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September 2017
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Flashback Friday 2015 – A Caring Fem Dom

Vivian a Caring Fem Dom 1-800-356-6169

Auntie Viv – A Caring Fem Dom.

Dear Readers,
It has been a difficult 8 weeks for your sexy older Fem Dom, but with some wonderful TLC & one rocking Doctor who knows her medications, I’m feeling stronger & more energetic. New glasses are making  reading & typing so much easier, but I’ve been cautioned to take breaks from the computer screen.  Yes Doc – I set an alarm. 🙂

I want to thank all of you who have sent healing thoughts, funny notes and all around well wishes. I’ve missed my man sluts & sissy girls & hope this post finds you all safe & happy.

Following Doctor’s Orders, instead of hours to write something brand new, I pulled up a post from 2015 for your reading pleasure. Do drop a Hello in the comments & tell me how y’all are doing.


Auntie V.

Your Search For a Caring Fem Dom to Serve

You Can Teach an Old Bitch New Tricks

Need an Old Bitch? Call 1-800-356-6169

An Old Bitch has a savage attitude – and heart of gold

You Can Teach an Old Bitch New Tricks

Giving is easy. However being on the receiving end of a kindness too huge to accept, would take genuine graciousness.

I had so many concerns about the future, and laid them out. What if I couldn’t walk her as much as she needed? My Son offered to take over her evening stroll.

What if she got sick and I couldn’t drive that day? Auntie Kelly would be my lifeline for that, and she would help me through the 1st weeks of new puppy chaos.One by one, my arguments were shot down, and I let myself hope a little.

Half of my village went with me to meet her again. She looked right at me when I said “Hello, pretty girl,” then launched herself onto the bench and licked my ear. Instant LOVE 🙂

Sometimes it Takes a Village

Every reason not to adopt were overcome and before I had filled out the paperwork, Parole the Pup went into full swing. I had no idea that plans had been in the works from the day I rescued her.

Fencing materials and muscle showed up early the next morning. They got right to work clearing out dead wood, installing gates, digging postholes, stringing wire and were finished by noon. Then the 2nd wave showed up with a pick up filled with everything she would need; food, a crate, bedding, a pretty pink collar and lots of toys.

Everything was in place and I was thrilled to be able to rescue her a second time, and take Sugar Cookie to her forever home.

Welcome to the Pack from the Old Bitch to the New

Since she is my 1st puppy, you can imagine how much time and effort it takes to have a well-mannered companion. We have kept her close to home, working on not jumping, or nipping and keeping her baby razor teeth busy on toys, and not the Momma.

She weighed 7 lbs. the day she was adopted, and 2 months later – almost 20. She grew bigger than I expected, is more Jack Russell than hound, and our bond gets stronger week by week. I am a most fortunate person, so loved by so many that my eyes still well up when I look at her sleeping at my feet. It was meant to be; the old bitch has a new companion.

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Life Isn’t All Hot Phone Sex & Smutty Blogs

Smutty Blogs by Miss Viv 1-800-356-6169

Where Smutty Blogs Are Made

Much More Than Smutty Blogs

FYI guys … every day at The Enchantrix Empire – isn’t all hot phone sex and smutty blogs. I think most every one of our Erotic Entertainers would agree with that statement. In our unique world; we have Mistresses with beautiful singing voices, gifted dancers, Grad students, nurses, and that’s just the short list.

As you might expect, our hobbies are as diverse – as the wide range and tones of our voices. I’m sure you’ve wondered – what does Mistress enjoy doing when she is home, and not teasing you to madness on the phone. You’ll figure it out pretty quick … read on.

Part 1 of my story begins two months ago, when …

The Universe Left an Unexpected Gift

Bright white with tan markings, she was caught in the fence next door, covered in flees and howling at the indignity of her situation. She was so adorable, with a pink nose and soft brown eyes – when I handed her over to Animal Control, I cried.

I could hear the officer soothing her, calling her sweet girl as they disappeared down the driveway. I felt horrible, but I didn’t have a choice. Making snap decisions about a pair of over-priced CFM pumps is one thing – but to take on the care of a living creature, that’s a promise for life.

Still I ached, for the want of her.

When You Are Old Enough for Your Wants Not to Hurt You

Little by little the practicality of it all kicked in. It would mean big changes in the household, our kinky social life, and most of our free time. There would be costs for fencing improvements – in order to pass inspection, pre-payment for spaying and fees for the adoption, it was strating to add up fast.

To make it really bat crap crazy, we’d only have 3 days to get it all done. It seemed impossible.

It just isn’t prudent, I told my friends and family. They looked as disappointed as I was; they had been so encouraging while I struggled to make a decision. I thought all was lost – but I didn’t know there was a whole village ready, willing and able to help.

To be continued in Part 2
Sometimes it Takes a Village

Men Need Cock Control by Guest Blogger Eva

Men Need Cock Control by Guest Blogger Eva

Cock control @ work

Hi, guys! My name is Eva, and Ms. Viv has invited me to write some guest blogs on Fem Domain. I’m so super-excited to be here and contribute. Thanks, Ms. Viv!

Anyway, let’s get on into the reason we’re here, shall we? Let’s talk about cock control and why men need it.

Why Do Men Need Cock Control?

And make no mistake about it; men DO need cock control, whether they realize it or not. Young, old, black, white, religious, atheist, whatever: They all need it. Yes, every single one of them. Yes, even you!

Why, you ask? Well, the old saying about men not having enough blood to operate their brains and their cocks at the same time is a good enough place to start. Men’s desire to cum often overrides their good sense, and that’s the sort of thing that needs to be controlled for the good of all society, if you ask me. Otherwise, men will be running wild and acting like fools, and let’s not have that, ok?

Your Masturbation Needs Control Too

It’s not just that, though. Many men also have a bit of a masturbation problem…as in, they do it entirely too much. In order to rein in this obsession and keep them from become masturbation addicts–which, in turn, ensures that they’ll never enjoy either masturbation OR sex as well as they otherwise could–a bit of cock control (with some edging and tease and denial thrown in for good measure) is undoubtedly called for.

There are other reasons men need cock control, too, but the above reasons are the most important ones. If you’d like to read more about my theories on cock control phone sex, check in again next month, as I plan on writing several more guest blogs for Ms. Vivian this month!

Thanks Ms Eva! It’s always a pleasure to have your thoughts on any kinky subject, here on Fem Domain. 

Will You Obey Mistress the First Time?

You will Obey Mistress Vivian & Call 1-800-356-6169

Will You Obey Mistress?

Will You Obey Mistress?

The topic today is – will you obey Mistress the 1st time? Or is all that begging to be controlled, just a momentary surge of raw lust that dies with your first spurt of jizz? Come closer; wana-be-cum-eaters, closeted cross-dressers, or fellows who ache to suck cock, yet still don’t own a dildo.

Listen with both ears, because Mistress Vivian is on the hunt for runts. Runts I said, not alpha beasts, switches with inflated egos, or `nilla guys waxing poetic about their oral skills – as if they hold the secrets, hidden within the folds. They may be panting and moaning and satisfied in that moment, but a runt relives the experience, craving direction, closeness and a chance to prove he can be more, than he ever expected of himself.

Life Could Be a Dream – if You Obey Mistress

A bottom runt is like a lap dog – calmly waiting nearby for his Mistresses’ voice to command him. The ardor he feels is real, his gratitude is genuine, for the thing that has alluded him for too many years – a person to trust. Poor runts, many live out quiet lives of desperation, yearning to shout from the rooftops what you really are– but too scared to even whisper the words.

Be All You Can Be

A runt lives for Mistress’ encouragement, kindness and guidance – and can grow into his true nature. With time and consistency, a runt can claim his place in the world, despite all the years of self-loathing. Nothing could please this Mistress more, then seeing bravado become real confidence and the runt of the litter takes his rightful place as the Big Dawg.

Let’s Talk Dicks. Are You A Size Queen?

Are You a Size Queen?

I have to ask, are you a size queen? It never fails that when I am doing an encouraged cock sucking session, the caller’s fantasy is all about how bigly it is. Is it a given that bigger is better?

How many inches makes a size queen?

Personally, . . . → Read More: Let’s Talk Dicks. Are You A Size Queen?