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MILF Mistress Vivian Hops on The Cock @ 3 PM Today

Add Me - Vivian Watson

Tell your kinky Friends!  MILF Mistress Vivian is Hopping on The Cock today for a lil Afternoon Delight. Its just an hour, but jam-packed with great music and lively conversation, at LDW’s  Community Kink Adult Chat Room

A New Cock Jock? Not Hardly!

After a VERY long hiatus, and some major computer up-grades – your MILF Mistress Vivian returns to Cock Radio for a special live broadcast @ 3 PM E today, August 21st

Take a Break From Your Daily Grind

Grab a headset – the show is rated X – and join Vivian, The Empress of Happy Endings for an hour of sexy tunes and naughty chatter with the talented Mistress of the Enchantrix Empire and their loyal fans. 

Don’t Be Late Our Head Mistress will be taking The Roll!

24-7 Sexy Adult Radio


Cock Radio Its 24/7 Sexy 


Eager & Enthusiastic Will Win an Old Fem Dom’s Heart

Did You Say You'd Do Anything?


Good afternoon dear ones! I hope everyone is as ready for the weekend as I am! There’s a small gathering here at the Casa de Kinky at sundown today, cocktails and canapés in the gazebo, before the 20 somethings start packing for a trip to Austin. What a great town for music – I know they will have a blast.

I can’t hardly believe we are half way through August, can you? Now if Texas would cool down, I’d be one happy old Fem Dom!  It seems like a good day to play catch my readers up on what’s happening in the whacky world of erotic phone entertainment.

New Essays & Audios & Reviews

New on Your MILF Mistresses – MILF? GILF? What Does It Mean?

On The Daily Cock Sucker MILF Mistress Vivian Wants to Know .. Can a Cock be Too Big?

A New Bio w/ Sexy Audio on Humiliation Calls

My callers have been leaving some wonderful session reviews on The Daily Cock. See what the strokers have to say. :)

The Sexy & Silly Session of the Week

Just last night, a favorite caller of mine kept me in stitches – for hours. He’s So energetic and eager to please I gave him a nick name that he absolutely loves, puppyslut. The day I hung that name on him – he HOWLED and I could almost see him running in circles, chasing his tail.

Oh he’s so much fun! A humiliation whore who doesn’t feel right, unless he’s spoiled his Mistress with multiple bouquets of virtual flowers. Last night I decided that I shouldn’t be the only one enjoying his antics and generosity – so I cranked it up a notch.   

Since I know my lil puppster’s need for degradation I thought it might be fun to invite the lovely dispatchers to have some fun too. Begging me to allow him to leave Mistress a gift – he promised he’d do ANYTHING for me. Well – that’s all I needed to hear, and I sent him back to the desk with instructions.

Sing You Slut – Sing!

Reminding him that the dispatchers’ jobs don’t include playing with my callers, but just for grins, and a posy of flowers – they might enjoy some entertainment too.  Sing I told him – sing for the ladies and make me proud. Living up to his nick name, he ended each serenade with a round of yipping and barking, making us hoot with laughter.  With his tighty-whities perched on his head – he was crowned, ourLoser of the Week!

I must say I’ve never had more fun with a humiliation client – parked in a dark cull- de- sac – pounding his dick and declairing his devotion – then I’ve had, with slutpuppy. I can’t wait till the next time he is under my control, performing whatever base and mortifying act, that his Mistress demands. 

Yes! It’s good to be The Mistress


Spice Up Your Love Life Add A Dash of Kink

CBT on the Go!


Good Evening Fellow Kinksters! Have you ever been stuck in a sexual rut – and changing up positions just isn’t enough anymore? To this old Fem Dom, it sounds like it’s time to find your playful side. Do you remember when you were youthful and free – when your imagination took you places and the real world slipped away? Chew on that for while.

More Isn’t Always Better  

After 15+ years of in a loving BDSM lifestyle marriage, roy and I have amassed a stupid amount of toys and tools. Enough I’d guess, to have one heck of a yard sale. 

As an example of collections gone mad - our CBT case – is a 3 tier  wheeled tackle box, neatly sorted and packed to the gills. The black suitcase – all 4 foot of it, holds the impact items, insertables, harnesses, ropes, oils, lubes, first aid kit, towels and cleaning supplies.  

It Isn’t The Tools It’s The Fem Dom 

Even with what seems to be a never ending bag `o tricks to choose from - it takes effort and a slightly twisted imagination, to keep it fresh and spicy Some of our best play sessions start out with something as simple as a deck of cards, edible markers or a roll of press and seal. An old straight-backed chair in the hands of a tinkering man, can be turned into the perfectly accessible kinky throne for a Queen. Add a few pillows and you have a most comfortable place to relax and enjoy the view.   

Lately, a gift of a set of D&D dice have been rolled into play, for everything from assigning punishment strokes, deciding how many cock rings to start with – or – my favorite.. throw the 20-sided die for the number of times he has to pound his meat without stopping, or blowing his load.  

The game can be infinite – add in a 10 sided die to your toss and determine how many stroking sets for the round. See? Simple, easy – with no big set up. Just seeing my lover shaking the bag of dice with a big-assed grin on his face, is all it takes to get me in the mood. 

Are You Kink Lite? 

I’m pretty sure that for some of you, presenting the ideas above might not thrill a more conservative partner, only you know how far you can push that envelope. However, one of the things I’ve learned throughout the years is, anything can be adjusted to fit, when you let your imagination take hold – and find your playful side. Stymied? You’re in luck, kinky Mistress Vivian knows how to re-boot your spicy side –  and  just a phone call away.


The Old Fem Dom is So Pleased Her Slut Hubby is Home

Welcome Home Slut Husband

Good Afternoon dear Readers! Today is unbelievably mild for August in Texas, its actually fit to go out in! A few days of refreshing rain has the whole city all green and my patch of purple flowers around the cedar trees is in its full glory and attracting the humming birds and bees. Yes indeed a very strange start to the normally Hotter that Hell season in N Texas.

The Bitch Is Back in Town!

Happy is The BDSM Mistress who’s slut submissive is back where he belongs, safe at Home. Sent down south to be of Service to the other half of our kinky family, it was the longest we’ve ever been apart in more than 15 years. Now you know the reason why Fem Domain and The Daily Cock Sucker haven’t been updated recently.  I was BUSY! Catching up, donchaknow. ;)

I must admit that the time apart, reminded me of how spoiled I am. There was, no driver, no house mouse, no geek and the most missed – no wingman – at my beck and call. There was no one to braid my hair, check the doors, tuck me in at night, or do the many other sweet things my beloved subbie does for me, each and every day. Time apart really will make you more thankful for the one you love.

The Fun Has Just Begun

Now that the lawns are mowed and the slut has been used like the whore he is, it’s time to go out and get our party on. And what a Party it is going to be! My special phonesex callers know the merry band of 20 somethings who come and drag old Miss Viv out of the house to shoot some pool and dance. Well tonight, it’s 9 ball, darts at the local Karaoke bar where we will be celebrating Crystal the Helper’s 20 something Birthday!

I know you fellows who have had the privilege of including Crystal in one of our naughty phone sessions will want to wish her the very best on her special day. So drop a comment here w/ your Birthday wishes.  

You’re Never Too Old to Become Younger

Mae West knew the truth, eh? Sadly, a night out on the town with the younger set may make me feel younger than springtime,  but there’s a downside to keeping up with all their energy – the next day. :)


BDSM Lifestyle Mistress Vivian Reminds You That Good Manners Should Never Go Out of Style

A Mature Fem Dom w/ a Voice From Your Past

Good Afternoon Kinky Peeps! It’s going to be another triple digit day in The Lone Star State, and that means this old Fem Dom is staying indoors. It also means it is the perfect day to catch up on my writing.

Today I’d like to speak about manners, or the lack there of.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T  Find Out What it Means To Me

Raised in the 50′s, respecting others – especially our elders – was taught to us from an early age. Growing up in suburban Long Island was a wonderfully special time, in the lost era of stay-at-home Moms. With vigilant eyes they saw when nonsense was brewing on the block, and nipped it in the bud. We knew that any disrespect or major stupidities by any of us - would be reported that day. Fear kept us in check, for the most part.

R-e-s-p-e-c-t  my Friends is the cornerstone of a civil society, and from that one principal springs the very best behaviors in humanity. Kindness, charity, politeness, sympathy, helpfulness and thoughtfulness, become the solid habits that form a nature with a strong character- that  serves you well – for a lifetime.

Oh The Times They Were A Changin’   

It didn’t take eons for the world to change so much. Twenty years after my birth, most Mothers were in the work force, divorce was common place and the next generations were left without supervision or guidance. What a shame that these days, most will come home to an empty house in a neighborhood, devoid of life.

Times may change, but when good nurturing ingrains itself deeply in a person, like it did me – sooner or later your manners become outmoded – and you are reduced to a blast from the past.

However, I hold fast to the niceties of life, so you’ll pardon me if I ask you to remove your greasy ball cap in my house. I may not be able to knock it off your head when you dine at The Olive Garden – tempting as it might be - but in my home – it’s my rules.

I stay hopeful that consistently requiring that small sign of respect, might be ingrained in my younger friends, thereby impressing anyone over the age of 45 – with their fine upbringing.

Yaknow – us  MILF types :)

The Last Bastion of Civility                     

When you join the Over 40 Ladies’ Club and maturity starts to kick in, reflection becomes a constant and the need for change is never far from the mind. Confidence allows you to take a chance on a dream – and it is wisdom gained from years of experience, that can recognizes trouble ahead, before it crosses your path.

Free from anyone to answer to, and accepting of my unconventional sexual needs, I found fulfillment and the perfect kinky partner, in the D/s lifestyle. It could have been a brief foray into kinky town, had it not been for the  structure of their society that valued and practiced old fashioned manners, the ones I missed so much.

BDSM  the last bastion of civility – No ball caps allowed!


Wanker Confessions. Bizarre & Weirdly Wonderful Places to Do The Horizontal Bop.


Good Evening Kinky Peeps!  Whobuddy it was another HOT day in Texas – we will hit triple digits before sunset for sure. Ah – Summer in the Lone Star State, when kinky old gals like me – crank the A/C levels down to meat hanging, and keep their still pert asses  inside after . . . → Read More: Wanker Confessions. Bizarre & Weirdly Wonderful Places to Do The Horizontal Bop.