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January 2017
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Kinky Highlights of 2016 Part 1

Kinky Highlights Part 1

Kinky Highlights 2016

In my last post I called 2016 a tough bitch, but the year was also filled with some pretty kinky highlights. No big surprise, the conversations between an erotic telephone entertainer and her clients runs the full gambit of men’s’ desires. Other women may think they know how a man’s mind works – but the truth is, he is embarrassed by his needs – that he can only confess to me.

When those naughty secrets spill out in a breathy high voice, it’s clear another lost sissy girl needs some positive encouragement.

Mistress Vivian Makes a New Sissy Friend

It is always a treat when cross-dressers and sissy girls find their way to me. Most of you must know by now that I’ve been dressing men in Women’s clothes since Uncle Charlie had a bit too much to drink, and sat through a total transformation. It was a 1st experience that was imprinted on my young brain, which formed my life-long proclivity.

One of my favorite new sissy callers, Miss SL – is such an intriguing character! From our 1st session, we clicked, and became fast friends. Miss SL is a mature gal, with a passion for Victoria’s Secret braletts, cosmetics and luxurious facials. Like so many of my sissy friends, she has no one to share her womanly self with, except me.

Sissy’s Kinky Highlights

Kinky is such a subjective word, what might be wild to some, is mild for others. I may be quite jaded, but Miss SL’s search for perfectly arched eyebrows and growing collection ladies’ underwear is more than kinky, it’s shocking. That shock and disdain can be felt by the most closeted gender benders, turning something as harmless as lace panties – oh so kinky.

I can’t allow closed-minded voices to impede Miss SL’s goal to live out the rest of her life as the Woman she was meant to be. Using gentle encouragement and simple assignments to bolster confidence, she has exceeded all my expectations.

Listen to Miss Vivian 

Sometimes kinky, is just being your own true self!

Good Bye 2016! you Tough Old Bitch

I can say without reservations, 2016 was one tough bitch of a year!  You may have noticed your Mistresses has been rather scarce this past month. Real life has a way of slowing you down, whether you like it or not.  And slow me down it has..

My mornings have become very busy with household and family affairs, that unfortunately can’t always be planned in advance.  I’ll be posting a new schedule of available hours for sessions and how you can arrange an appointment.

After a Christmas week filled with fun, family, friends and foods, mr. roy and I will be having a quiet New Year celebration. So you know that means, I’ll be taking your calls – between glasses of bubbly.

I hope that you all have a safe and wonderful New Year!

The Submissive Collar When It’s More Than Fashion

Lifestyle Mistress shares what it means to wear a Submissive Collar

A BDSM Submissive Collar Is More Than Fashion

Mistress was thinking that the time is right for a discussion about the submissive collar. Within our BDSM social circles, collaring a submissive – isn’t taken lightly. I have worn the collar of my Master and collared only one, my beloved royboy.

What is a Submissive Collar?

For us as a couple the collar is an outward symbol of our life-long commitment, made 18 years ago. The thick black leather I fastened around his neck that day, was private and not for display in the `nilla world. A year later when we married, we exchanged rings made from my Grandmother’s gold watch, and fashioned into miniature chain collars.

What a Submissive Collar Has Meant to Me

For me, the collar has been a forever obligation. Even after being released from Master’s feet, I continued to care for him as a friend. The day he called me in need, I didn’t hesitate and packed my bags.

That same kind care – rang our doorbell last week.

There, standing under the portico was a blast from the past, was one of my and favorite houseboys – brucie. He had only worn my Training collar for a year, but when he heard royboy was ill, he drove up from Dallas to see if he could be of service. No need to ask me twice!

For 5 days he chauffeured and caught up the laundry, leaving my home tidy and happy. That kind of bond goes far beyond fashion.

Listen To Mistress Vivian

The Mistress Treats Just Keep on Coming!

 Vivian is Celerbrating 10 years of phone sex fun and offering Mistress Treats

Get Your Mistress Treats!

I’ve been having so much fun handing out Mistress Treats and speaking with clients from as far back as 2008. That is the reason I’ve extended my special 20 for 10 Anniversary Special through Sunday.

Full details are on the previous post.

I wonder what naughty confessions you will bring to me today…  Just call 1-800-356-6169 and ask for Vivian’s 20 for 10 special. Open calls Only,

Tuesday Free Treat for Phonesex Fans


Howdy phonesex fans! Your Mistress has returned from an unexpected trip to Miss Pink and P Daddy’s Round House. I tell you friends, there’s something oh so special about soaking nakid in a hot tub in the middle of the woods. So quiet and peaceful – until the donkey down the road gets to braying!

Miss Vivian's Tuesday Special

A Treat For phonesex Fans From Lifestyle Mistress Vivian

This 1 is 4 My Phonesex Fans

Hot tub notwithstanding, I was pretty bummed – having to travel, when I had such fun plans for my 10th Anniversary celebration. But – one must do what one must do – for me, that means a treat for all the phonesex fans – from 18 to 80 – brand new, jaded, kinky or plain ole horny.

You’ve Never Called an Erotic Telephone Entertainer?

Talk about a special treat when your 1st ever – bust your cherry – erotic call, is to the Ladies of LDW.
Today Only – Unless I Change My Mind. 😉

All Open 20 minute calls – billed as 10
You must be 18+ w/ CC Verification

Miss Viv Asks … Are You a Shy Fellow?

TBT Slut Stevie a Gayboy Tale

The Gayboy Playground


Two days in a row, I’ve been asked – Miss Vivian, do you like gayboys? Like them? I ADORE the lil buggers.

They were my social circle from age 18, until I left NY in my late 20’s. No more clubbing, Bloomies or trips to Fire Island, deep in . . . → Read More: TBT Slut Stevie a Gayboy Tale