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August 2016
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The Art of Serving Mistress

Ready To Serve Mistress

Serving Mistress

Serving Mistress is not always all about what makes the ol’ pecker hard, my dear. When I mention the word service, most of my callers go right for pussy. They assume because I am a sexy and kinky Mistress, that all I need a man for is sex. Trust me darlings … I can get a good fucking any old day of the week, but a submissive with skills other than oral – is a great find.

The Art of Serving Mistress and ALL Her Needs

When I was on the hunt for a new D/s partner I knew what qualities I wanted for a long term relationship. Hard working, funny, respectful, kind, kinky and skilled. I got that – and more – when 18 years ago, I collared my royboy.

If you were to visit our happy home, what you might notice is how my husband dotes on not just me, but our guests too. You should see the looks of surprise that turn into delight, when without even asking – roy fetches them a cocktail or refreshes their coffee.

Good Service = Proud Mistress

When we have bid our company goodbye and everything tidied up, there might be reward in store. But the true reward for a service submissive comes with the knowledge that they served their Mistress well.

If you’re interested in discussing service submission (or most anything else) with me, a domination phone sex session – is just what the Mistress orders. You can also take a look at my call schedule to check up on my availability, or drop me a note to arrange an appointment. I look forward to our conversation

Mistress Speaks

Mistress Vivian Is MIA No `Mo

Mistress Vivian has been MIA

Mistress is MIA

Howdy y’all! Were you starting to think that old Mistress Vivian was going to be MIA forever? Trust me dear ones, I was beginning to think so myself. Let me catch you up a bit, with this quickie post.

July! Here Comes The Sun

Most of this past July, was all about Family and settling our wandering Son, back in the Lone Star State. It was fun, frantic and there were some twists and surprises to share at a later time. Leave it to say, I’m all a-glo.

Sadly, the best Neighbors we’ve ever had to the left of the Casa de Kinky – found a darling home here in town, at just the right price, and now they are owners of their own piece of the American Dream. We will miss them, but the sexy young man has promised to visit often.

Just as things were starting to settle down, the heat came down on us in earnest and …

Mistress Vivian Goes MIA

In all my years here at Miss Ally’s Vox Erotic – it has been a rare week, that I’m not visible or available for chats or naughty phone sex sessions. That statement is less about my work-a-colic nature, and more about the luxury of a great workplace. However, sometimes an aging body takes over the controls, and shows you – who the Boss really is.

The Boss in my case, is a no-nonsense, humorless Doctor, with sharp black eyes. Sent to bed to await tests, sleep came easily and often. After being shuddered here and there, being poked, examined and prescribed – it was a great relief to know most of my symptoms can be corrected with diet modification and the right medications. ~sigh~ and bed rest. 🙁

Popping Up Like a Stubborn Weed

So sluts, sissy boys and devoted pets after 3 weeks of following Doctor’s orders ….
Your Mistress is back, if only on light duties. I’ve missed you, and appreciate your notes and messages of care and concern. You guys, rock.

Why You Fantasize About Becoming a Cuckold Husband

The Shame and degradation of being a Cuckold

Is This The Reason You crave to be a Cuckold Husband?

If you dream of being a cuckold husband, the most prevelent answer is – you have a tiny penis.  How can you fulfill your partner’s needs, if you are swinging a 4” cock. Humilating isn’t it, when you look down, and know you are only half  a man?

Cuckold Wants The Best For Their Lovers

I have learned as a phone sex Mistress, is that most cuckolds are first and formost thinking about the needs of his lover.  He knows she deserves better than the nubbin’ you are always rubbin’.  The trick of getting what you want for both of you, is to show her all the perks she would have, if she’s just go find a real man to fuck.

Happy Wife = Happy Life

It isn’t always easy, to be open and honest about your predilections, but without good communication, you’ll spend the rest of your life – longing. Sexy pillow talk about your fantasies, is a good starting point. Nuzzle up and whisper how often you dream about a real man taking over your duties.  How excited you would be, to see her being made love to, in a way – you never  could.

If she hasn’t jumped out ot the bed, and headed for the hills …  you are one fortunate man!  That 1st positive step is just the beginning.  Now it’s time to talk with a Woman who has cuckolded her own husband – for more than a decade.

Call MILF Mistress Vivian and discover what real life cuckolding is all about.

Listen to Your Cuckold Mistress

Owning and Training a Submissive Pet

Nothing pleases BDSM Mistress Vivian then a new submissive pet to train

Training a Submissive Pet

As a RL BDSM Fem Dom, selecting a new submissive pet to train is a decision I don’t take lightly,neither in Real Life or my phone sex business. For the past year I have been getting to know a lovely young man, he’s eager, adoring and generous. Those are qualities I seek out and appreciate, when making such an important decision.

The Phone Sex Cyber Pet

Taking on a phone sex cyber pet is a commitment of my time and patience, both of which seem in short supply lately. Cranky is the New Sexy! 😉 But there is something special about him, that deserves exploration. It has been many years since I trained someone from the ground up, and even though there have been false starts in the past – he just might be worthy of his Training Notebook.

From Lawn-boy to Madame’s submissive pet

The pet has gone through a session of nick names on our journey, and he knows – a pet can always be sent to a nice farm upstate, if he flounders too often. Banishment is by far, the most terrible punishment for a pet. Day after day, all that exuberance and sexual energy and sexual  – keeps building and growing and makes 4 days feel like 4 months.  It’s enough to show even the most resistant of pets, the least difficult road to take.

Banished From Mistress’ Sight

It takes a particular kind of nature to be calm and clear when delivering penance to a charge. Do you remember hearing the phrase; this is going to hurt me, more than you?  I don’t wish to Punish. There’s way more fun for everyone, when Madame is content. No reason for bad behavior, when you can crawl to Her – and sit up and beg, for whatever attention you are craving.

Following directions, finishing assignments in a timely manner, spoiling the one you adore, meeting your obligations, and keeping promises – are hallmark behaviors – and what I demand for the honor of being Madame’s pet. 

Let The Journey Begin 

With his 1st assignments completed, it was the right time to begin his training in earnest. There is nothing quite like a fresh notebook, the spine still stiff, both the pages and submissive –  totally blank. I’ve known that moment, from both sides of the table. All those empty pages waiting to be filled with the unknown. Delight or demerit, the eager to please submissive pet will endure whatever may come – for the right and privilege to lie at his Mistress’ feet.

Listen To – Training a submissive pet


Spicing Up Your Bedroom Antics with Kinky Sex

Add Some Spice w/ Kinky Sex

Add Some Spice w/ Kinky Sex

When you hear the phrase, kinky sex – what comes to mind? Floggers, canes or getting your balls racked? For a BDSM Lifestyle Fem Dom such as myself, the answer is Yes Yes! However, this post will have a kinder and more `nilla theme – after all, you don’t’ want to scare your lover away from trying something new. Instead, let’s start with …

The KISS Principal of Kinky Sex

With any new experience, the goal is to introduce kinky sex in such a way that your partner is agreeable, informed, and trusting. Think about all the fantasies your Pillow talk has brought up in the past, which excited you both.

Do your research! Understand the risks and Communicate! And before you pull out the ropes, clothes pins or leather belt – establish trust by setting your personal Safe Word. Here at the Casa de Kinky, we us the GreenYellowRed, system for safe play.

Even the most experience players can miss their mark or misconstrue their play partner’s body language. Be clear that Red means – STOP – and STOP immediately. This is a perfect opportunity to communicate and decide if that particular activity is worth another try, or put on the No Go list.


When first exploring kinky sex play, use the KISS principle. Scarves to tease or tickle, blindfolds, ice cubes, wooden clothespins or just a nice spanking on her sweet bottom are low risk behaviors and perfect for beginning explorers.

Ask your favorite LDW Mistress for suggestions on your next phone sex session, or simple search our blogs for sexy ideas. The possibilities are endless, when you open your mind and share your kinky needs with the one you adore.


Listen To Miss Viv

 It’s only kinky the 1st time. 😉

Warning! Hot Mistress Ahead!

One Hot Mistress

Whobuddy  dear readers, I am one Hot Mistress – some might call me a cock tease!  It was such a beautiful Spring and now look at what’s happening – triple digits are forecast today  for my part of TEXAS. Oh – did your minds go in a different direction? Of course they did. . . . → Read More: Warning! Hot Mistress Ahead!