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October 2016
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So? Did Ya Twitch? #TBT

It’s #TBT!
Talk about a Way Back throw back.  Miss Kelly and I spent a whole day taking nothing but feet and shoe pictures  in 2006. It was a special request from a client and we had so much fun.! Can you tell who’s tootsies belong to which feet? 


#TBT The sexiest feet on the planet

#TBT Did You Twitch?

Really, tell Miss Viv when you call.

#TBT  Did the picture make your meat twitch?

I’ve always known that guys lust after my feet, because it’s so obvious. Not to everyone, mind you – but to Women like me who  have slut bottom radar. That is why today’s #TBT highlights you darlings who crave  foot and leg  worship.

It is amazing how a simple kink like foot and leg worship can have so many sub-categories.  Just off the top of my head .. bare feet, polished toes, clad in stockings, sexy in thigh highs, unpolished tootsies, pumping hard on my  stationary bike, or even heading out on a road trip.

Do you have a favorite style?
Mistress Asks Would This Make YOUR cock twitch?


A Decade of Delicious Debauchery

Lifestle Mistress Vivian has been serving up her own style of delicious debauchery for a decade

A Decade of Delicious Debauchery

Dear sexy friends & erotic colleagues,

That time of the year has rolled around again! November marks the anniversary of the month I joined up with a most remarkable company, the LDW Group.

The evidence of that shows in our loyal caller base, stellar customer service ,  unsung techs, office staff and of course – our talented erotic entertainers. No business can be as successful as LDW, without a great management team to keep it running smoothly, and moving forward.

Living a Life of Delicious Debauchery

My 10 years at The House that Head Mistress Ally Built has gone far beyond a place to work, or get your rocks off. Confidences and confessions are safe to share, because we want to build a relationship and we value your privacy, above all else.

Where else could I stay immerced in a sensual world, filled with moaning and begging and accolades of devotion? Not many get to wake up each day, and know it isn’t going to be the same day as yesterday. Every day is new and pretty kinky.

Who wouldn’t want to have that kind of environment to ply a trade?

I’ve been a busy beaver preparing for the upcoming month, and will announce my Decade of Debauchery plans – very soon.

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MILF Mistress Vivian
The Empress of Happy Endings
A Connoisseur of Cum

Mistress’ Slut Buys An Anal Plug

Mistress Vivian directs her pet slut to buy an anal plug.

Buy an Anal Plug for Masturbation Fun!

Anal plug or Butt plug – call it what you wish, just remember if you are an ass jockey in my stable, you’ll need a few. One of my favorite play pets finally completed an assignment So tardy, he was punished – TWICE – for slow-walking Mistress.

The Nice Lady Would Be Happy to Help You Choose an Anal Plug

I’ve heard all the excuses under the sun, when assignments are overdue, and the #1 justification has a theme – it’s too humiliating, too shy, everyone knows his face .. yadda – yadda. However, one must temper punishment with understanding, especially when they have a pretty, pretty cock.

Then came the long awaited e-mail informing me that he got over his shyness and went shopping for and purchased the required sex toy. Good timing too, he was only a few days away from another round of punishment.

The 3rd Time Has No Charm

Having to repeat myself wears very thin, very fast. It is unusual for a submissive to get a 3rd whack at bat, but this tasty bit `o honey has mastered the art of spoiling his Fem Dom. Don’t think it’s all rainbows and lollipops for the slut, he is suffering.

All he is allowed until our next session, is to look at his brand-new anal plug and wonder if maybe he should have bought a size or two smaller. 😉

Serving Mistress In The Morning

A well trained submissive should know that Serving Mistress is about the details. From her favorite color to how she takes her coffee.

Serving Mistress in the Morning


When a submissive is Serving Mistress it’s all about the details. From her favorite color, to how she takes her coffee, a well-trained servant is a walking-talking single subject encyclopedia – about his adored Superior.

Celebrating The Bestest Bean

Because today is #NationalCoffeeDay, I thought I might wax poetic about my #1 favorite beverage – or as it is referred at The Casa: the brew that is true. Java juice has been a part of my life, since my Nanny put a few tablespoons of it in my morning milk.

“Just to take the chill off.” Is how she answered the naysayers.

Serving Mistress Her Coffee Properly

Coffee, and how to serve it properly has always been a part of my submissives’ training program. It is just one of the skills they will master, before being released from my care. Each step of the preparation and service is a chance to impress any perspective kinky partner, and her guests.

You might think that warming the china before pouring – is an unnecessary step. However,  that is  because you aren’t privy to all the compliments I expect to receive. Or would you show yourself to be a lazy thing, by not following the specific directions of – the only way to clean the pot?

For a submissive wearing my training collar, that would be a punishable offence, and humiliating for the both of us!

Why It Matters

One of the greatest wits of his time, Will Rogers once said – “You never get a second chance, to make a first impression.” and it is a truism I strive to instill in the lives of those in my care.

Sadistic Dacryphilia For Losers

Sadistic Dacryphilia Gets Your Mistress Hot

Sadistic Dacryphilia For Losers

I’ve written about dacryphilia before on Fem Domain, way back in 2011. Cry Me a River is the shortened version of the story about the first time I was gifted by a submissive, with his tears. It was when royboy drove from Oklahoma to Georgia to visit me at my home.
It remains one of my favorite stories to tell, and it is posted here.

Sadistic Dacryphilia. Paraphilia or Sexy Kink?

Dracryphilia is defined as, (i) sexual arousal from someone displaying strong emotion and/or (ii) sexual arousal from the emotional release that accompanies crying (i.e., an ‘emotional catharsis’). Paraphilias a condition characterized by abnormal sexual desires, typically involving extreme or risky activities.
Sounds like it’s both, eh? However, I balk at the use of the phrase “abnormal sexual desires.”

Turn on the Waterworks = Turn on Mistress Vivian

I listen for the telltale signs. The slight tremor and quick catch in his voice, tells me there could be tears on the way. I don’t necessarily start a session with the goal of making my caller cry, nor do I know what triggers might bring them on, but I do listen for the signs. And when – it turns me on Big Time.
Although I am a maternal and kind-hearted sort of Fem Dom, I will admit, when it’s a LOSER on the line and begging me to humiliate him, the Sadist in me comes out, and I am compelled to push that envelope.

Why Push?
Because I’m in charge & everyone needs a good cry – every so often.

Listen to Mistress

Mistress Vivian Sprinkles Her Sissy Magic

Try A Little Sissy Magic

What is Sissy Magic? Oh dear girls, it is a special session where we let our imaginations run wild. Nothing on this earth can limit us, when Miss Vivian puts on her white coat and Nurse Naughty helps you up on the exam table.

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