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Balls! Mistress Vivian Wants To Torment Your Nuts!

Scrotum Mistress' Favorite Male Body Part

They Ain’t Your Balls No `Mo

Good Afternoon Fellow Kinksters!  Just the other day, I was conversing with one of my favorite young men who has been calling my phone sex line for more than a year. What makes him so special, is his love of having his balls tormented by his sexy Mistress, while keeping his “good sport” attitude.

Aw Nuts!

You might wonder why I say he is such a good sport. Well, most guys who crave pain in their nuts, are looking for some of the standard sex play. Stretching them, tying them up, whacking on them and some even beg to really bust their balls, with a swift and well placed kick. However, my good sport is always ready to try something – shall we say, off the menu.

Mistress Says – Let’s Try Something Different

I know so much about my College boy – from hobbies to proclivities, it isn’t too difficult to think up new and more humiliating acts to rain down on him. Occasionally he has been a Bad Boy, missing his appointments, or receiving poor marks, and Mistress has to up the ante and show him the errors of his ways.

That happened recently – and I must say I was pretty pleased with myself.

Time To Hit The Books Boy-o

I ask you friends – what is an annoyed Mistress to do with a guy who is late for his session, with some excuse about basketball over-time. Sports while keeping me waiting? Shoot .. I have him gather up his text books and regulation  BB – PDQ!

Directing him was extra fun, since he had No Idea what I had in mind. First I had him find a hard surface to rest this full nut sac on and to stack the books on top. I could hear his breathing get quick when I told him to start dribbling the BB on the books.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Oh my oh my how he moaned and screeched when he missed a few times – but he got enough control to bounce it the required 10 times, and never called his Safe Word. It was Delicious! It was also the last time he has been late to my game.

Listen to Mistress’ Suggestions –  What to Bring for your Next CBT Session


Free Phone Sex? Has Our Head Mistress Ally Gone CraZy?

18+ Only

Our Head Mistress’ Masturbation May Gift to You!


Good Evening folks! I am SO happy to tell y’all it is a BEAUTIFUL day in Texas. After 4 days of duck and cover, the blue skies are a refreshing sight! The sunshine is so welcome, and I’ll need all the energy I can suck up, because our Head Mistress Ally has made it possible for all the Ladies to give away a FREE 10 minute phone sex call!

FREE Phone Sex? As in Totally FREE?

Yes, FREE – as long as you are 18 or older and hold a valid CC to verify your age, we have a gift for you. For some of our clients 10 minutes isn’t enough to fulfill their needs. Not to worry, whatever length session you choose – you save $25.

Are You a Phone Sex Virgin?

Yummy! Mistress loves the opportunity to thrill the untainted. :) and make sure that our session – will be the 1st of many. Still, there could still be trepidation, picking up the phone, knowing you will be speaking with a Superior Woman that is capable of finding all your hot buttons and ferreting out your kinky secrets, confident that they are safe with me. The LDW Group’s stellar reputation in the industry is well known, and your privacy and satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Customer Care Assistance

I know the Enchantrix Empire is so vast. With more than 100 sites and 60+ Mistress to choose from, it can be daunting, finding your way around. To make your experience less confusing, our luscious Miss Cecilia – will be in our Free Adult chat room, Community Kink to give you the Grand Tour. The Tour Schedule is posted on Kink Advice.

If you cannot attend a tour and still can’t decide, fill out the Questioner and our knowledgeable Help Desk Mistresses will assess your desires and e-mail their suggestions.

The Personal Touch

Would you like a more personal touch, feel free to email with any questions or say hello to me on Yahoo Messenger.

All mail and IMs are answered in a timely manner.

Vivian’s  Contact Information Page


Sexual and Sexual Humiliation


The Many Forms of Humiliation

One man’s transparency is another’s humiliation.
– Gerry Adams

Good afternoon kinky peeps!  Masturbation May a worldwide and LDW event has kicked off. I do pity the poor fellows locked up this month, no doubt their Chastity Mistresses will be extra wicked with their denial. Oh who am I kidding? I do adore how they suffer through so much sexual humiliation – without much chance of sexual release.

Sexual and Sensual Humiliation

Humiliation comes in many forms, denial – with or without a device, is a craving and the pinnacle of their desire – giving up the control of their cock and admitting they are weak. Pointing out their obvious inadequacies, such as a tiny penis, or how they squirt too fast, should be devastating, yet it only makes their dicks drip even more pre-cum.

Then there is the myriad of shames a Mistress can bring down on a cross-dresser who hungers for sensual degradation. Even though I have a great affection for “my gurls”. there are times where nothing but pointed humiliation will fulfill their need, and I’m just the Fem Dom to do it.

Nasty or Nice Mistress Wants You To Do It Twice

I do understand the mind- set of a chronic masturbator and the embarrassment it can be, struggling to control an eager cock – and failing miserably. How mortifying! Staring at a handful of jizz, he knows he is a disappointment to his Mistress – and that there will be punishment due.

There is only one fitting retribution for blowing at will – and the very thought of what will come, delights me to fits of laughter. Sure, there is the obligatory dressing down, y’all look so adorable when you pink up in shame. But it is the gasp of astonishment when his Mistress commands him to get his meat ready again, that makes my lady parts tingle.

Pay Up! The Empress of Happy Endings Wants The Money Shot

It is only fair and right – to pay for such insolence, and that’s to do it all over again, till he gets it right. No nap, no break, just jerk that meat, and Never forget that Mistress wants and deserves her Money Shot.

Mark Your Calendars!

18+ Ony

Free Phone Sex Calls May 14th & 15th



BDSM Fem Dom’s sexy submissive said – What?

A BDSM Fem Dom and her sexy submissive

You said What? Cheeky submissive.

Good afternoon sexy people! Its Friday! And a good day to play catch up with my readers. It has been one of those fun weeks – my favorite submissive guys seem to have a bit of Spring Fever and calling their favorite Fem Dom.  😉 BDSM Style.

A BDSM Fem Dom and Her Stable of submissives

If you are a member of MILF Mistress Viv’s stable of slutty submissives, you already know I love when you pop up in my Yahoo Messenger, just to say hello and jobber jabber for a few. I’ve been chatting interactively since the days of the green screen, and you had to connect through Adelphi University.

Could that be more than 30 years of kinky keyboarding?

Out of the Mouth of a submissive Babe

The downside of IM adult chat for this old Fem Dom, are 60 year old hands, that are weary by suppertime. The BIG upside is the wonderful and naughty ideas they unknowingly feed to me. A case in point is a conversation yesterday, with the very sensual slut, tastyboi. We were saying farewell after making plans for our next CFNM video cam session, but I was late for a meeting and barked out a few directions. The cab idling at the curb and I’m thinking about the meter running – and I almost missed what he typed next …

Oh Mistress I love when you are on Top

What did he say? Oh my! The taxi could wait, this is a teaching moment.  Knowing how to get his instant attention – I jumped in his lap,  wiggled and whispered in his ear … Darlin’ slut … if you were spanking my naked ass – I’d still be on Top.

Food for thought … and further discussion, the next time he surrenders to Mistress’ charms.


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Sissy! Spring Is a Time of Change and Transformation

Just like the butterfly, I too will awaken in my own time.

Good morning dear readers – don’t know what it is like in your part of the world, but it is a beautiful day in Texas! Blue skies, sunshine and the 1st signs of Spring are popping out all over. Soon patches of Bluebonnets and Indian Paints will sprinkle . . . → Read More: Sissy! Spring Is a Time of Change and Transformation