April 2015
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The MILF Mistress and The Giantess

A Full 12 Foot of Amazon Beauty

Mistress’ Sexy Blonde Giantess GF

Hidy Ho and a happy Spring y’all! I have been remiss with my writing, but I have been enjoying the beautiful weather, in my garden and out shopping. Spring has my mind all muddled and I find myself drifting off, daydreaming of faraway places.

MILF Mistress Vivian Travels Far and Wide

It’s been years since I’ve traveled far from home, outside of my dreams. However there was a time when our adult web business took us road-tripping across the states, attending industry events and meeting some very fascinating folk.

Picture San Diego right before sunset – there’s a cocktail party in full swing around the pool, but I opt for quiet darkness, and grab a seat at the bar. Slipping in next to a lanky blonde, a fading beam of sunlight made her hair into a golden glowing halo.

The Girl Gab Tangents

Laying claim to the best seat in the house, we both smiled when she turned saying hello in a rich alto, and held out her hand. Did I gasp? Maybe, but I know I hesitated, before offering mine. I took a closer look at my new drinking buddy, and figured by the way her hand swallowed up mine, she could be the tallest gal I’ve ever met.

Releasing my hand. she laughed and said – Marcy and I am 6 foot 2 – eyes of blue. But she was so much more. By the 2nd round we were jabbering like old friends and swapping tales of naughty escapades. Hers on the film set smothering grateful men and mine as a BDSM Lifestyle Fem Dom.

A Real Life Giantess?

Neither of us could skip out on meetings, it was the last night of the event and made plans to meet for brunch. We both stood up, me hopping off the high stool and Marcy ..

Marcy didn’t just stand up, she unfolded herself, totally blocking my field of vision and giving me a touch of vertigo when I craned my neck to look up at her. That first meeting led to a friendship that has lasted the past 8 years.

We may not meet face to face – or should I say nose to belly button – but we still Skype every few months – and she appears in my dreams, standing 12 feet tall and lording over the tiny men of Giantess Island.

If my sexy Amazon comes to play in my dreams again – I’ll have a story to tell.


A BDSM Mistress Always Shares Her Very Best

2 Mistress Sessions. Double the Fun but Not Double the $

What a Tease!
Approved for Sharing.

Hello Friends!  I got a wee bit distracted tidying up files on our server, and found a folder filled with buff men –  So Tasty – I just had to share a favorite. I’m just that kinda gal – giving.

Even if you aren’t into guys, you have to agree – he’s a hunk! Next post, a pic for the hetero dudes. :)

When Your Mistress Invites a Friend to Play

What goes through your mind? Is it fear, pride, excitement. or lust? Could be that all of those emotions wash over a submissive who lives to please and amuse. What I would like you to know, is … if you are chosen to show off for 2 Mistress – it means your Fem Dom knows you won’t disappoint.

Ready to Prove You a True Show-off Slut?

Then get out your toys, slip on some sexy undies and get ready to fire up your cam, and Mistress will inspect the goods and run you through your paces. How well you follow directions and move your body will determine if you are worthy of the attention of 2 Superior Women.

Adding The Perfect Playmate

Knowing your tastes and kinky proclivities well, you can trust that whichever Erotic Entertainer your Mistress chooses, will delight in your antics and bring a new and exciting dimension your video cam session. Our group is unique in the industry, when it comes to communication and comradely – with our callers and each other. That uniqueness means we are able to find the perfect match for you. Not sure? Just ask Help My Cock.



Where Oh Where For Art Thou MILF Mistress Vivian?

Lost Without Your Mistress?

Lost Without Your Mistress?

Good Afternoon Dear Readers! Thank you for all the e-mails asking after me. It gives me a lovely warm feeling knowing that not only do you notice when I’m gone, but that you have real concerned about your Mistress and care for me. Y’all Rock! I’m feeling MUCH better after being forced to rest and rejuvenate.

Rut Ro!  Beware Mistress Viv is Full of Vim

After a week in bed, all I want to do is get back to  controlling my horny phone sex sluts, before they get into some naughtiness. Yes, gents, I know you very well – give you an inch and you’ll want 8. I wonder if that’s what you’ve been fantasying about … your favorite MILF with her favorite strap-on cock – cinched tight, and pressing at your tight hole? Perhaps that’s not your cuppa kink ..  so tell me what is.

What Floats Your Kinky Boat?

In the 7 years of entertaining men of every ilk – and 20 years in the BDSM Lifestyle – you’d think I had heard or seen it all, but you fellows can still surprise me. From cocks too small to see - to guys jerking off on the hood of their cars, your imagination and needs are as varied as snowflakes. Sure there’s some commonality – like you loving your dicks so much you can’t keep your hands off them and your passion for showing off on cam – but no 2 sessions, are ever the same.

Erotic Phone Sex or Casual Conversation?

So what’s your pleasure? We can get down and dirty – or chat about what ever is on your mind.  Either way, we promise – it will be the experience that you need and have been searching for. Pick up the phone and let’s get the party started! :)


The Empress of Happy Endings


A D/s Lifestyle Fem Dom Always Has Her Rules


The Empress of Happy Endings Has Rules

The 6 Rules of Wanking


Hello dear sluts – most of you may know me as MILF Mistress Vivian, but to many happy prick pounders – I am, The Empress Of Happy Endings. Today I am going to set all you tease and denial strokers – straight, about this old gal. You may as well know what you are getting yourself into, when you call for a T&D session.


How About We Call It  –  Tease & Delay?

YES! I love to say no- no- no- and hear you beg – but to me, that is just part of the fun.
 Imagine this …

You standing on the precipice of passion after your hands and muddled mind were manipulated for our mutual pleasure, and without any release, over and over again. I ask you ..Why spend so much time reeling out hot erotic tease – hearing mournful pleading, soulful whimpering and all that Cock Edging & Jerking – and not pump out, The BiG Finish?

Keep reading mister man; this Fem Dom Has Rules for you to consider, before picking up the phone.

Don’t think for a second that I won’t know if you are diddling your dickie without permission, while we are conversing. It one behavior I find VERY rude and it will not be tolerated. Mangle your meat- before the pleasantries are over, and you will likely find yourself sitting on your hands- while Mistress explains to you … 

  • 6 Fem Dom Rules Of Wanking
    Cover that willie up! Slip on some boxers, or borrow your Wife’s panties Mistress likes to unwrap her gifts herself.
    No  Touching! Remember your manners, and ask permission before you grab up that unruly trouser snake.
    Announce It! Say it loud and proud when your prick has met optimum hardness by saying; my meat is hard for YOU, Miss Viv.
    Keep  Edging. That NUT is Mine. Mistress will tell you when and where, to Blow your load.
    Call My Name. It is music to a Fem Dom’s ear, the growing crescendo that promises a robust and shattering climax of lust and devotion.
    Now Relax.Catch your breath before you gush out your praise and devotion. Float on that wonderful buzz for a few moments, before you have to bid your Mistress farewell, and let the real world in.


Are you are ready to put the control of your cock into the hands of a connoisseur of cum?

Call the Empress of Happy Endings, Vivian at 800-601-6975 and give over to your secret desires.


Your Search For a Caring Fem Dom to Serve

He who gives great service gets great rewards.

He who gives great service gets great rewards.

Hey there, fellas. Are you seeking that special someone, in the new year? The person who will listen to your darkest fears and joyful moments? That woman who will brighten your path in life with her warm words as you walk along? Want that wonderful, one-of-a-kind experience that you can only get with the right sort of mature lady?

Caring Control From a Sensual Dominate

Well then, you have certainly come to the right destination. I care about each and every single one of you who call me. I know that I am not simply providing a small service, but helping fulfill your deepest needs. And in doing so, I’m also fulfilling some of my own because I just don’t feel right without having a gentleman or two in my life who are in need of guidance from yours truly. Such is the life of a giving soul and BDSM Mistress.

Put The Control of Your Cock Into The Hands of a Professional

I’m here to revel in your accomplishments with you, and to scold you when you fall out of line. I just want to help keep you focused on the right track, something that has been lacking in the past. Sometimes that requires a gentler hand and sometimes a firmer one. But either way, you can be sure that you’ll get the sort of direction that you need. After all, who better to tell give you advice and keep your spirits up than a MILF with plenty of life experience?

Shy? Mistress Thinks That’s Adorable!  Nervous? Let’s Call it Excitement!

Don’t feel anxious about whether you should talk or not. Don’t worry about your fears and doubts, I keeps those under lock and key – just for us. Confess it all to me,  you can believe that there is little I haven’t heard before – and very little shocks me. After I have dug out your proclivities  then I’ll decide what we should do with it…together. That’s the best way to handle anything in my book. Two heads are always better than one.

Go on precious – take a chance  on us both. Caring Control could set you free.


MILF Mistress’ New Year’s Resolutions

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Good Afternoon Dear Readers and a Happy New Year to ALL! Ours was a mellow ringing in of the New Year, a few bottles of the bubby with my dear submissive husband and off to bed by 1 AM.  Still, at . . . → Read More: MILF Mistress’ New Year’s Resolutions