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May 2016
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Masturbation May. Making Merry With Your Man Meat.

Masturbation May is in Full Stroke

Masturbation May 2016


Happy Masturbation May to all my dick diddlers! Do you know what kind of guided masturbation phone sex session I adore the most? You might think it’s when I command you NOT to cum – however I’m quite the opposite. I am The Empress of Happy Endings and it is my firm belief is that emptying your balls – regularly, is both physically and mentally healthy.

Masturbation May  Its Good & Good For You

I’ve written about both the benefits of masturbation and the reasons why dumping your load of cum in a dirty sock, is so very wasteful to a parsimonious ole gal like myself. When you resist my encouragement, knowing that licking up your mess would PLEASE your Mistress – I think back to all the cocks I sucked dry in my long life – and any hesitation to follow through , really vexes me.

Making Mistress Happy

So when it comes to  guided masturbation sessions – my favorite kind has to be when you are whacking your willie on the video cam! It feeds the nasty voyeur in me – and watching you slow-strip and showing off your man meat with pride, gets my panties damp. ~happy sigh~ I can just lean back in my big blue chair and direct every stroke, pinch, slap and torment your rock hard cock.

All the edging and the suffering   can pus a stroking slut in a vulnerable position, easier to manipulate and very susceptible to suggestion. Will he please the Mistress? When  the squirting  is over, and his hand is filled with goo – is he going to be good stroker boy and lick it all up – or will he be a pussy and hang up real fast?

Either way – Mistress gets what she wants.

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Mature Mistress Vivian Memories of May Day

Mature Mistress Vivian writes about her May Day Memories

May Day Memories from a Mature Mistress

When a Mature Mistress slides past the 60 mark, memories of growing up can often seem like ancient history to the younger generations – and sometimes, and even me. I remember.
Pedal Panties, B&W TV, a well-execution curtsy, men in white shirts and black ties, and even vague remembrances of childhood May Days.

Answering Today’s Burning Question.

What Is May Day, oh Wise and Mature Mistress Vivian?

The earliest May Day festival was back in pre-Christian times, but today I will explore the 1st of May celebrations, traditions and dancing around the May Pole in our modern times.
The reasons and symbolism of the holiday are murky at best, but many anthropologists believe that the maypole is simply a part of general rejoicing and a welcome to summer and the first signs of new crop growth.

Memories of the Maypole – Before There Was a Mature Mistress.

You may not be able to see the sweet girlie, in my sexy pictures, I was a tiny cotton head, the 1st time I danced around the maypole with my classmates, much to the delight of our parents. I remember how much fun it was, with all the girls in pretty white dresses and brightly colored ribbons. The memory of those years are so dim; I had to go to Wikipedia for the details.

Do the Dance!

The dance is performed by pairs of boys and girls (or men and women) who stand alternately around the base of the pole, each holding the end of a ribbon. They weave in and around each other, boys going one way and girls going the other and the ribbons are woven together around the pole until the merry-makers meet at the base.

While doing the research, I found a video that reminded me the best, of the May Days of days gone by and my very 1st pole dance.

 Are You Ready To Get It Up For Masturbation May?

Masturbation May is Almost Here!

Masturbation May will start tomorrow the 1st and run all month long. You won’t want to miss a single one of the daily blog posts from the Mistresses of LDW!

Join in the fun of Masturbation May

Masturbation May!


So whatever you call masturbation.

• Pounding your penis
• Choking the Chicken
• Stroking a Hot Rod

What if you have a tiny tool?
• Jerkin’ your Gherkin
• Doing the Two finger Tango

Or what if you call a Clit?

• Rubbin’ your Nubbin’
• Slapping the slit

May is the month for masturbating maniacs – and we know that means Y’all.

Here’s what Cock Control has planned – so far.

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Not a Member? Registration is fast and free to join our kinky community that has grown to over 4500 members – including the Mistresses and LDW Staff, they adore.

I bet you can hardly wait to hear your Mistress say.

On your mark
Get Ready

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The Prodigal Slut Returns or Be Careful What You Wish For

The Prodigal Slut Returns –  it is a story as old as time – but with a kinky twist. It happens often enough to be worthy of note,  when a regular caller burns up your phone sex line, and then POOF – he’s MIA.  You know Mistress worries!

A slut returns to serv e his Mistress

Be Careful What You Wish For ..

Because you just might get it!

That is what happened when my most loyal of sluts, begged to be punished – and Punished HARD. I understand the need for pain, how it clears the mind of worthless guilt and pumps up all those wonderful endorphins.

Please Mistress, the slut begged – don’t hold back, I’ve been an inattentive ass-hat.

Pain Is A Subjective Thing

In real life I like nothing better than letting my arm out all over  an eager masochist. However, when the play is happening via a webcam session – a BDSM Mistress knows that extra caution is called for – even if it is session # 52 and the slut is the one swinging the paddles.

It was a new request –  this wasn’t going to be the usual bit of spanky-wankie. He said that he needed to suffer deeply – in a way that only his Mistress could bring. We reviewed the Green – Yellow – Red system of Safe Words, and reminded him once again – martyrdom, is not attractive to me, and stupid will be punishable by -banishment.

When You Order A Can Of Whoop Ass

GREEN GREEN GREEN he hollered with every new grouping of strikes, and  panted like hound dog, waiting for more. Oh what a pig for the pain he was that night ..  whimpering and wiggling his very colorful bottom, and begging me not to stop.

 Without Controls –  Power is Risk

He was flying high, nearing a place I have seen 100 times before – I call it .. The Edge of Stupid. It is the point where the Top knows it’s time to wrap it up, even if the submissive doesn’t.  Sitting his hot slut ass on the cold basement floor, made him cry out in pain. I tried not to laugh, but I am a Sadist. 😉

It was time to stroke! With his cock aimed right at his whore mouth – he hardly lasted 4 pumps, before he was splattering thick jizz all over his face, and screaming his Devotion for his Mistress.

I was VERY Proud of my pain pup, and I told him so.  He had taken more than any other of my phone sex clients, and I was sure the 4 hour drive the next day would be enough of a reminder.

MIA Again!

It is just his pattern  the big fun time – and then guilt. Many men who call are fighting against their true natures. They are good men, hard workers and loving husbands, they have  deep needs and tightly held secrets, and they need to be used, and stay on track.

I wouldn’t know for weeks, that his disappearance had nothing to do with the big can of whoop-ass –  and everything to do about his own personal remorse. Once again he is back, and begging for more, because – as he said – Mistress Vivian gave him what he begged for – and it was gooood.

Never worry dear stroker-boys – no matter how far away your roam, or how long you’ve been gone – your Mistress will welcome you back and all it’s costs is a small piece of your pride.

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Chore Days For The House Slut


Howdy y’all it’s House Slut Chore Days over here at the Casa de Kinky this weekend. Now now, I can almost hear your moans of discontent, all the to Texas, because for most of you, the thought of having to spend a weekend being ordered around – just isn’t your idea of fun.

Fun For a BDSM Mistress Means Fun For the House Slut

Imagine if you will, what it’s like to be my houseboy.

I’m a very busy Mistress, and I don’t always have time to pay attention to every little thing around here, but when it’s chore days, my submissive is as eager as a pup, to get started.

Keeping Your Mind Focused on Your Mistress

Earlier today, because of my workload – I kept it simple and just added a few reminders of who he Serves. Starting with four brass cock rings and satin robe, he got busy building a new computer, and I got busy catching up on my writing. Every time I finished another item on my list, I added another reminder with additional cock rings.

Meanwhile Back at The Casa

The fun hasn’t ended yet this evening .. I’m about done with my busy work today, but I couldn’t end the day – without showing you the drawing my darling slut did, to show my fans – my penis bondage handiwork.

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Cock Binding

The House Slut Gets His Cock All Pretty


So what are YOU doing this weekend?

I’m taking your sweet & nasty Phonesex calls till the wee hours!


No Joke! There Are So Many Names For Masturbation



Jerking Until Your Fist Cramps?


Masturbation –  A Joking Matter?

Hell Yeah! What do you call a man who doesn’t masturbate? A liar! 🙂

It didn’t take working in the phone sex industry for me to understand how much time and effort a man spends – stroking his meat, but . . . → Read More: No Joke! There Are So Many Names For Masturbation