivian


Happy 4th of July

This special day has come around  more than 50 times in my life. It seems the older I get, the less hoopla I need. I’ve hoopla’ed on The 4th from the piers of NYC to the Vegas strip and other interesting events throughout the years. Now this mature Fem Dom is happiest on the stoop, cocktail in hand and watching the pyrotechnics far in the distance and far from the crowds.

 Last year I knocked one off my bucket list – watching the fireworks from the roof of the house. That my friends will never go in the do-over basket – nope. Young Vivian, who climbed on cat-walks hanging fresnel lights, is no more. Still I’m glad I perched myself up there, straddling the roof line as the western skies light up.

Serving Up Kinky Fun @ Home

This afternoon, after grilling some fine TEXAS beef, my silly submissive husband gave me a 4th of July surprise. Sitting me on the sofa with a fresh beer, he said he’d only be a minute. Slightly tipsy, I waited to see what he was up to – I may have even dozed off – until a John Philip Sousa song blasted me awake.

There he was, the funniest man I know marching around the house, naked – waving a flag and wearing nothing but  a red white and blue top hat and a smile. There was no resisting his invitation to make our own fireworks.

Friends it takes so little to spice up your love life – and for this old Mistress, laughter is a most powerful aphrodisiac. I hope you and yours had safe and fabulous 4th!


BDSM Lifestyle Mistress Vivian Takes a New Submissive

Good evening kinky friends! Lordy am I ever happy to see the back end of June! It is marvelous to start off a new month without any illness, or broken appliances! So now I can get back to doing what I most enjoy, taking on a new submissive and molding him to be more . . . → Read More: BDSM Lifestyle Mistress Vivian Takes a New Submissive