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SPH – Heaping Sexually Delicious Humilaition All Over Your Tiny Penis




Ms Delia’s SPH Mantras


Good Afternoon Kinky Peeps! Its a grey day in Texas today, a perfect time to catch up on reading some of the blogs here in the Enchantrix Empire. They are always a good read, but sometimes they are so amusing, I get inspired.  For instance, today. I popped over to Beg For Mistress, and I couldn’t stop laughing. Ms Delia’s list of Mantras for small dicked males, just cracked me up and inspired me to focus on all you fellows with tiny tiny tools.


How Small a Penis is  Just Too Small?

I’ve said this many times, but it bears repeating … before I began my career as an Erotic Telephone Entertainer, I never knew dicks came in XX Small. Imagain my surprise the 1st time I saw a hard cock, no bigger than my thumb. I felt such sympathy for the poor fellow, me not knowing he would get off on being humiliated about his less than manly meat. It was an eye-opening experience that allowed me to really enjoy laughing at his per-dick-a-mint.

A Rose By Any other Name …

I think the most enjoyable part of having a mini-wiener in my clutches is pulling out every silly and emasculating phrase I can think of to remind him of what every Woman has thought about him since he 1st tried to get in their pants. Naturally other gals might find some excuse not to go on date #3 – never mentioning that they could tell you had nothing worth playing with in your trousers.  Not me guys .. I know a dick by any other name – ain’t gona be so sweet.

SPH Mantras for Dickless Wonders

Ms Delia’s post really got me to thinking …

What mantras could I assign to those pencil dicks, who crave attention in any form .. even humiliation? What words, spoken while you look at yourself in the mirror – could pound <g> home your inadequacies. Lets see if these phrases roll off your tongue like honey.

  • My cock will never satisfy a Real Woman.
  • My dick is so small even prostitutes won’t fuck me for money.
  • My puny penis is so small – it  should be in pink panties.
  • When my Mistress laughs at my tiny tool, it makes me hard.
  • I am not worthless I can always stand as a bad example.

Now grab a hand mirror and look at that poor excuse for a penis and repeat your mantra.

What fun!

You do know that All the Mistress are laughing at you! Don’t you? We love to Tease You!




Mature Mistress Wraps Up November 2014

Mature Mistress Vivian

Y’all Rock!
Mistress Rules

Good Afternoon dear Readers!  Here I am, risen from my turkey coma, sipping an icy cold eggnog and thinking back over this auspicious November. My 7th Anniversary Celebration has been so well received, additional free calls were added to the original 50 and I’ve decided to do it again next year!

But I’m getting ahead of myself – the month isn’t over yet.

Our lingering guests are gone, the house all tidy and neat and there’s a delicious breeze through the open window here in my workspace. The neighborhood seems to be in a mellow mood too, no building noises, garage band jams, not even a single yip from the dogs across the ally. ~happy sigh~ The old Mistress can chill for awhile.

A perfect day for sexy daydreams.

I don’t remember putting my book aside to stare out the window, but time just drifted away, along with my mind.  Was it my imagination, or did I really hear the sound of a big block Chevy rumbling down my street? The sound of a muscle car power shifting, could be heard a half mile away, and sent a flood of memories washing over me.

Aerodynamics are for people who can’t build engines.

Closing my eyes, I tried to dig up the reason a quote from Enzo Ferrari would pop into my brain – just as the roar of the familiar engine squealed around the corner. I didn’t have to look to know what vehicle was pulling up my long driveway. Hell I could smell it – running too rich and scattering loose gravel in its wake.

There’s been one person in my life who drove a monster machine with so much disregard for peddle and paintjob – than Mister Mason.  Madman, mason, tin-knocker, he was big and blonde and 20 years my senior. I must be dreaming, the man who showed me what great sex is, left the living – decades ago.

Hang Tight sweet cheeks!

How I adored his pet names for me! And just like that, I was back in the 70’s sitting next to him in the tuxedo black`69 Chevelle – laughing and screaming as the g-forces pushed me back into the bucket seat.  The sun was setting behind us, I didn’t know and didn’t care where he was taking me, I would have followed him to the ends of the earth. He, like his car – was a force to be reckoned with.

One Man So Many Firsts

We are here, he whispered in my ear, and kissed down my neck. Giggling I sat up and looked out the window. Off the beaten path and surrounded by old oak trees, I could see the glow of a fire a distant clearing. He scooped me up, carrying me through the underbrush without effort, placing me on a palette of quilts, before kissing me deeply and stripping me bare.

The moonless night sky was a riot of stars – the woods quiet, except for the sounds of a crackling fire and wanton lovemaking, echoing across years.  I didn’t want it to end, this  memory wrapped in a daydream, but I had to snap out of my revelry – and get busy with the present – teasing you horny guys and sissy gurls.


Celebration Ends 11/30

Celebration Ends 11/30



Hump Along w/ Princess Andi and MILF Mistress Vivian

24-7 Sexy Adult Radio

24-7 Sexy Adult Radio



Good Afternoon fellow Kinksters! We had such a great time at our last Hump Day Nooner, that Miss Andi and I are going to do it again, tomorrow @ 12 P Eastern.  I’ll be hopping on The Cock to bring you all the news and events around The Empire and along with one of my a Blast from Vivian’s Past, playlists. 

Double Your Mistress Pleasure  

The lovely Princess Andi will be our official Chat Hostess, and we all know from past chats, we never know which one of our Mistress Friends will pop in for some fun too! You’ve been wanting to get up close and personal with the Empresses of the Empire, now here’s your chance.

A Time For Giving Thanks

Are you especially thankful for something wonderful this year?  Drop either one of us an email and share your biggest blessing or sweetest memory of 2014. Just a scant few paragraphs to share with our listeners on-air – will do fine.  

Are you a member of The Enchantrix Empire? Yes? Please use your EE nick in the subject line.

You aren’t a member? Come visit our 4500 + growing, adults only community of like-minded folk.

Registration is fast, free and everyone 18+ older is welcome to participate. Please remember our – No naughty bits – picture policy.

 Tune In! Tomorrow’s Show is SFW

We would love for everyone tune in – even at work, so tomorrow’s Hump Day Nooner Broadcast will be a lil bit naughty – but not nasty. Invite a Friend and introduce them to the only radio station on the net, under the control of the Superior Women you adore. 

See you tomorrow @ Noon for some Humpin’ Good Radio!


Balancing Your BDSM Lifestyle and Everyday Life

Lifestyle Fem Dom Vivian 800-601-6975

Finding Your BDSM Balance

Good Afternoon from Nippley Texas! Yes, the freeze has settled in, and so has this chilly ole gal.  Here’s a snapshot of today at The Casa de Kinky .. there’s a fire burning in the front parlor, chili simmering on the stove, and the slut husband is tinkering in the hobby room. To the outside world, we two are the very picture of domestic bliss – and early retirement.

BDSM Behind Closed Doors  

What a person outside of our kink-aware circle of friends won’t notice, is the subtle dynamic of Power Exchange- that permeates our home. There is no way of anyone knowing, that the burly block of a man soldering points on a circuit board, has a plug up his slut ass, and thigh highs underneath of his jeans. 

We have learned that it takes so little to keep the kink alive in our loving relationship, and that every time we play – doesn’t have to be a 3-ring circus that ends with a grand finale. 

Admittedly, some days, you just have to get on with the drudgeries of life – but in our household, it’s done with physical reminders of my submissive’s servitude, keeping the balance – true. 

The Truth About 24/7 BDSM 

Oy! Who would have the energy to maintain a 24/7 D/s partnership? To be responsible for making every decision, on status alone – seems so counterproductive.

Don’t we all look for certain qualities, when choosing a mate, be it `nilla or an alternate way of life? Searching for those qualities that can off-set your own weaknesses, can and will forge a stronger partnership. 


I am The Boss. I am The Final Word.

I am the Muther Fucker What’s In Charge Here 

But I didn’t get here alone. I had the support, intelligence, and council of the one person in the world I can always trust, to serve and protect.  

And that my friends, is the foundation of forever – trust.


He who gives great service gets great rewards.

He who gives great service gets great rewards.

D/s Fem Dom Vivian. Celebrating 7 Years of Erotic Entertainment!

A Fem Domain Blast From The Past 2008 




Cross-dressing: So Much More Than the Clothing

Get Girlie Free Adult Forum

Beyond The Clothes

Good Afternoon from Rainy Texas. The Lone Star State has been suffering from many years of drought, so the wet stuff is very welcome, even if it makes me want to sleep. Wouldn’t it be lovely, you and I, snuggled up on the sofa in the front parlor, sipping tea and watching the fire?

Since we are all cozy and snuggled in on this grey day, let’s talk about Women, and what makes them feel fabulously feminine.

Kick Off Your Pumps & Rip Off That Bra

Slipping on something soft and silky after stripping off your work clothes, is a delicious moment at the end of the day. Even more so for my cross-dressing girlfriends, spending the majority of their day feeling uncomfortable, all the while- daydreaming of lacy bras and panties.

The difference between us is, I’m dying to take off my bra and you are dying to get  yours on!

A Man May Work From Sun to Sun

Guys? When they get home, they are done for the day – but not us gals, we take care of our surroundings. In my mind, there is nothing more feminine than making your environment, an expression of who you are. Precious things scattered throughout your space can be visual reminders of your femininity, and a source of pride.

Something as simple as picking up a bouquet of flowers on your way home from work, makes walking across your threshold, a bit more special than yesterday. Face washed, hair brushed, and garbed as your inner-self – this time is for you girlfriend.

Enjoy the small tasks

Take down your prettiest vase and arrange your blooms, while your supper simmers . Don’t forget to clip the ends! Pour yourself a glass of wine, or draw a bath with your favorite oils. Pamper yourself, us Ladies deserve it and the outside world expects it.

Even the everyday chores like hand washing stockings, can catapult a gurl right into the sissy stratosphere, and she can stay right there – until the real world intrudes and it’s back to the rat race.

Tell me sweetness.

What makes you feel the most girlie?

2008 Sissy Chat

A Blast From Mistress’ Past


BDSM Lifestyle Mistress Vivian Celerbrates 7 Years of Phone Sex Fun

Celebrating 7 Years of Erotic Phone Sex

On November 13, 2007 this blog, Fem Domain was born with it’s 1st post -

Miss Vivian Welcomes You

Have you been searching for a Lifestyle Fem Dom to guide you through the pits falls of living the kinky life? Good advice and lively conversation are . . . → Read More: BDSM Lifestyle Mistress Vivian Celerbrates 7 Years of Phone Sex Fun